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Resistance in Tibet - Self-Immolation and Protest

Resistance in Tibet - Self-Immolation and Protest

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Published by dharmaburning

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: dharmaburning on Feb 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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China's repressive policies over the 60 years since it occupied Tibet, and the severecrackdown that ollowed plateau-wide Uprisings in 2008, have created a crisis inTibet, provoking an unprecedented wave o sel-immolations by Tibetan monks, nunsand laypeople.
In January 2012 a new wave o large-scale protests broke out withdemonstrators calling or reedom in Tibet and the return o the Dalai Lama.Chinese security orces responded to these peaceul protests by opening re ondemonstrators, killing at least six Tibetans and seriously injuring many more.
 The sel-immolations and protests o 2011 and 2012 have been primarily centeredin eastern Tibet, an area with a strong history o dissent despite China’s intense andsystematic crackdown. Since widespread popular protests in 2008 the area has beenooded with armed troops and virtually closed o rom the world. Many monasterieshave been all but shut down and Tibetans are routinely harassed by the authorities inthe streets, in their workplaces and in their homes.To date there have been 20 sel-immolations; 19 since March 2011, 7 sinceJanuary 2012. At least 1 atal. As Tibetan resistance to Chinese rule continues,Beijing has tightened security and embarked on a major propaganda drive to paintsel-immolation as a orm o 'terrorism'. However, as Tenzin Dorjee, leading Tibetactivist and Executive Director o Students or a Free Tibet said,
“Tibetans whohave set themselves on re in protest were exemplary community members andeven widely respected Tibetan leaders who displayed courage and integrity intheir nal acts o deance — qualities o character ar beyond the reach o theChinese bureaucrats and ocials who attempt to demonize them rom Beijing.”
China’s agrant disregard or undamental human rights and its cruel andsystematic assault on the Tibetan people has to be condemned by global leaders.The scale o this crisis and China's continued unwillingness to acknowledge concernwarrants a strong international response (see back page or demands).This report summarises instances o sel-immolation in Tibet since Feburary 2009,and the unolding crisis in eastern Tibet since March 2011.
Resistance in Tibet:Sel-immolation and protest
   r   t   r    k   :   t    h   r    i   n    u    i   n .    T    h   n    k    t     T    i   t    J   u   t    i     f   r   m    i   n    t .
M  D  O  
K   H   A  M   
ShigatseGyantse TaksterXiningLanzhouChengduGolmud
LhasaSertharDranggoDzamthangPemaChigdrilChamdo (1)Kardze (1)Tawu (2)Ngaba (12)Darlag (1)
ChinaNepalBhutanBangladeshBurmaIndiaEast TurkestanXinjiangChinese Named Provinces and Autonomous R
egions Traditional Tibetan RegionsSelf Immolations (#)Border of TibetProtests since January 2012
4 February
Three sel-immolations inPhu-hu, Serthar
It is reported that three Tibetans sel-immolated inPhu-hu township, Serthar; one is believed to havedied immediately and two are still alive with seriousinjuries. The two who reportedly survived areTsering, around 60 years old, and Kyaring, around0 years old; the person believed to have died hasso ar not been identifed. Eye witnesses say thatthey were heard shouting slogans calling or “Unityo the Tibetan people”.
Until [our] demands are met, there is no chance that theprotests in Tibet will stop. You, communist Chinese,come and arrest me.
 Text rom the leafet distributed by Tharpa (pictured let).
26 January 2012
Fatal Shooting in Ngaba
Urgen, a 20-year old man, was killed ater Chinesepolice fred into a crowd that had gathered toprotest against the arrest o a local Tibetan namedTharpa, who had openly put up posters demandingreedom in Tibet and the Dalai Lama be allowedto return.Tharpa’s posters stated, “Until [our] demands aremet, there is no chance that the protests in Tibetwill stop. You, communist Chinese, come andarrest me.” He is believed to have also included hisname and photo o himsel.Local people gathered to try and prevent thepolice rom taking Tharpa away, whilst shoutingslogans, and saying his arrest would provoke amass protest. The police responded by openingfre on the crowd. The whereabouts and well-beingo Tharpa are not known. Ater the incident, largenumbers o Tibetans rom surrounding areas werereported to be converging on Barma town.
25 January 2012
Solo protest in Lhasa
Namkha Gyaltsen, aged 25rom Golog, was arrested nearthe Barkhor or distributingleaets that contained slogansor the swit return o the DalaiLama and reedom or Tibet.
18 & 19 January 2012
Peaceul protest inPema
 About 200 Tibetans includingmonks and laypeople gatheredin Pema to protest againstChinese rule. They carriedpictures o the Dalai Lama andshouted slogans. Later on thesame day leaets warning thatmore Tibetans were preparedto set fre to themselves wereposted and scattered inthe town.The ollowing day Chinesesecurity orces surrounded themonasteries and many o theprotesters ed or ear o beingdetained. It is not clear howmany have been detained.
23 & 24 January 2012
Tibetan demonstrators shot dead inDrango and Serthar
Chinese security orces opened fre on unarmedTibetan demonstrators in Drango and Serthar;at least three Tibetans were killed, including 49year old Dawa Dragpa, and many more injured.Daily peaceul protests continued in Ngabaprompted by the response o Chinese orces toLobsang Jamyang’s sel-immolation and beatingon 14 January. At the uneral o Dawa Dragpa, local Tibetans and monksdisplayed his photo with text that reads “Tibetan hero romSerthar, Dawa Dragpa, who died on Jan. 24. May he be blessed”.

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