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Foot Massage - Merciful Relief of Daily Tension

Foot Massage - Merciful Relief of Daily Tension

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Published by tiger0007

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Published by: tiger0007 on Feb 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====The List Building Academy -- Teaching The Best Strategies For Success In Your ChosenBusiness!http://www.listbuildingconcepts.com ==== ====ID: 1549399Author: Willam Wyndham WyattDate Published: Oct 02, 2008Title: Foot Massage - Merciful Relief of Daily TensionSummary: Are your feet killing you at the end of the day? Are you looking for something that willhelp your tired aching fee...Body:Does your spouse come home, after a hard day's work, tired and worn out from the hassles andstruggles of earning a livimg each day? Well, today you can help him or her to make a miraculousrecovery just in time for dinner. Surprise them with a foot massage. They don't have to getundressed. All they have to do is sit in their most comfortable chair, or if they prefer, thay can liedown. Either way, you can give them a stimulating and ultra-relaxing foot massage that will turnaround their tiredness and rejuvenate them for your evening plans.First, you must prepare for thisevent by gathering the few simple items necessary. To start with, find a pan, preferably plastic,that is big enough to put their feet in. You'll also need a towel to dry off their feet when you finishgiving them a soak. Next, get a lotion or hand cream that you and your spouse both like. I prefer touse a hand cream instead of oils because when the feet in question are soaked, their moisturewould make it difficult  for the oil to soak in properly. That's it! Gather these items together inpreparation for the big event.When you are ready to begin, be sure that the water is warm enough,but not so hot that it is uncomfortable. Experiment with your own feet ahead of time to see whattemperature is good for you. That temperature is probably good for your spouse, too. First, havethem sit in a comfortable chair. Then, put their feet in the pan and let them soak for at least 3 to 5minutes. If your partner chooses to sit in a chair, then get a hassock or some item large enough toput his or her feet on. If you will be doing this on the floor, then find a place to lie down for yourpartner and let them put their feet on your lap. Either way, you're ready to begin.If this is the firsttime for either or both of you, take the time to speak reassuringly to your partner. Tell them aheadof time what you intend to do and ask them to relax and enjoy what's coming. Remember that thefeet are one of the most important parts of the body and need to be treated with respect. They areloaded with nerve endings that have an effect on the entire body. When you massage them, youare, in effect, massaging the entire body in microcosm. That being said, let's proceed.Pick upeither foot to begin. I will assume that you are right-handed, so all my instructions will be for right-handers. If otherwise, then reverse the order to suit. For the purpose of brevity, I will also assumethat you are using a hassock to hold up the feet and your partner is laid back in the chair andsomewhat relaxed after the foot soak. Now take the foot with your left hand and point the knucklesof your right hand at the bottom of the foot. Begin rubbing your knuckles briskly, in small circles,against the sole of the foot. Don't skip any part of the sole from the toes to heel. After severalpasses, put the foot on the hassock and grab the foot, putting your fingers of both hands on top ofthe foot and using your thumbs, massage the soles of the foot with firm, circular pressure strokes.Once again, do the entire sole. After a minute or so, switch your hand position to use your thumbs

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