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Spanish online newspaper´s front page news profile: ownership strategies and trends

Spanish online newspaper´s front page news profile: ownership strategies and trends

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Paper presentado en la “The impact of Internet on the mass media in Europe” COST A20 International Conference. Delphi (Greece), 26-29, abril de 2006.
Paper presentado en la “The impact of Internet on the mass media in Europe” COST A20 International Conference. Delphi (Greece), 26-29, abril de 2006.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Elvira García De Torres on Feb 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Paper presented at “The impact of Internet on the mass media inEurope” COST A20 International Conference.Delphi (Greece), 26-29 April 2006.
Spanish online newspaper´s front page news profile:ownership strategies and trends
Elvira García de Torres, PhDCEU Cardenal Herrera Universityegarcia@uch.ceu.esSilvia Martínez MartínezCEU Cardenal Herrera Universitysilviamtez@uch.ceu.esBernardino Cebrián Enrique, PhDCEU Cardenal Herrera Universitybcebrian@uch.ceu.es Nuria García CebriánCEU Cardenal Herrera University
In this paper, data obtained from the analysis of the structure of online news articlespublished by eighty Spanish dailies in 2004 and 2005 are crossed with off-line groupownership information and circulation figures. The study, in which 756 front page newshave been analysed, discovers clear trends related to the inside/outside hyperlinkfeatures of news and multimedia resources as well as well-defined ownership strategiesby chains of on-line newspapers. On-line news sector expectations expressed by peoplein charge of Spanish online editions in questionnaires sent in 2004 provide a frame tointerpret results and establish hypothesis for further research.
Key words:
On-line news, Internet, SpainSince the Spanish daily newspapers’ leap to Internet in the middle of the nineties, awide set of studies diverse both on the methodology implemented and range indicate theexistence of a limited group of daily newspapers that have developed websites on thesame level as those most highly regarded in Europe; in contrast, there are other dailynewspapers that have scarcely adapted their resources to cyberspace. We are speakingtherefore of a sector with little homogeneity (Armañanzas and others, 1996; Díaz yMeso, 1999; Marcos Recio, 1999; Cabrera, 200l; Canga and others, 2000; Armentiaand others, 2000; Estévez, 2002; Sabés, 2003; Almansa and Postigo, 2004; Salaverríaand Novos Medios Group, 2005; Ramírez, 2005). After analysing the information newsresources of 71 digital daily newspapers, García, Saiz, Cebrián, Berruti y Lavilla (2004)
This work was supported by Grants from the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain (BSO2003-08535) and CEU Cardenal Herrera University (PRUCH05/37). S.M.M was the recipient of a predoctoralfellowship
from Generalitat Valenciana (BFPI06/277) and N.G.C was the recepient of a fellowship fromthe Ministry of Education and Science of Spain. The
assistance of Margot Ovenden is appreciated.
present a group of “prominent dailies” on the Spanish digital scene, characterised asmedia of high circulation within the traditional sector that belong to a communicationgroups or chain and that rate highly in services and news resources´added value.
Figure 1: Prominent Spanish on-line newspapersLeading Spanish Newspapers I VPT G Distribution Website visits
El Mundo
25 27 52 U 286.685 25.338.043
El Correo Español
19 22 41 V 128.007 1.215.036
El Norte de Castilla
19 22 41 V 38.850 349.301
18 21 39 V 266.818 2.383.452
El País
26 13 39 P 440.226 -
El Diario Vasco
19 19 38 V 91.499 506.444
El Comercio
14 21 35 V 28.058 407.155
17 18 35 V 35.685 599.605
 La Vanguardia
21 14 35 G 205.330 -
 La Verdad 
18 17 35 V 40.223 725.788
El Diario Montañés
15 19 34 V 40.037 434.849
 La Voz de Galicia
21 12 33 108.643 953.180
 Diario Sur 
15 17 32 V 38.719 496.163
 Las Provincias
14 18 32 V 43.095 337.930
I. Information; VP. Value of website; T. Total. Distribution between January-December2003 (OJD) and Visits December 03 (OJD). Source: García, Saiz, Cebrián y Lavilla (2004).
The differences in resources are also observed when scrutinising the distributionplatforms. Saiz and others (2003) conclude, after examining the mobility in 49 newssites, that e-mail is the most frequent platform of distribution, followed by PDF format.Reference may be made to a “relative mobility”, given that 58% of the media studiedoffers information accessed through e-mail, 18,3% through the mobile telephone, 18,3%by PDA and 36,7% in PDF format. The percentage of mediums that may be accessedthrough PDA as well as through the mobile phone is 12,2%.As well as the variations and constrast, influence of the communication group profilesseems evident. A study that sampled a total of 21 daily newspapers - data collected inthe year 2002-, indicates the existence of a relation between the dailies ownership, theemployment of multimedia resources and the availability of hemerographic material(archives), a conection not shown in the variables of interactivity, platforms of distribution or resources to update the news.
Figure 2: Distribution and interactive potential and multimedia in Spanish dailynewspapersVariable More than100,000100,000-40,000 Less than40,000
General e-mail 100100100Update 10071,40Letters to the editor 85,714,242,8Forum 85,785,728,5Newsbreak Page 85,751,10General update indicator 85,771,40
General E-mail 85,785,714,2Questionnaire 71,485,751,1Chat 71,451,10PDF 51,151,128,5Archives 43,800Multimedia 42,842,80News update indicator 42,842,80Mobile phone 42,828,50PDA 42,814,20Pop Up (latest news) 28.514.20Front page (latest news) 28,514,20Accessibility 28,571,4100Limited List of e-mail 14,214,20
Source: García, Cebrián, Saiz, Prada, Berruti y Fanjul (2004)
A closer bond between ownership and resources is detected when analysing servicecontent.
Figure 3: Services in on-line daily newspapersValue Group ZETA CORREO EPI JOLY PRISA
Email Connect 14,291,614,20 0Editor Connect 0000 0Greetings Connect 10010000 0Acces Connect 0507,116,6 0Sms Connect 00016,6 0Chat Connect 57,110014,250 100Forum Connect 85,7100500 100Messenger Connect 08,300 0Job Find 42,858,300 0Search E. Find 14,210042,816,6 33,3Maps Find 1008,321,483,3 66,6Yellow P. Find 42,810000 100People Find 091,600 0Games Fun 10010028,583,3 66,6Guide Fun 57,141,67,116,6 0Mobile Fun 28,583,37,116,6 66,6Publishing Living 007,10 0Agenda Living 0000 0Download Living 85,758,321,466,6 100Translator Living 0000 100Dictionary Living 08,3016,6 100Channel Living 85,710028,583,3 0Lottery Living 85,710071,450 100Weather Living 71,410057,150 100Advice Living 14,291,67,10 0Classifieds Shopping 85,791,67,183,3 33,3Shop Shopping 28,510014,216,6 100

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