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LCS 02-12

LCS 02-12

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Published by Mando Conde
Learn again what role the Senate is originally intended to play and how that role effects State Sovereignty and representation,by reading my article: The 17th Amendment and States Rights.
Learn again what role the Senate is originally intended to play and how that role effects State Sovereignty and representation,by reading my article: The 17th Amendment and States Rights.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Mando Conde on Feb 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Last Day to Register to Vote in Texas Primary: March 5Primary Election: April 3
“Best of the Lake & Country”
Serving the Lake Corpus Christi Area and Other South Texas Communitieswww.lakecountryshopper.com
The Lake Country Shopper
Volume 7, No. 2Februrary 2012
 a  n d
“Dr. Quack”“Isabelle’s Gardening Tips”“Lulabelle’s Household Hints”“It’s Your Life, Your Money,Your Freedom”“The Texas Country Chef“It’s a Dog’s Life”Wayne Green’s Photo TipsPolitical CommentariesAesop FablesPuzzlesReal Estate & ClassifiedsAnd Much More
South TexasWinter SunsetPhoto byWayne Green
The Most Important Primary Ever,April 3rd, 2012
What Are You Thinking?
Anyone But Romney?Gingrich-Santorum-Romney For More of The Same?Or Ron Paul, For Real Hope and Change? See Page 3.
From the Editor...
February 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 2
Church Directory
St. Michael's At The Lake -Episcopal,
Worship Sunday 3 pm, Healing Thursday 11-11:30 am, Thrift Shop Thu 10-2 & Sun 1-4
Faith Church United Churchof Chris
t, 106 Faith Dr., Or-ange Grove, 384-2414. SundaySchool: 9:15, Worship Service:10:30.
St. Francis of Assisi CatholicChurch
, FM 534, Mass: Sun-day, 9:15. Call church for other times.
West Shore Baptist Church
,FM 534. 547-6153, SundaySchool: Sunday 9:30 am. Serv-ices: Sunday 10:50 am.
Lighthouse Faith Fellowship(charismatic, non-denomina-tional)
, 331 FM 534, 547-6243.Sunday School: 9:15amServices: Sunday 10:00 am.Call for weekly home Bible stud-ies.
Grace Lutheran Church of Mathis,
1205 E. San PatricioAve., Mathis, 547-2239
First United Methodist Church,
420 S. Duval, Mathis 547-3381. Adult Bible Class 9:45am, Worship Service 10:50
Brush Country CowboyChurch,
Brush Country CowboyChurch, 1417 S. Hwy 37 accessWe are located 1 mile north of FM 799. Sunday Services at10:00am. 361-449-2400.
First Baptist Church
, 404 S.Bee, Mathis, Texas, 547-2139.Services: Sunday Bible study:9:45am. Worship 11:00am.Evening Worship 6:00pm. Wednes-dayEvening Service: 7:00pm
St. John of the Cross CatholicChurch
, 20 S. Metz St., OrangeGrove, Mass: Saturday 6:00 pmSunday 7:30 am . & 11:00am,361-384-2795.
Church of Christ
, Exit 40 @ I37 N./Hwy 888, one mile east. Sun.Bible Study 9:45. Sunday Serv-ice 11am & 6pm. Wed. 7:00pm
Lake View Baptist Church,
6 mi North of Mathis on Hwy3024. Sunday Bible study9:45am, Worship services at11am and 6pm Wednesday nightat 6pm. 361-547-6325 leave mes-sage.
Cross Trails Cowboy Church
2 miles East of Orange Grove onFM 624, Sunday Morning Serv-ices 8:45 and 10:30am,227-9828.
CommunityOrganization News
LagartoCommunityClub News
by DeOtta Meyer
Friends of SwinneySwitch VFD
by Shirley Bradley
Feb 1811:00am ‘til?San Patricio Museum on thegrounds
San Patricio Black Pot Cook-ers will have an dutch ovengathering in-ground cookingevent. Bring your cast iron pot,something to cook and jointhem. For more information,call Janis at 361-547-5476.
