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RULES for in the Black

RULES for in the Black



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Published by Lutherfish
Rules for a lego microships game.
Rules for a lego microships game.

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Published by: Lutherfish on Nov 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the Black  NOTE: These are only core rules; the Referee may overrule any of these at any point inthe game.
Part One: Making Your Army
a fleet of microspace ships
 pen and paper 
a few copies of the rules
templates for movement and attack rangeCLASSESThere are 6 different classes of spaceships based on the size of the ship.
Capital Ship
Space Station
The class Personal is for 1 or 2 manned spacecraft, which is generally limited toescape pods, and does not have any weapons systems.
Fighters are small spacecraft that have about 1-2 weapons systems and aremanned by 1 or 2 people.
Gunships are a little bigger than Fighters and have about 2-4 weapons systems.
Frigates are even larger still, but they get Hangars and Bridges, which issomething that none of the previous classes are large enough to have. They canhave anywhere between 3 and 5 weapons systems, and can hold 1-4 spacecraft.
Capital Ships are the largest of the all of the space craft that are able to move.They tend to have about 4-6 weapons systems, and hold 1-6 spacecraft.
Space Stations have everything that any other class has, except they cannot move.Space Stations remain in the same place they are put in the beginning of the game.They are also the only class to get Regenerators, which replenish their shields alittle when they are down. Space Stations can have 5-10 weapons systems and canhold between 1 and 10 spacecraft.
ENHANCEMENT POINTSEnhancement Points are the number of enhancements you have. Enhancements are thedifferent components that make up your ship and give it different abilities. There are twotypes of enhancements; weapons systems and non-weapons systems.Weapons Systems
Anti-fighter Guns: +1 against Fighters-1 against everything else
Ion Cannons: +2 against Shields
Missiles: +2 against Hull
Turbo Laser: +1 against both Hull and Shields Non-weapons Systems
Bridge: allows for communications between allies, and can allow for truces
Engines: allow movement
Hangar: allows for storage of other spacecraft
Regenerator: gives back some shields to Space Station
Shields: defends entire shipCONFIGURING HEALTHThere are two parts to a ship’s health; the Shields and the Hull. The Shields are just what protects the Hull, and the Hull is the ship itself. In order to blow up a ship, you must firstattack its Shields, and once they are down you may destroy the Hull, which essentiallydestroys the ship. But we’ll get more in detail with that later.In order to calculate the Hull, you add up the Enhancement Points (EP) and multiplythem by a number based on the ship’s size.x1 Personalx2 Fighter x2 Gunshipx3 Frigatex3 Capital Shipx3 Space StationFor example, if a ship was a Fighter and had 3 EP;3(the ship’s EP) x 2(It’s size designated number) = 6 (the Hull of the ship)The Shields of the ship is 2/3 the Hull;2/3 x 6 (the Hull of the ship) = 4 (the Shields of the ship)

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