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2011-2012 Utah Cougar Hunting Regulations

2011-2012 Utah Cougar Hunting Regulations

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Published by RoeHuntingResources

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Published by: RoeHuntingResources on Feb 04, 2012
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     U    t   a     h     D    i   v    i   s    i   o   n   o     f     W    i     l     d     l    i     f   e     R   e   s   o   u   r   c   e   s
      T   u   r   n    i   n   a   p   o   a   c     h   e   r   :    1  -    8    0    0  -    6    6    2  -    3    3    3    7
    w    i     l     d     l    i     f   e .   u    t   a     h .   g   o   v
    U   t   a    h    C   o   u   g   a   r  •
       2       0       1       1   –       2       0       1       2
    w     i      l      d      l     i      f    e .    u     t    a      h .    g    o    v
Division oces
Oces are open 8 a.m.–5 p.m.,Monday through Friday
 Salt Lake City 
1594 W North TempleBox 146301Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6301801-538-4700
Central Region
1115 N Main StreetSpringville, UT 84663801-491-5678
Northeastern Region
152 E 100 NVernal, UT 84078435-781-9453
Northern Region
515 E 5300 SOgden, UT 84405801-476-2740
 Southeastern Region
319 N Carbonville Road, Ste APrice, UT 84501435-613-3700
 Southern Region
1470 N Airport RoadCedar City, UT 84721435-865-6100
Washington County (Field Ofce)
451 N SR-318Hurricane, UT 84737435-879-8694
HighlightsWho makes the rules?Take a closer look at the rulesKey datesLicense and permit eesBasic requirementsAdults must accompany younghuntersHunter educationCougar permits Voluntary cougar identifcationcourseHarvest-objective permitsPoaching-reported reward permitsConservation and sportsmanpermitsGuides and outfttersHarvest reportingPursuit permitsWaiting periodBonus pointsSales fnal and exceptionsHunters with disabilitiesCougar identifcation tipsField requirementsFirearms, hunting equipmentAre you allowed to possess aweapon?Areas with special restrictionsHunting hours and methodsHarvest and pursuit restrictionsPossession and transportationAdministrative checkpointsDisposal o wildlieLivestock depredationTrespassingChanges to cougar managementCougar Management Area mapHunt and pursuit tablesDefnitions
 U  t   a  C  o u g a • 
2   0  1  1  2   0  1  2  
wi    l     d  l    i    f     e . u t   a h   .  g ov
What’s new this season?
Changes to cougar management:
In August2011, the Utah Wildlie Board approved changes tothe Cougar Management Plan. These changes linkcougar management to adult deer survival acrossthe state. The changes also create large, new cougarmanagement areas. For details, see the article onpage 23 and the map on page 24.
Area closures available online:
Any area or unitclosures will be listed on the cougar hotline (1-888-668-5466) and posted at
 by noon daily. Closures will take eect the ollowingday.
Purchase pursuit permits by phone:
You cannow purchase a cougar pursuit permit over thetelephone. Just call 1-800-221-0659. The line isstaed 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Youwill be charged a $2 transaction ee or each itemyou purchase.
Check the season dates:
Season dates and hunt-ing unit boundaries change every year. For details,see the tables that start on page 26.
Keep in mind
Hunting license required to apply:
Beoreyou can apply or a 2011 cougar permit or bonuspoint—or purchase a pursuit permit—you musthave a valid Utah hunting or combination license.Please see page 6 or more inormation.
Apply or permits online or by phone:
I youhope to harvest a cougar on a limited-entry unitthis year, the application period opens on Sept.Jake AlbrechtJohn BairCalvin CrandallBill FenimoreMichael King
Wildlie Board members
Del Brady,
Ernie Perkins,
Vice Chair 
James F. Karpowitz,
Division Director Executive Secretary 
Who makes the rules?
The Utah Wildlie Board passes the rules andlaws summarized in this guidebook.There are seven board members, and eachserves a six-year term. Appointed by the gover-nor, board members are not Division employees.The Division’s director serves as the board’sexecutive secretary but does not have a vote onwildlie policies.Beore board members make changesto wildlie rules, they listen to recommendationsrom Division biologists. They also receive inputrom the public and various interest groups viathe regional advisory council (RAC) process.I you have eedback or suggestions orboard members, you can nd their contactinormation online at
In spring 2011, the Utah Wildlie Boardrequested that the Division link cougar managementto the management o deer, their primary prey. TheDivision recommended some management changes,which the Wildlie Board approved in August 2011.Among the biggest changes is the creation o eight large cougar management areas that mirrorthe areas where an adult deer survival study is nowunderway. Those cougar management areas containthe limited-entry, split and harvest-objectivehunting units that cougar hunters are likely amiliarwith. There is also one cougar management areamade up o units that are home to large numbers o bighorn sheep. You can see a map o all nine cougarmanagement areas on pages 24–25.There are additional changes that involveharvest quotas and when the Division will close acougar management area or the season.
Beoreyou hunt any o these areas—particularlytheir harvest-objective units—call 1-888-668-5466 or visit
tomake sure they are still open.
For detailed inormation on all o the manage-ment changes, see the article on page 23.

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