The Lake & Country Shopper 
, an independent newspaper, is pub-lished monthly. Distributed for free to consumers around LakeCorpus Christi, including Mathis, Orange Grove, Swinney Switch,George West, Pernitas Point, Lagarto, Calallen, Sinton, Annaville,Alice, parts of Corpus Christi and other south Texas locations.Mailing Address: 111 Pack Trail, Sandia, Texas, 78383PHONE HOURS: 9:00 - 5:00, M-F, 361-547-9062OFFICE HOURS: BY APPOINTMENT ONLYE-mail:Letters:penny@lakecountryshopper.comAdvertising: jenell@lakecountryshopper.comDeadline for payments and copy for ads, 20th of month precedingpublication.Subscriptions by 1st class mail: $42 per year Copyright: Penny Peavy dba The Lake Country Shopper 
Lagarto CommunityChurch
287 FM 3162Lagarto, Texas 78383Sunday: Bible School 9:45-11am, Church 11am, BibleStudy Wed & Sunday 6pm
Mathis Church of Christ
407 E. Rockport, Mathis,Texas 547-2016, SundayBible Study 9:30am, Worship10:30am, Sunday Evening6PM, Wednesday Bible Study7pm.
First Evangelical LutheranChurch,
600 S. Dibrell St.,Orange Grove TX, 361-384-2712 Sunday School:9:00 a.m. Worship Service:10:30 a.m.www.firstogtx.org
Safe Harbor - a Lutheranmission (ELCA)
meeting atSt. Michael's EpiscopalChurch on FM 534. We meetat 5 p.m. each Saturdayevening. Contact us at Safe-HarborLC@gmail.com or 361-244-6045. All are wel-come!
December 24, 5pmCandelight Christmas Eveservice at 5pm. All are in-vited.
From the Far West Side 
by Farris West
Our Constitutional rights areeing stripped from us day byday and behind our backsmostly in the name of “war onterror.” The mainstream mediafinds any excuse to hide fromus what is really going on inWashington D.C. They find itmore important to report on theRoyal Family (take your pick:-Queen Elizabeth, et al, or theObamas, et al) or any number of other criminals, footballlayers, movie stars, “realityTV” stars and much more in-consequential pablum to en-tertain the sheeple of Americaand keep their heads in thesand.In case you haven't heard,H.R. 1540: National DefenseAuthorization Act for FiscalYear 2012 or NDAA, is notyour typical defense spendingill. It gives authority to theresident (or perhaps it woulde more fitting to call him“king” or “ruler” [or dictator]at this point) to order the mili-tary to indefinitely detain U.S.citizens without official chargeor trial on the mere suspicionof being a terrorist or linked toa terrorist organization.Here’s what Ron Paul has tosay about the NDAA:From:http://lewrockwell.com/
The NDAA RepealsMore Rights
Tuesday, December 27, 2011by Ron Paul
Little by little, in the nameof fighting terrorism, our Billof Rights is being repealed.The 4th Amendment has beenrendered toothless by the Pa-triot Act. No more can wetruly feel secure in our persons,houses, papers and effectswhen now there is an exceptionthat fits nearly any excuse for our government to search andseize our property. Of course,the vast majority of AmericansFrom time to time I receivephone calls or e-mails regard-ing the contents of this publi-cation. I also hear from readersin person. Some of the feed-back is simply from peoplewho love “It’s a Dog’s Life,”or “Dr. Quack.” More often itis feedback from people whofeel like they have been en-lightened by other content andopinion pieces.The first business day of thenew year I received a phonecall from an obviously well-educated, thinking man thank-ing me for the content of theJanuary 2012 issue and re-questing that I mail him (toHouston) at his expense apackage of copies of that issue.It was very gratifying to hear from this man, and I am sureour paths will cross manytimes.I also received the next dayan illiterate message from awoman who claimed to be aradio broadcaster. I couldn’treally understand what shewas trying to say because theEnglish syntax and punctua-tion were so poor, but my con-clusion about what she wroteis that we have a number of under-educated people whowill vote for Obama in No-vember and who will do any-thing to get him re-elected.She ended up threatening medefinite detainment? Is thatcharity now an associatedforce?Additionally, this legislationcodifies in law for the first timeauthority to detain Americansthat has to this point only beenclaimed by President Obama.According to subsection (e) of section 1021, "[n]othing in thissection shall be construed toaffect existing law or authori-ties relating to the detention of United States citizens, lawfulresident aliens of the UnitedStates, or any other personswho are captured or arrested inthe United States." This meansthe president's widely ex- panded view of his own au-thority to detain Americansindefinitely even on Americansoil is for the first time in thislegislation codified in law.That should chill all of us toour cores.The Bill of Rights has no ex-emptions for "really bad peo- ple" or terrorists or evennon-citizens. It is a key check on government power againstany person. That is not a weak-ness in our legal system; it isthe very strength of our legalsystem. The NDAA attempts to justify abridging the bill of rights on the theory that rightsare suspended in a time of war,and the entire Unites States isa battlefield in the War on Ter-ror. This is a very dangerousdevelopment indeed. Beware.