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What You Need to Know About Solar Energy As an Oil Alternative

What You Need to Know About Solar Energy As an Oil Alternative

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Published by princess236
Solar Stirling Plant - Discover The Hidden Truth Behind Solar Stirling Plant. The most powerful way to generate energy is finally out in the open.
Solar Stirling Plant - Discover The Hidden Truth Behind Solar Stirling Plant. The most powerful way to generate energy is finally out in the open.

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Published by: princess236 on Feb 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====ALERT: Click this link before buying Solar Stirling Plant. Check this link now!http://doiop.com/solarstirlingplant ==== ====Solar thermal power plants are sources of electricity derived transforming solar energy into heat(as opposed to photovoltaics in which electricity is obtained directly). Given that no harmfulproducts during the production of electricity, and have relatively good efficiency (20 - 40%),foretells the future of their lights. How is the amount of energy that falls on the surface extremelyhigh, the construction of such plants in sunny areas (eg Sahara) could supply a large part ofenergy consumers, at least until we take economics into account. However, even on a small scalecan become a very important factor (eg on islands).Concentrating solar thermal power plants Because of the need for high temperatures, almost all forms of solar thermal power plants mustuse some form of concentrating the sun's rays with a large space in a small area. As during theday the Sun in the sky changes, so it is constantly changing and best angle of the sun's raysfalling on the mirror, so it is necessary to install systems that will constantly adjust their position.These systems are necessary in order to obtain a higher efficiency, but also the largest factor inthe very high prices of solar thermal power plants. Reductions in cost are possible storage of heat, not electricity, because such technology is nowcheaper and heat production is already essential to the operation of this type of power. Time canalso get electricity and when it would not otherwise be possible (for a time of reduced insulation -measure of the energy of solar radiation received or committed by a certain area at a given time). Types It is used today only concentrating solar thermal power (CSP - Concentrated Solar Plant). Theyconsist of a mirror and a container of fluid to be heated, and this passes through the turbine orheat engine (eg Strilnigs engine). Given the diversity among the mirrors and the overallperformance of the system can be divided into the following categories: Parabolic collectors They consist of a long series of parabolic mirrors (curved around a single axis) and the collectorwho is above them. Their advantage is a need to move the mirror only when the sun changesposition in the orthogonal direction, while in a parallel shift it is not necessary because the light stillfalls on the collector. Through the collector current synthetic oil, molten salt or steam underpressure which is influenced by the sun's rays heat up. These panels can be carried out invacuum glass to prevent heat loss by conduction and convection, and achieve efficiencies of 20%. Solar Towers 
These plants have a large number of mirrors arranged around the central location of the tower.These systems achieve very high temperatures, making them more efficient in production andstorage of energy. It also has the advantage that they do not require a flat area (it is possible tobuild on the hills), but because mirrors require the use of rotations around two axes, they raisedthe price. Solar Plates Because of the parabolic looks like a satellite dish, but of course much higher. Rays of lightbouncing off the mirror, dropping a single point (the collector) which is above them. There aredeveloping very high temperature, and for producing electricity using Stirling or steam engines.Because of the sliding mechanisms are needed frequent servicing, and the entire system requiresa rotation around two axes and a set of parabolic mirrors, which are eventually reflected in thetotal cost of this system. Fresnel reflectors Using a series of long curved slightly or completely flat mirrors, and looks reminiscent of theparabolic collector. The system is designed so that several rows of mirror finish in the same sewerthat leads to financial savings, and the mirror itself to revolve around only one axis. By targetingthe mirror in different collectors at different times of day it is possible to set up a densearrangement of mirrors, which produces more energy efficiency in spite of less than 20%. Theentire project is as yet based on prototypes that were built in Belgium (SolarMundo) and Australia(CLFR). Solar power lifting Do not use mirrors, but a large glazed surface (just above), under which heats the air, at whichpoint the tower. Because of the slope and the glass surface, the air goes to the tower whererotating turbine. The system requires very large dimensions and the factor of conversion of solarenergy into heat is not particularly good, but this was offset by low investment costs. Medium-sized prototype was built in Spain in 1982 where they were collecting data next 7 years, until theintentional destruction of the tower due to problems with turbulence. Thermal energy storage The efficiency of these plants is increased by installing energy storage, which produces andreliability. These systems are based on thermal energy storage material in high energy density.Currently, such material is used as molten salt, which is an integral element of sodium - metal highenergy density. Also today, using steam under high pressure (50 bar at 285 ° C), but theretention period is only one hour. The power plant in Cloncurry (Australia) will use purifiedgraphite, when it will be built. If you wan't to build your own solar panel for the home and solve your heating problems then thisinformation about solar paneling will help you. 

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