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Stage 3 Pinson Mary Frances

Stage 3 Pinson Mary Frances

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Published by Mary Pinson

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Published by: Mary Pinson on Feb 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UbD Stage 3Mary Frances PinsonFRIT 7430: Instructional DesignStage 3, Understanding by DesignFall 2010
UbD Stage 3
Title of Unit
Data Analysisand Probability
Grade Level
Standard:Content Standards
Students will pose questions, collect, organize, and interpret data aboutthemselves and their surroundings.
Students will create simple tables and graphs and interpret theirmeaning.a. Create, organize and display data using pictographs, Venn diagrams, bargraphs, picture graphs, simple charts, and tables to record results with scalesof 1, 2 and 5.b. Know how to interpret picture graphs, Venn diagrams, and bar graphs.
Understandings:Students will understand that:
Students will understand strategies when collecting and organizingdata. The more they use these strategies and re-tell how they came toparticular conclusions when creating, organizing, and displaying theirdata, they will build confidence in explaining their results.
Students will be given opportunities to answer questions related to theirgraphs where they will have to interpret the data of their graphs andgive explanations from the results.
Students will apply their knowledge and understanding of addition andsubtractions skills when interpreting and explaining data from graphsthey created.
Students will create graphs that are relative to their lives to apply theirown experiences. Through this, students will gain understanding howgraphs can be relational through a variety of areas.
Related Misconceptions:
In a tally chart or picture graph, there may be a key involved. Oftentimes, students will disregard the key and begin counting the marks orpictures and not use the strategies of skip counting when the tally orpictures represent a different number besides the number one.
UbD Stage 3
Essential Questions:Overarching Questions:
How does the type of data thatis collected help in determiningthe type of graph to use?
When would it be moreappropriate to use a bar graphover a pictograph? Why?
Can the data that is collectedbe interchangeable betweentally charts, bar graphs, andpictographs?
Topical Questions:
In what classroom activities canwe collect data and organizethe data in a table or graph?
What strategies do you usewhen collecting data?
Stage 3: Plan Learning Experiences
Week 1Type week 1 activities here (use page 26 of the UbD text as anexample)
Day 1:
Begin with an entry question. Ask the students, how do you stay organized?Write the student’s responses on chart paper.
Introduce to the students that our new unit in math is about graphing andorganizing data.
Administer the Pre-Assessment. The pre-assessment is 10 questions and willbe read to the students. It will cover what will be taught in the three-weekunit.
After the pre-assessment, have a second piece of chart paper with a GraphingKWL chart (Know, Want to Know, Learned) across the top.
5.Give each student two index cards.
Have each student write something that they know about graphing on oneindex card. Have students share and tape their responses to the Know columnof the chart.
On the second index card, have each student write something they want toknow about graphing. Have students share and tape their responses to theWant to Know column of the chart.
a.Note: As the unit progresses, we will return to the KWL chart and moveindex cards from the Want to Know column to the Learned column.
 To summarize, students will write down their personal goals for this unit.Goals will be saved for individual conferences.

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