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Lib Handbooks e10pre

Lib Handbooks e10pre

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Published by Daisy

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Published by: Daisy on Nov 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ramsar handbooks for the wise use of wetlands2
edition, 2004
Handbook 10Wetland inventory
A Ramsar framework for wetland inventory
This 2nd edition of the Ramsar handbooks replaces the seriespublished in January 2000.
It includes relevant guidance adopted by several meetings of theConference of the Parties, in particular COP7 (1999) and COP8 (2002), aswell as selected background documents presented at these COPs. This second edition of the Ramsar handbooks series, like the first, hasbeen made possible through a generous contribution from theGovernment of Spain, this time through the General Directorate forBiodiversity, Ministry of Environment.
 The “
Framework for Wetland Inventory 
” which forms the basis for thisHandbook was prepared by the Scientific and Technical Review Panel’sExpert Working Group on Wetland Inventory, led by Max Finlayson(Australia). The “Recommended standard metadata record for thedocumentation of wetland inventories” provided in Appendix V of theFramework was developed for the Ramsar Convention by John Lowry andMax Finlayson of the Environmental Research Institute of the SupervisingScientist, Australia, with the financial support of the government of theUnited Kingdom, as support for the development of the next phase of the
Global Review of Wetland Resources and Priorities for Wetland Inventory (GRoWI 2).
Note. This Handbook is based on Resolution VIII.6 and its Annex, but alsobrings together additional information relevant to this issue. The viewsexpressed in this additional information do not necessarily reflect theviews of the Ramsar Secretariat or the Contracting Parties, and suchmaterials have not been endorsed by the Conference of the ContractingParties.All decisions of the Ramsar COPs are available from the Convention’sweb site at http://www.ramsar.org/index_key_docs.htm#res. Backgrounddocuments referred to in these handbooks are available athttp://www.ramsar.org/cop7_docs_index.htm andhttp://www.ramsar.org/cop8_docs_index_e.htm.
Table of Contents
 A Framework for Wetland Inventory 
Background and contextA Framework for Wetland Inventory1. State the purpose and objective2. Review existing knowledge and information3. Review existing inventory methods4. Determine the scale and resolution5. Establish a core or minimum data set6. Establish a habitat classification7. Choose an appropriate method8. Establish a data management system9. Establish a time schedule and the level of resources thatare required10. Assess the feasibility & cost effectiveness11. Establish a reporting procedure12. Establish a review and evaluation process13. Plan a pilot studyImplementation of the inventoryAppendix I: Inventory methodsAppendix II: Determining the most appropriate remotely senseddata for a wetland inventoryAppendix III: Summary of remotely sensed data sets applicable towetland inventoryAppendix IV: Wetland classificationsAppendix V: Recommended standard metadata record for thedocumentation of wetland inventoriesAppendix VI: Reading list
Additional Appendices
Ramsar COP7 DOC. 19.3:
Global Review of Wetland Resources andPriorities for Wetland Inventory
Summary ReportExtract from Ramsar COP8 DOC. 16:
 A framework for integratedwetland inventory, assessment and monitoring
An inventory and assessment ‘route-map’ for Africa
Relevant Resolutions
Resolution VIII.6:
 A Ramsar Framework for Wetland Inventory 
 Resolution VI.12:
National Wetland Inventories and candidate sitesfor listing
 Resolution VII.20:
Priorities for wetland inventory 
 Resolution VIII.7:
Gaps and harmonization of Ramsar guidance onwetland ecological character, inventory, assessment and

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