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Graduation Address

Graduation Address

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Published by: Danilo Magallanes Sampaga on Feb 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Graduation Address
Good afternoon, graduates, parents, distinguished guest, friends ² ladies and gentlemen....
Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your celebration³acelebration of an ending and a beginning. To the graduates,congratulations on your academic achievements and on thefriendships you·ve built while here at the university. Both will continueto enrich your lives through the years.To the parents, congratulations also. You, too, feel a sense ofaccomplishment and pride in your graduate·s completion of formalschooling. To the faculty, you should pat yourselves on the back.Who knows what great minds you·ve helped shape these past fewyears.In thinking of what to say to you today, I talked to a friend of minewho·s often called upon to address graduating classes, and I askedhim for his suggestions. He responded with, ´My advice to youngpeople who are going out in the world today? Don·t go!µI decided, however, to be a little more upbeat. In fact, I·ve chosen aBiblical pattern³the Ten Commandments. No, I·m not trying to playGod, but I have put together a list of do·s and don·ts. First, I want togive you the basis of these rules³the theory, if you will. Then the rulesthemselves.Here·s the theory part: Life isn·t fair.... There·s no such thing as a freelunch.... Some good deals aren·t.... Money won·t buy happiness....No pain, no gain.... Talk is cheap.... Victory goes to the swift.... Pridegoes before a fall.... No man is an island.What·s the matter, you·ve heard those theories before? Well, never mind. They·re still true. So upon those theories, I·ve built my list of do·sand don·ts. You·ve probably been hearing several of those latelyalso³how to dress for an interview, what to say when they ask you
what kind of salary you want, and so forth. But here are the thingsthat you really need to know after you land the job³the things welook for in people we will hire and promote, in people who willachieve much over their lifetime.Here·s my list³of things I·ve learned and am still learning, the thingsthat may help you in the years to come:
ommandment #1: Be willing to pay the price
. Today·s preparationdetermines tomorrow·s achievement. No one has cornered themarket on family and career success. Anybody who walks into thestore and pays the price can walk away with it. Someone onceapproached the great violinist Fritz Kreisler and offered this praiseafter a concert: ´I·d give my life to play as beautifully as you do.µThe musician responded, ´I did.µYou graduates have already invested four or more years as a downpayment, while some former high school classmates decided tospend these last four years elsewhere³most of them out alreadyearning the living they will be earning for the rest of their lives. Don·tthrow that down payment away.If you want to be successful in your chosen field, find out what ittakes to be the best of the best. Time.... Practice.... Commitment....Sacrifice.... There is a price. Success is never on sale; it·s just a matter of deciding how much you want to pay.
ommandment #2:
Be self-disciplined
. Emerson said that our primaryneed in life is somebody who will make us do what we can. We·veall had that somebody at some time or other. A parent.... A friend....A teacher.... But from now on, you yourself will have to be thatsomebody. You will have to have the wherewithal to make yourselfdo what you·re capable of. Discipline to put in the necessaryhours.... Discipline to stay up to date in your field.... Discipline toread.... Discipline to use your time well.... Discipline to eat right andstay healthy.... Discipline to stay with a task.Whether it·s gluing a model plane together or researching marketingtrends in retail clothing, follow-through marks success. Self-discipline issimply control. If you don·t control yourself,
 someone else
will. Or 
noone else
will. Either case will be less desirable than self-control.
ommandment #3: Set some goals
. That·s not the same as beingdisciplined. Discipline is setting your alarm at 5:00 a.m. and makingyourself get up when it goes off. Goal-setting is knowing
you setthe alarm at 5:00 a.m. in the first place.... What did you plan toachieve? How did you plan to achieve it? If you·ve ever done anysailing, you know that finding the wind isn·t always easy. If you don·thave any plans to go any place special, then any wind is the rightwind. But if you have a certain water-side restaurant that you wantto make by noon, then you need to pick a
direction andfind the
wind. Winners expect to win in advance. Life, for them,becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Choice, not chance, determinesdestiny. Make some choices; set some goals.
ommandment #4:
Learn to get along well with others
. HRD studiesreconfirm over and over again that people do not lose their jobsbecause they don·t have the technical know-how or skills. Morefrequently, the difficulty is that they can·t get along with other people.You may not please all the people all the time, but you can pleasemost of the people most of the time³if in no other way but by beingopen to their criticism. Weigh it against others· considerations.People seldom improve when they only have their own yardstick tomeasure themselves by. I can assure you I·ve made moreimprovements in my own life and in my own business as a result ofothers· criticism than their praise.Measure yourself with someone else·s yardstick occasionally. If onyour first job, your boss comments that you lose your temper tooeasily, and your parent or your spouse comments that you lose your temper too easily, and your friend comments you lose your temper too easily, it stands to reason that probably,... you lose your temper too easily. When you hear such feedback, listen before you deny it.Evaluate it. Weigh it. Do you think changes are in order?Regardless of criticism, to get along with other people, you have tocare about them genuinely. Live the Golden Rule and you·ll get thegold. The gold medal of love.... The gold medal of satisfaction.... Thegold medal of peace of mind.... Friends are some of God·s best giftsto us. We don·t have friends in our lives until we make room. Until we

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