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Published by Suryasukra

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Published by: Suryasukra on Feb 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FEBRUARY 24, 2008HIS EXCELLENCY. THE RT. HON’BLE. Mr. C A R ARespected Excellency,Namaskar. I WISH YOU A HAPPY NEWYEAR. Thank you very much for your mail. I am doing this Nadireading for the past 70 years. I started reading this Nadi while I was10 years old. Basically I was a Assistant Professor for Physics.Initially I had no faith up on this astrology. I was very poor andsuffering. I had a huge collection of nadi saved by my ancestors. Iread the nadi with the help of my great grand father and become anexpert. He taught me Voodoo removing science and other cosmicEnergy Science also. I read to so many Diplomats around the Globe-found the predictions become 100% true. I read the Nadi to SaddamHussain the Iraq former President- predicted about his downfall.Like this I can show so many examples. Several magazinesappreciated my predictions. I have enclosed a copy of them whichmay tell you about my contact and accuracy of predictions. I tookhigh interest in collecting your nadi, Your Highness. All are writtenin Sanskrit slogans- translated by me without breaking the sense. Ihere by requesting you, your highness, pl what ever predictions suitsyou- take it.PREDICTIONS:
The Viswamithra- the author of the Nadi (Noevidence in any form) says, “You are physically a human- but youare a Godly person. Outward show is different. All those who look atyou may say that you are a millionaire- money comes and fly awayfrom your hand. You are not living for yourself. You are used as atool for others up lift. All will use you and forget you. You are notpure but Your wife is pure. She is a short tempered and sacrificingminded lady who will never ask anything for her sake till death.Physically she is a maid- but in activities and in action- she is morethan a man. This was your wife in your previous birth also. That isthe reason she is having so much love and affection on you. She isready to sacrifice her life for your welfare. Can you show a singlelady like her on Earth? Your life is an open book. You make money-but you cannot save it. Money comes and fly away from you. Yourage is less but your knowledge is more than your age. All around youare selfish. Especially from your father’s side almost all are selfishand greedy. No one is equal to you as you will never touch othersmoney- but at the same time those who eats your money will alwaysbe ungrateful. Do not find fault up on any one. It is your destiny.You were created by Lord Jesus only to work and serve for the poorand the needy. You got some powers in you. You are going to healthe pain- sufferings of the people irrespective of religion and
community in future. You will make a huge amount of money. Nodoubt –you are a charitable minded person- if I get one dollar, I willgo to a coffee shop- take coffee- then I will be happy. But if you getone Dollar, you will make a person who is hungry to eat and findhappiness.The Nadi says, “You are living like a SAINT at heart.No one is equal to you as you are discharging all your duties with aninvolvement. You are not craze after power and wealth. This is thelast birth to you. Till death, you will work (no rest to you). You areblessed with your life partner. Till death she will serve- but at thesame time she will never ask anything for her sake. Her purity,prayers will form a shield around you- protecting you from all evils.She has been the epitome of the land’s family traditionalwomanhood- dedicating her life to her husband and an ideal wife toyou in every sense of the word. She is an exemplary housewife andhas been a beloved mother –who gave the children the right value inbecoming good Indian Citizens. She is the only guiding light always.Can you show a woman like her? You are not Rama (not pure) butshe is no doubt – a SITA (very pure). You will marry twice
You areblessed with your life partner. This was the original wife in yourprevious birth also. Your first wife is your duty. This is your lastbirth. Your anger and tension are reduced considerably to a good

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