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Lib Handbooks e07pre

Lib Handbooks e07pre

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Published by Daisy

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Published by: Daisy on Nov 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ramsar handbooks for the wise use of wetlands2
edition, 2004
Handbook 7 Designating Ramsar sites
Strategic Framework and guidelines for the futuredevelopment of the List of Wetlands of InternationalImportance
This 2nd edition of the Ramsar handbooks replaces the seriespublished in January 2000.
It includes relevant guidance adopted by several meetings of theConference of the Parties, in particular COP7 (1999) and COP8 (2002), aswell as selected background documents presented at these COPs. This second edition of the Ramsar handbooks series, like the first, hasbeen made possible through a generous contribution from theGovernment of Spain, this time through the General Directorate forBiodiversity, Ministry of Environment.
 The preparation of the
Strategic Framework 
and its Guidelines was greatlyassisted by the input and constructive comments provided by a largenumber of people. Although too numerous to identify here, theircontributions were invaluable. Two people deserve particular mention:Clayton Rubec of Canada for activating the process of developing a visionfor the List of Wetlands of International Importance through comments hemade at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Convention, and forhis comments and additions to several drafts; and David Stroud of theUnited Kingdom, who helped coordinate inputs from a number of peopleand provided several carefully edited re-drafts through the longconsultative process. The Secretariat wishes to thank them for theirassistance.Note. This second edition of Handbook 7 is based on Resolutions VII.11,VII.13, VIII.11, VIII.33 and their Annexes, but also brings togetheradditional information relevant to this issue. The views expressed in thisadditional information do not necessarily reflect the views of the RamsarSecretariat or the Contracting Parties, and such materials have not beenendorsed by the Conference of the Contracting Parties.In this edition, additions to and omissions from the text of the originalguidelines, required by the results of COP8, are shown in square brackets
All decisions of the Ramsar COPs are available from the Convention’sweb site at http://www.ramsar.org/index_key_docs.htm#res. Backgrounddocuments referred to in these handbooks are available athttp://www.ramsar.org/cop7_docs_index.htm andhttp://www.ramsar.org/cop8_docs_index_e.htm.
Table of Contents
Strategic Framework and guidelines for the future developmentof the List of Wetlands of International Importance of theConvention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971)
I.Introduction6II.The vision, objectives and short-term target for the List of Wetlandsof International Importance (the Ramsar List)7 The vision of the Ramsar ListObjectives for the Ramsar ListShort-term target for the Ramsar List to the year 2005III.Wetlands of International Importance and the Ramsar principle of Wise Use9IV.Guidelines for adopting a systematic approach to identifyingpriority wetlandsfor designation under the Ramsar Convention11[IV.1 Guidelines for designating specific wetland types:A.Guidelines for identifying and designating karst and othersubterranean hydrological systems as Wetlands of International ImportanceB. Guidance for identifying and designating peatlands, wetgrasslands, mangroves and coral reefs as Wetlands of International ImportanceC. Guidance for identifying, sustainably managing, anddesignating temporary pools as Wetlands of InternationalImportance]V.Criteria for identifying Wetlands of International Importance,guidelines for their application, and long-term targets37Group ASites containing representative, rare or unique wetlandtypesCriterion 1Criterion for representative, rare or uniquewetland typesGroup BSites of international importance for conserving biologicaldiversityCriteria 2, 3, 4Criteria based on species and ecologicalcommunitiesCriteria 5, 6Specific criteria based on waterbirdsCriteria 7, 8Specific criteria based on fishAppendix AInformation Sheet on Ramsar Wetlands (RIS)47Appendix BRamsar classification system for wetland type 61Appendix CCriteria for Identifying Wetlands of International Importance63Appendix D Additional guidelines for the provision of maps and otherspatial

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