-----------------------On Jan. 18, Ron Paul intro-duced a simple bill to removethe Section 1021 of the NDAAthat allows America citizens to be detained indefinitely:"I rise today to introduce avery simple piece of legislationto repeal the infamous section1021 of the National DefenseAuthorization Act quietlysigned into law by the presi-dent on New Year 's Day," RonPaul said."What a way to usher in thenew year. Section 1021 essen-tially codifies into law the verydubious claim of presidentialauthority under the 2001 au-thority for the use of militaryforce to indefinitely detainAmerican citizens without ac-cess to legal representation or due process of law.""Too many of my colleaguesare too willing to undermineour constitution to supportsuch outrageous legislation,"Ron Paul said. "One senator even said, about American cit-izens being picked up under this section of the NDAA:'When they say I want mylawyer, you tell them: Shut up,you don't get a lawyer.'"Wake up, people!as in “o no you don’t, lady!”She insisted that she “acciden-tally” sent the message to me,that it was intended to a friendof hers as a joke. Frankly, Ifind it hard to believe she “ac-cidentally” typed in my e-mailaddress.Another conclusion is: Becareful about those “acciden-tal” e-mails or EWI (
ntoxicated).A few days later I receivedanother e-mail message fromsomeone who was quite articu-late, praising my January 2012issue and wanting to meet withme. (No I’m not running a dat-ing service.)As usual during this time of year there is not very muchgoing on in the way of eventsor fun things to do around thelake area, but I hope everyoneis taking this time of year to just relax and enjoy friends andfamily, planning spring gar-dens and enjoying cool nightsand moderate afternoons.I hope everyone is having ahappy and prosperous newYear, despite our tyrannicalfederal govenrment interfer-ance with private enterprise.Yours truly,Penny PeavyEditor/Publisher 361-547-9062 penny@lakecountryshopper.commay say, "I'm not a terrorist soI have no reason to worry."However, innocent people arewrongly accused all the time.The Bill of Rights is there pre-cisely because the founderswanted to set a very high bar for the government to over-come in order to deprive an in-dividual of life or liberty. Tolower that bar is to endanger everyone. When the bar is lowenough to include political ene-mies, our descent into totalitar-ianism is virtually assured.The Patriot Act, as bad is itsviolation of the 4th Amend-ment, was just one step downthe slippery slope. The recently passed National Defense Au-thorization Act (NDAA) con-tinues that slip toward tyrannyand, in fact, accelerates it sig-nificantly. The main section of concern, Section 1021 of the NDAA Conference Report,does to the 5th Amendmentwhat the PatriotT Act does tothe 4th. The 5th Amendment isabout much more than the rightto remain silent in the face of government questioning. Itcontains very basic and verycritical stipulations about due process of law. The governmentcannot imprison a person for noreason and with no evidence presented or access to legalcounsel.The dangers in the NDAAare its alarmingly vague, unde-fined criteria for who can be in-definitely detained by the USgovernment without trial. It isnow no longer limited to mem- bers of al Qaeda or the Taliban, but anyone accused of "sub-stantially supporting" suchgroups or "associated forces."How closely associated? Andwhat constitutes "substantial"support? What if it was discov-ered that someone who com-mitted a terrorist act was onceinvolved with a charity? Or supported a political candidate?Are all donors of that charity or supporters of that candidatenow suspect, and subject to in-Prayers and well wishes go outto our newly elected president,Cathy Wyble, for a speedy re-covery from double bypasssurgery.SSVFD will be offering a fishfry once again on Friday, Feb-ruary 24th from 5-7:30 PM.We will have the usual friedfish, french fries, beans, coleslaw, dessert, iced tea or water.The cost will be $7.50. Tick-ets will be available fromSSVFD Friends members,Firemen, well as at MikesMarket in Swinney Switch.We will be having a Food Han-dlers Class which will be heldat our next meeting on Tues-day, February 7th at 6:30 PM.All members, and friends whowork on our events are urgedto update your cards. Thisclass is also open to the publicwithout charge. Meeting isheld at the fires station inSwinney Switch.Our cook books are still avail-able and can be seen at MikesMarket in Swinney Switch or any of our members can obtainone for you. They are $15.00and well worth the price. It isone of our ways of raisingmoney to help update our emergency equipment for our fire department.Watch this paper for the date of our next Bazaar. The one in November was a huge successand we hope this one will beeven bigger and better. Updatenext month.LAGARTO – January 19 – Our hostesses for the Januarymeeting, Jessica Keese andPeggy Barnett, decorated withthe “New Year” theme in mindand the luncheon was deli-cious. All our members wereeager to get the year off to agood start and first on theagenda we approved a bid for repainting the trim on theschoolhouse. Plus, a heartythank-you was given to mem- ber, Connie Reardon, and her husband for the work theyhave done in repairing the win-dow screens and they should be back on the building soon.While a primary purpose of our organization is the mainte-nance and care of the Old La-garto School, we findourselves involved with other organizations, as well, in an ef-fort to assist with their pro-grams and activities. Anexample was our donation lastmonth to the Women’s Shelter in Corpus Christi. This monthour treasurer made what has become an annual donation tothe Live Oak County Fair As-sociation. Also, annually, we provide scholarships to chil-dren at our local highschools…this year’s commit-tee chairman will be SharonTonne again. Another dona-tion made last month was tothe South Texas Children’sHome in Beeville in memoryof Dee Worsham.
