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3 Page Brochure

3 Page Brochure

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Published by Lloyd Alter

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Published by: Lloyd Alter on Feb 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Keep Your Customers SafeAt Home WithBuilt-In Storm SheltersFrom HabiFrame®
Shelter From The Storm
HabiFrame® in-home storm sheltersoffer innovative, cost-effective interiorstorm shelters that double as fully functional interior rooms. So you canoffer your customers code-compliantprotection from severe weather,including tornados, hurricanes, wind-storms and thunderstorms.
The Trouble With Tradition
All homeowners want to keep theirfamilies safe. But a variety of negatives make traditional stormshelters unappealing to customers.Underground shelters are costly,difficult to maintain and prone tomoisture problems. Aboveground,shed-style shelters are imposing,unattractive and take up yard space.Both freestanding underground andaboveground shelters require fami-lies to leave the house and move tothe shelter during storm conditions,exposing them to rain, wind, light-ning, hail and debris. And they’reunpleasant, intimidating places for young children, seniors andindividuals with claustrophobia orother medical conditions.
Our Safety Sells
A HabiFrame in-home stormshelter eliminates all of the negativesassociated with traditional shelters.There are no special maintenancerequirements. No moistureproblems. No need to leave home toenter the shelter. No sacrifice of interior or exterior living space.And no unpleasantfeelings created by being in theshelter, because it’salready part of thehome. This giveshomes that includea HabiFramein-home storm shelter tremendouscustomer appeal. Not only does aHabiFrame in-home storm shelterprovide safety from severe weather,it adds value to the home.
Built For Strength
The key to the HabiFrame in-homestorm shelter’s success is its unique wall panel construction. The panelsare created with LP® SolidStart®Laminated Strand Lumber (alsoknown as LSL) framing beams. Made with engineered wood, LP SolidStartLSL products deliver far greaterstructural strength than conventionalframing lumber and contain no knots,splits or voids. These characteristicsmake them ideal for shelter construc-tion. The LP SolidStart LSL beamsare assembled in a horizontalpattern, reinforced with SimpsonStrong-Tie® steel structural supportrods inserted at regular intervals.Interlockingcorner jointsand steel rein-forcing platesadd still morestrength. TheHabiFramein-home stormshelter’s roof isconstructed inthe samemanner, andthe entire room is built on a specially designed poured concrete foundation.Sheet rock, paneling, or otherfinish materials are applied, givingthe appearance of an ordinary room.A reinforced steel door provides safe,easy access. Standard HabiFramein-home storm shelter size is 10 ft.x 10 ft., providing ample space for afamily in the event of an emergency.
Putting Tough To The Test
“Missile impact” tests are designedto re-create the effects of airbornedebris striking a structure in acatastrophic weather event such asa tornado or hurricane. Approved by organizations including the FederalEmergency Management Agency (FEMA), the National Storm ShelterAssociation (NSSA) and the ICC(International Code Council), they’rea perfect way to test the strength of the HabiFrame in-home stormshelter. We subjected HabiFrame’sin-home storm shelter walls to a fullbattery of these structural tests, con-ducted by an independent laboratory.The results were impressive.
Solid Construction, Proven Results
Our HabiFrame panel passed thestructural tests, successfully meeting NSSA accepted FEMA andICC guidelines for tornado andhurricane resistance:
• Resistance of a 2-inch x 4-inch, 9 lb.
missile propelled at 90 mph, whichsimulates identical debris beingpropelled horizontally by a 225 mphhurricane (Protocol 2–ICC-500).
• Resistance of a 2-inch x 4-inch, 9 lb.
missile propelled at 110 mph, whichsimulates identical debris propelledhorizontally by a 220 mph hurricane(Protocol 3–FEMA320/FEMA 361).
• Resistance of a 2-inch x 4-inch, 15 lb.
missile propelled at 100 mph, whichsimulates identical debris beingpropelled horizontally by a 250 mphtornado (Protocol 4–FEMA320/FEMA 361 and ICC-500).The HabiFrame panel emerged fromeach of these intense tests completely intact, showing only a few scratches.That’s proven protection for yourcustomers, right in their own homes.
HabiFrame® In-Home Storm Shelters AddSevere Weather Safety And Boost Your Bottom Line

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