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Multi Titles - Loss, Willow Tree & The Rain Falls

Multi Titles - Loss, Willow Tree & The Rain Falls

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Published by tiger0007

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Published by: tiger0007 on Feb 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====The List Building Academy -- Teaching The Best Strategies For Success In Your ChosenBusiness!http://www.listbuildingconcepts.com ==== ====ID: 508326Author: Michael Lee JohnsonDate Published: Mar 29, 2007Title: Multi Titles - Loss, Willow Tree & The Rain Falls, Casket of Love, My Own Puppet, and MoreSummary:Body:LossIn a field of freshcut cloversummer sun,noon high,beats downon open farm spaces,3 dependent children,and somewhereshe has losther shadow-and nowshe stand still-with nowhere to go.Willow Tree & The Rain FallsWillow tree where the rain falls,2 loved pets beneath the roots,gray sand like dandruffpacks them in close and tight.Thunder at 3:37 am Thursday night wonder of my dream mind lovesthunder rain.It is just a part of me, loose with wind.I know in the a.m. blending in themoisture birds will chirp soundsblasting echoes against the surfaceof the sun. Before the dawn light, small minds like my ownbecome active gearing thoughts toward work.Economizing each part of me, loose like the wind.This is the willow tree where the rain falls.I amself-employed in my primitive occupationselling pens, pad of paper, calendars, tee shirtswith yourname customized on them.It is just a part of me loose with the wind.Life as an author is a dailyman grindto coffee grounds & leftovers.With the thunder, & lack of sleep,well deserved. Casket of LoveThis moon, clinging to a cloudless sky,offers the light by which we love.This park, grass knee high tickling bare feet,offers the place we pass pleasant smiles.Sir Winston Churchillwould havesaluted the stately manner this foglifts, marching in time across this pondlayering it's ghostly body over uscuddled by the water's edge,as if we are burdened by this sealedcasket called love.Frogs in the marsh, crickets beneath the crocusestrumpet the last farewell.A flock of Canadian geese fly overheadin military V formation.Yet how lively your lips trembleagainst my skin, in a manner nosane soldier dare deny.My Own PuppetBeaten down mymy own puppetdrawn my own stringsI don't know what to dowith myself but hang loose.I am a swinger of words, & loose conditions.My fingers hang limp like impotence.My puppet bows her head with nothing toshow.A curtsey before her king who has somehowmisplaced his private crown of jewels &golden rings.Such a humble act, a dance of sacrificelacking joy, but long term the commitment.Gallant of her victory in void shesmiles with disgust.Nothing drips from her face.I am a swinger of words, & loose conditions.April, I've Been Fooled BeforeI blink, the electricity is off.The day has broughtnight to an end on top of me.Lamp oil and flashlights save mefrom myself.I walk in darkness.In this darkness I don'tsee my shadow.When the wind goes stillcold chills down my spinedon't feel anymore.I walk in darkness like thisbut I've been fooled myself beforeat Halloween, fears of April thunderstorms.April thunderstorms have knocked the lighting out of me.Pulled theelectricity out of my sockets, pulled plugs from my condo.Lying in bed with only this conversationto keep me company.I feel like an ice tope insulated around in my words,Looking for images inshadows, quiet corners.I creep myself alone.Here I lie on my back in bed, think, try sleep-with ghosts, witches, spiders, devils,and all kinds of nasty things.Nothing brings Christ out of closedwildernessfaster than darkness being alone.I blink, and electricity is back on.April, I've been fooled

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