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Published by xerohour

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Published by: xerohour on Feb 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Last NameFirst Name1StinsonJohn234Team MembersHomework Assignment 2CIS 300 (Smith)Important Note:This assignment is made up of 12 Parts!
Day of the MonthTemperatureConditionDay of the Month
80.96774194What was the average temperature i180Sunny192What was the highest temperature i290Sunny290What was the 2nd highest temperat387Sunny373What was the 3rd lowest temperatu478Cloudy478What was the temperature on June569Rainy578What was the temperature on June675Rainy6CloudyWhat was the weather condition on784Cloudy7SunnyWhat was the weather condition on889Sunny824What day in June had the highest te984Cloudy95What day in June had the lowest te1085Cloudy1012How many days in June were Sunny1187Rainy1111How many days in June were Cloudy1286Rainy1225.81%What percentage of the month was1382Sunny1382.2What was the average temperature1481Sunny1479.8125What was the average temperature1576Cloudy1518How many days in June were above1678Cloudy165How many days in June were below1774Sunny1715How many days in June were betwe1873Cloudy1879.5What was the average temperature1979Rainy1983What was the average temperature2081Cloudy2038.71%What percentage of the month was2184Sunny212275Sunny222371Cloudy232492Sunny242584Sunny252686Cloudy262782Cloudy272885Rainy282981Rainy293074Rainy303178Sunny31
:Review the Temperature Statistics Table for June 2010 below. Writeformulas (in cells G6:G26) that will answer the questions listed in cellsH6:H26.
Temperature StatisticsJune 2010

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