New Year Off To AGood Start At LagartoCommunity Club
More About The NDAA andDenial Of “The Bill Of Rights.”
The annual Rummage Sale isscheduled for April 14th thisyear and already members arehauling in their valuable dona-tions to help make this the bestsale ever. Because we hadcancelled our December Ven-dor’s sale it was voted to bringthe vendors in to participate inthis April sale. Vendors can re-serve a table for only $10 bycalling Trish Arink at 547-0458. Connie Castanon is theCommittee Chair for the Rum-mage Sale and, hopefully, shewill have recovered fully fromher surgery by then!The club is not “all work andno play” as we do have guestspeakers from time to time.This month we had a local res-ident, a registered nurse andconsultant to home healthagencies, Ms. Beverly Strong,who gave a presentation onMedicare requirements regard-ing home health services. Sheenlightened us all by dis-cussing in detail the servicesthat these agencies offer.An outing has been plannedfor the 28th of the month to at-tend the 2012 Quilt Show being held in Rockport. Itshould be a fun day endingwith a great meal at the BigFisherman.Winning the door prize at thisJanuary meeting, Trish Arink received a decorative fra-grance diffuser.Workshops begin again onFebruary 2nd, 9:00 a.m. andour next scheduled meetingwill be on February 9th, 11:00a.m. We have two (2) newmembers and you can join ustoo – maybe you would like todo some “soft” aerobatics or maybe you can pull out a chair at the card table. We reallyneed some “crafters” so comeon over and check us out at theLagarto School on FM 534.
“The NDAA... is not about indefinitely detaining Muslim cavedwellers. It’s about disappearing American citizens who opposethe bankster cartel now in control of the government.“The law is a ‘violent and sudden usurpation’ of the Constitu-tion of the sort James Madison warned about. The founders con-sidered habeas corpus the most fundamental of rights because itinsured that the executive branch could not hold people withoutcause. It was so important the founders included it in Article 1,Section 9, Clause 2 of the Constitution.--Alex Jones
St. Francis of Assisi Altar So-cietyValentine's Dance
Saturday, February 11, 2012534 Club at Lagarto9pm -1amContact Margaret 547-0785
Februar 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 3See “Primary”Continued on Page 4
Monday-Saturday - 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.Closed Sunday
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When the mainstream mediaincluding Fox News Channel)efer to evangelical Christiansn the political arena, by con-ext it is easy to see that whathey mean is Republicans for hom abortion and gay mar-iage are the key issues of the012 presidential race (and anyther race) who will supporthe candidate who seems to behe most adamant about federalovernment regulation of abor-ion and marriage. If the mediare to be believed, these peopleeem to be far more interestedn those two issues than in theroblems created by corporatentities, corporate lobbyists,aws that are beneficial to these pecial interests, the Federaleserve or big government andts ever increasing attempts toake away our freedoms. After ll, what problems do we havehat cannot be solved by gov-rnment control of those twossues? This seems to be thehinking. These same Evangel-cals seem to want more free-om and liberty and smaller overnment? How can you rec-ncile federal control of certainspects of people’s personalives with more freedom andiberty or less government con-rol? That looks like and walksike and talks like “hypocrisy.”hat having been said, a well-nown Southern Baptist onceaid, “We are not electing aheologian-in-chief. We areelecting a commander-in-chief.”Then there are other so-called conservatives who seemto believe that continual war inthe middle east in the name of “spreading democracy” or “preemptive war for our safetyand security’ are the key is-sues. Far be it from them anyidea of the United States sim- ply maintaining a strong de-fensive military in case of attack on the United States.Some of these even believethat the 9/11 terrorist attackswere “an attack on the UnitedStates.” If one looks a littlecloser at the facts, it was an at-tack by a group of terrorists of unproven original backing whocreated an event to galvanizeAmericans into the idea of giv-ing up liberty for somethingthey believe is “safety and se-curity.” It galvanized Ameri-cans to supportunconstitutional wars againstan abstract concept called “ter-rorism.” It allowed then-Presi-dent Bush to institute thePatriot Act, a blatant violationof certain freedoms guaranteed by the Bill or Rights, with littleor no opposition. The war-mongering conservatives seemto treat our various involve-ments