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Airline Reservation System Documentation

Airline Reservation System Documentation

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Published by Emmy Black

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Published by: Emmy Black on Feb 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nwabrije Ugochukwu Emmanuel Airline Reservation System Dec 16 2011Nwabrije Ugochukwu Emmanuel Page 1
Airline Reservation SystemChapter 11.1 Introduction
In today¶s airline industry users or customers can reserve seat or book flight from any place inthe world as long as they are connected to internet. The Innovation of technology has madetraveling in the air easier for customers with airline reservation or booking just a click away.The fastest means of transportation today is by air. Thousands of people flock the airline industrythis days so that they can arrive their destination within a short period of time. Vehicles, traine.t.c cannot drive across the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean, so customers tend to travel toother state, countries, and continents using air transportation. Their by with an hour¶s interval thecustomers would have arrive their destination.
Therefore, if thousands of people use the aero- planes on a daily basis to travel from one placeto another. Don¶t you think there should be a system to help this user¶s book flight, reserve seat, pay for flight, at their homes or at the airport?
efinitely yes. There should be because in a business environment customers come first, then the profits, it is obvious airline industries makes million of dollars on a daily basis from customers,so why not improve the market into a more technical oriented one. That is when airlinereservation system came into existence. Users can reserve seat, book flight and set the date if their departure and arrival using a global distributed system called the internet. These airlineindustries have website whereby users can reserve and book for flights with ease, despite thegeographical area, country or spoken language.Before now Airline Reservation system used to be a standalone system, where by each airlinehas its own system disconnected from ticket agency or other operating airlines. But because of the Airline
eregulation period which occurred in the 1978 which theme was based on theimportance of computerized airline reservation system and their accessibility travel agency wasable to purchase reservation systems such as Airline reservation system.
Nwabrije Ugochukwu Emmanuel Airline Reservation System Dec 16 2011Nwabrije Ugochukwu Emmanuel Page 2
inally, The Airline Reservation system allows users of the system to log into the system,reserve flight, book flight, pay for flight, select seat, set departure airport and date, set arrivalairport, with ease.
Chapter 22.1 Literature Review:
avid J. wardel, said in his published journal titled ³
irline Reservation System
report and 
:´ that Airline computerized reservation systems are in the primary form of travelcomputerizations in the world. These systems manage the millions of business transactionsAlso
avid J. Wardel wrote The Computer Reservation System function as extremely powerfuland valuable distribution and marketing tools for their airline owners. Today's travel agencycompetitive environmentIs largely defined and controlled by airline Computer Reservation System (CRS).
2.2 History of Airline Reservation System.
avid J. Wardel said in his journal that before the electronic age reservation were managedmanually using records book and manifest and other printed media, many reservation system intoday¶s world are still met in this way.The Author 
ick Pere Ilaye said in his published journal Titled Airline Reservation System (ARS) that Airline Reservation System used to be a standalone system whereby every airline hadit¶s own system disconnected from other Airline Reservation system or ticketing agents andmakes uses of only a designated numbers of airline employees.Also
ick Pere Ilaye made mention in his journal that during the 1970¶s Travel Agency pushedfor the access to the Airline systems and also that today¶s air travel information is linked, storedand retrieved by a network of computer Reservation systems ( CRS), Which are accessible bymultiple airlines and travel agents.
ick Pere Ilaye said that an American Airline was the first to establish an automated bookingsystem in the year 1946 using a system to track information and improve efficiency. Thisautomated booking system endured years of development and alterations.
Nwabrije Ugochukwu Emmanuel Airline Reservation System Dec 16 2011Nwabrije Ugochukwu Emmanuel Page 3
The Next booking systems were developed in the year 1953 by a Trans- Canada airline, thisTrans ±Canada Airlines developed a computer based system with remote terminals thateventually took over operations in 1953.In the same year that the Trans Canada company developed their computer based system , theAmerican Airlines worked closely with IBM to develop an improved system and the AirlineReservation System (ARS) and the semi- Automated Business Research System ( SABRE),which was lunched thereafter in 1960.The development ARS was completed in 1964 and has been recognized as the largest data processing system in existence.
rom the 1960¶s to 1970¶s Airline Industries invented a lot on research on how to improve theAirline Reservation System any towards the end of the 1970¶s Airlines have been able to owntheir private Airline Reservation System. The United Airlines were responsible for thedevelopment of the Apollo Reservation system and shortly after the development of the ApolloReservation system travel agents were given access to make the use of the system. Nevertheless several airlines started developing their own systems,
elta Airlines Lunched the
elta Automated Travel Account Systems (
ATAS) in 1968, United Airlines and Tran¶s worldAirlines followed in 1971 with the Apollo Reservation system and Programmed AirlineReservation System (PARS). Later on travels agents began pushing for a system that couldautomate their side of the princess by accessing the Airline Reservation System directly to makereservations.Because of the assessment of the Travel to agent to make reservation directly the Airlineindustry provided an Airline deregulation rule, this Airline deregulation occurred in the year 1978, it deals with the magnifying the importance of the computerized airline reservationsystems and their accessibility.The main purpose of the 1978 Airline
eregulation Act in the U.S was to eliminate governmentcontrol over commercial aviation and ensure competitive behavior and fair business practices inthe Airline Industry.

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