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Published by xerohour

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Published by: xerohour on Feb 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1=IF(B2>85, IF(C2>85, 5000, 0), 0)=AND(B1<=55, D1<=55, F1<=55)=IF(OR(C3>=40, B3>=65, AND(B3>=60, C3>=30)), "Retire", "Work")=AVERAGE($B7:E10)2a. =IF(AND(F9>=85,G9>=85,H9>=85), "P", "F")b. =IF(OR(AND(F9>=90, G9>=90), AND(G9>=90, H9>=90), AND(F9>=90, H9>=90)), "P", "F")=IF(COUNTIF(F9:H9, ">=90")>=2, "P", "F")c. =IF(AND(F9>=75, G9>=85, H9>=90), "P", "F")a. =LARGE(J9:J234, 9) 95,700b. =SMALL(J9:J234, 12) 38,700c. =AVERAGE(J9:J234) 67,0553a. =COUNTIFS(G5:G230, "Manager", H5:H230, ">70000", E5:E230, "Finance") 8b. =SUMIFS(E9:E109, G9:G109, "Central", I9:I109, ">2", K9:K109, "Condo") $858,000c. =VLOOKUP(G16, F20:H23, IF(G15<=12, 2, 3), FALSE)d. =IF(AND(G9="Central", H9>=2), "Good", IF(AND(I9>2, L9="Y"), "Excellent", "Not Good"))41.=AVERAGEIFS(M14:M239,L14:L239, "Accountant",O14:O239,">=3/15/1960",O14:O239,"<=6/15/1970") 63,221a. =IF(COUNTIF(H17:J17, ">=85")>=2, "P", "F") Pb. =IF(OR(AND(I17>=85, J17>=85), AND(H17>=80, I17>=80)), "P", "F") Pc. =IF(AND(H17>=80, I17>=85, J17>=95), "P", "F") Fa. =VLOOKUP(F12, J12:K15, 2, FALSE) 3.98b. =VLOOKUP(F16, J19:K22, 2, TRUE) 0.05 or 5.0%5a. =INDEX(D13:F18, MATCH(D4, C13:C18, FALSE), MATCH(D5, D12:F12, FALSE)) 9.55b. =IFERROR(INDEX(D13:F18, MATCH(D4, C13:C18, FALSE), MATCH(D5, D12:F12, FALSE)),"Invalid Data")a. =VLOOKUP(I16,$E$7:$K$13,J16+3, TRUE) 17b. =INDEX($H$7:$O$13, MATCH(I16, $E$7:$E$13, 1), MATCH(J16, $H$6:$O$6, FALSE)) 17T2=TODAY() - DATE(2009, 1, 20)=DATE(YEAR(TODAY())+1, 12, 25) - TODAY()=VLOOKUP(F16, $E$7:$J$13, IF(G16=1, 3, IF(G16=2, 4, IF(G16=3, 5, 6)))) or =VLOOKUP(F16,$E$7:$J$13,G16+2,TRUE) $23=LEFT(E8, FIND("-", E8) - 1)=MID(E8, FIND("-", E8) + 1, FIND("+", E8) - FIND("-", E8) - 1)=MID(E8, LEN(F8) + 2, FIND("+", E8) - FIND("-", E8) - 1)=RIGHT(E8, LEN(E8) - FIND("+", E8))=COUNTIFS(H9:H135, ">1/1/1995", J9:J135, ">45")=SUMIFS(G9:G135,I9:I135,">=12/31/1970", I9:I135,"<=12/31/1975")=AVERAGEIFS(H7:H100, F7:F100, "South", K7:K100, "M")=DCOUNTA(B6:M100, "ID", O3:V6)=DSUM(B6:M106, "Salary", O3:V6)=DATE(1945,2,10)q5

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