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Prophet Mohammad : What Non Muslim Scholars say about him

Prophet Mohammad : What Non Muslim Scholars say about him



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Published by Moiz Uddin Qidwai
A collection of eulogies about prophet Mohammad by Non Muslim Scholars and people of repute
A collection of eulogies about prophet Mohammad by Non Muslim Scholars and people of repute

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Published by: Moiz Uddin Qidwai on Nov 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"It is not the propagation but the permanencyof his religion that deserves our wonder, thesame pure and perfect impression which heengraved at Mecca and Medina is preserved,after the revolutions of twelve centuries by theIndian, the African and the Turkish proselytesof the Koran. . . The Mohammedans haveuniformly withstood the temptation of reducingthe object of their faith an devotion to a levelwith the senses and imagination of man. 'Ibelieve in One God and Mahomet the Apostle ofGod' is the simple and invariable profession ofIslam. The intellectual image of the Deity hasnever been degraded by any visible idol; thehonors of the prophet have never transgressedthe measure of human virtue, and his livingprecepts have restrained the gratitude of hisdisciples within the bounds of reason andreligion."(Edward Gibbon and Simon Ocklay, HISTORYOF THE SARACEN EMPIRE, London, 1870, p.54)
Muhammad, the inspired man who foundedIslam, was born about A.D. 570 into an Arabiantribe that worshipped idols. Orphaned at birth,he was always particularly solicitous of the poorand needy, the widow and the orphan, the slaveand the downtrodden. At twenty, he was
already a successful businessman, and soonbecame director of camel caravans for awealthy widow. When he reached twenty-five,his employer, recognizing his merit, proposedmarriage. Even though she was fifteen yearsolder, he married her, and as long as she lived,remained a devoted husband."Like almost every major prophet before him,Muhammad fought shy of serving as thetransmitter of God's word, sensing his owninadequacy. But the angel commanded "Read."So far as we know, Muhammad was unable toread or write, but he began to dictate thoseinspired words which would soon revolutionize alarge segment of the earth: "There is oneGod.""In all things Muhammad was profoundlypractical. When his beloved son Ibrahim died,an eclipse occurred, and rumors of God'spersonal condolence quickly arose. WhereuponMuhammad is said to have announced, "Aneclipse is a phenomenon of nature. It is foolishto attribute such things to the death or birthof a human being." "At Muhammad's own deathan attempt was made to deify him, but the manwho was to become his administrative successorkilled the hysteria with one of the noblestspeeches in religious history: "If there are anyamong you who worshipped Muhammad, he is
dead. But if it is God you worshipped, He livesforever."(James A. Michener, "ISLAM: THEMISUNDERSTOOD RELIGION," in READER'SDIGEST (American edition), May 1955, pp. 68-70.)
"No great religious leader has been so malignedas Prophet Mohammed. Attacked in the past asa heretic, an impostor, or a sensualist, it is stillpossible to find him referred to as "the falseprophet." A modern German writer accusesProphet Mohammed of sensuality, surroundinghimself with young women. This man was notmarried until he was twenty-five years of age,then he and his wife lived in happiness andfidelity for twenty-four years, until her deathwhen he was forty-nine. Only between the ageof fifty and his death at sixty-two did ProphetMohammed take other wives, only one of whomwas a virgin, and most of them were taken fordynastic and political reasons. Certainly theProphet's record was better than the head ofthe Church of England, Henry VIII."Geoffrey Parrinder

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