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Cigar Wrappers Judging a Cigar by it's Cover

Cigar Wrappers Judging a Cigar by it's Cover

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Published by mozzy72
For all your Cigar needs & equipment check out this site, http://www.93porschersr.com
For all your Cigar needs & equipment check out this site, http://www.93porschersr.com

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Published by: mozzy72 on Feb 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====If you love your Cigars or are looking for good Cigars & anything to do with Cigars, then check thisout!!http://www.93porschersr.com ==== ====It may seem superficial, judging a cigar based on what it looks like on the outside. After all, we areled to believe that it is what's on the inside that really counts. This may be true with some things -people, novels, Tootsie Pops - but when it comes to cigars, the outside is as important as theinside. You can judge a cigar, at least in part, by its wrapper. The cigar wrapper, in simple terms, is made up of outermost leaves, composed from the broadestpart of the tobacco plant. It is often the first thing people notice- a wrapper that is cracked ordamaged will ruin a cigar's reputation faster than Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in the OvalOffice - and it plays a role in the flavor of the cigar: the wrapper also partly sets the tone for howthe cigar is described. Cigar wrappers are designated often by color, sometimes being labeled "dark" or "light" andsometimes being labeled by more specific terms. Overall, the most common cigar wrappers are asfollows: Double Claro - Grown in Connecticut, this cigar wrapper is very light with a hint of green. It ismade from tobacco leaves that are picked before they mature and dried quickly. SometimesDouble Claro wrappers are also called American Market Selection, Jade, or Candela. They aretypically thought of as bland wrappers, lacking much flavor and possessing little ability to affect theoverall cigar experience. Claro or Natural - Grown under a cheesecloth, used to place a barrier between the tobacco leafand the sun, Claro or Natural wrappers are dried slowly, resulting in a tan-like color. The flavorproduced is silky, delicate, pronounced, and smooth. Not overly demanding, the wrapper is stilllight enough that its flavor doesn't overpower the tobacco inside the cigar. Colorado Claro - Often grown in Cuba or the Dominican Republic - and not in Denver as the nameinsinuates - these wrappers are medium brown, sometimes with hints of red. Flavorful, thesewrappers bring hints of spice and nut to the cigar. Colorado - Easily recognizable, like a red-headed stepchild of the cigar industry, this wrapper isknown to produce an exceptional and unique flavor with its red, oily wrapper. Like many wrappers,this one is also grown in Connecticut. Maduro - Dark brown to almost black in color, these wrappers produce a sweet, full, and richflavor. Made from tobacco leaves that are aged as long as possible, the Maduro wrapper ismature, full of oils and often visible bumps and veins. 

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