in war as though theywere the Superbowl. Spread-ing democracy? Well, firstAmerica is not a democracyand fortunately never has been.Why do we think we should“spread democracy”? Democ-racy always ends very badly,with 51% telling the other 49% what they can and cannotdo. America is not a democ-racy but rather a democraticrepublic, although “govern-ment by polls and the media”is a subversive way of creatingsort of a democracy becauseof the fact that politicians arevery poll-oriented. Politicians probably wake up every daywondering how they are doingin the polls.Then there are other conser-vatives who at least pay lipservice to smaller government,lower debt, controlled deficitspending and fewer govern-ment restrictions who, out of the other side of their mouths,support big-government, sta-tist candidates for the Repub-lican candidate for Presidentof the United States. As has been pointed out before in this paper, there is no true differ-ence between establishmentRepublicans and establish-ment Democrats other thanthat each party believes in aslightly different approach to big government, “governmentknows best,” and our party canrun big government better than yours can.Among the Republicans leftremaining in the race for beingthe Republican candidate, MittRomney is, at best, “Obama-lite.” He can easily be viewed by his past record as governor of Massachusetts as left of center, right along the lines of a John Kerry and further leftthan George Bush. Rick San-torum really could not possi- bly appeal to anyone other than Evangelical Christians,those seeking a theocratic gov-ernment and some of thosewho insist that President havegorgeous hair and good looks.It is quite apparent that the es-tablishment Republicans(those in power in the RepublicanParty) and western power elitewant Mitt Romney for the Re- publican candidate. He getsmoney, lots of support from allmajor news networks andnewspapers, lots of air timeand lots of debate time. TheDemocrats, who control mostof the media outlets, are also infavor of Mitt Romney. Whywould this be? In the case of establishment Republicans,they have a vested interest inmaintaining the status quo, andthat is exactly what Romneyrepresents. In the case of De-mocrats, they know that if Romney gets the nod from theGOP, he will probably lose toObama. If he wins, he will in-deed still be “Obama-lite.”The power elite already knowthey can control Romney justas easily as Obama. Secondchoice of all these statist-sta-tus-quo groups is probably Newt Gingrich, followed bySantorum and Rick Perry.Let’s see. Who’s missinghere? Ah, yes, Ron Paul,whose name, when mentionedin the mainstream media is al-ways followed by somethinglike, “the one who cannot pos-sibly win.”Why are the establishmentRepublicans, the power eliteand the Democrats all tryingto ignore Ron Paul and em- phasize that he cannot win?Because they are scared out of their wits that he could win theRepublican nomination, winthe Presidency and spoil alltheir agendas, bringing back the America we once had, af-fording liberty and freedom, prosperity, a very limited gov-ernment, removing restrictionson real free trade, removingregulations favoring globalcorporations, removing Amer-ica from needless overseas in-volvements (which are verymuch needed and desired bythe power elite in order to bring America to its kneeseconomically,) and activelysupporting states rights. Andmost perversely, he has a spe-cific and definite, delineated plan for reining in deficitspending. He is the only can-didate that even has such a plan. It is entitled “Ron Paul’s‘Plan to Restore America’.”Here is summary of his pro- posals:RON PAUL’S “PLAN TO RESTORE AMERICA”EXECUTIVE SUMMAR RONPAUL2012.COMSYNOPSIS:America is the greatest natioin human history. Our respecfor individual liberty, free mar kets, and limited constitutionagovernment produced thstrongest, most prosperoucountry in the world. But, whave drifted far from our founding principles, and America iin crisis. Ron Paul’s “Plan tRestore America” slams on th brakes and puts America onreturn to constitutional government. It is bold but achievableThrough the bully pulpit of th presidency, the power of thVeto, and, most importantly, thunited voice of freedom-lovinAmericans, we can implemenfundamental reforms.DELIVERS A TRUE BALANCED BUDGET IN YEATHREE OF DR. PAUL’PRESIDENCY: Ron Paul is thONLY candidate who doesn’ just talk about balancing th budget, but who has a full plato get it done.SPENDING: Cuts $1 trillion ispending during the first year o
The Most Important Primary Ever,April 3rd, 2012
What Are You Thinking?
Anyone But Romney?Gingrich? Santorum? Romney? For More of The Same?Or Ron Paul, For Real Hope and Change?

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