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Remote Viewing - Part 4 - Telepathy and ESP - The Real X Files Part 2

Remote Viewing - Part 4 - Telepathy and ESP - The Real X Files Part 2

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Published by: stop-organized-crime on Feb 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Telepathy and ESP: The real X Files Part 2
Throughout recorded history, there has been evidence that the reading of mindswas possible, be it a fleeting phenomena. We all have had moments where weknew what was in the other person's mind, though the telepathic episodes arenon reproducible and transient. As a scientist, I have been looking at thebiological basis of telepathy and ESP. The military have long been interested inESP. The ability to telepathically read the enemy's minds, has tremendousstrategic as well as tactical value. The experiments that were undertaken withinthe USA to demonstrate ESP and telepathy, had an ulterior military intent whichwas never revealed. In military jargon, telepathy is called scanning. Patheticsnippets of information about ESP phenomena filter into the scientific community,but the leading parapsychological institutes in the UK and Europe, are nothingmore then glorified social scientists who mistakenly think psychology will openup ESP -if it exists at all- to scientific analysis. While telepathy and ESP, likeUF0s, do not exist to the western scientific community, insiders in the US secretgovernment have long known these phenomena are for real. While in Russia,the military uses of telepathy and ESP have been well researched.1 . Deployment of these telepathic weapon systems has been carried out sincethe sixties. Failure by the US government to duplicate the Russians in thebiophysical field, led them to develop synthetic telepathy. This was the electronicscanning of victims brains by monitoring the electromagnetic (EM) emissions frompeoples' brains and using among other things, the P300 brain waves (asmeasured on an EEG), to read the victim's subvocalised thoughts.2 . Sony has for five years ploughed millions of yen into researching ESP andtelepathy.3 . If these phenomena do not exist, why are the big players spending fortuneson research and why is all the meaningful research classified? The answer tothat being that the NWO wishes to use this ESP research for military purposesand for civilian control. As an independent researcher in the field, I have no suchaims. The following is a cutting-edge analysis of how telepathy and ESP mightwork. To begin my story of the scientific basis of telepathy and ESP. I choose tostart the discussion with the more prosaic subject of language. The leadingauthority on language being Noam Choasky, who has put forward the idea that:'the language organ was not an adaptation, but... a mystery, or a hopefulmonster. It was something that perhaps would be illuminated some day byphysics, but not by biology.4 . Chomsky proposed that the structure of language is primarily fixed in theform of innately specified rules and all the human baby does to learn language,is to rewrote a few neuronal pathways, that make him into a Spanish speaker,rather than an English speaker. According to Chomsky, the baby is not a GeneralProblem Solver, who must learn all the aspects of language from scratch.Instead the baby is born with the equipment to express language and merelyhas to rule out a few possible neuronal pathways and rule in a few others. Thegreat man goes further and states, it is easy for even 'slow' children to learn alanguage. They are not really learning anything. A few developmental triggersset the language-acquisition process in effect and a few environmental factorsguide the process into shaping of whatever country's language is spoken, forexample in the form of speaking English with an Australian accent.5 . It seems that babies are born with the ability to speak, and given the correctstimulus, this innate characteristic just develops, How could language behardwired into the brain and if it is not, what information storage systemfacilitates rapid learning of language in infants? It is common knowledge thatthe neurones in the brain are evolving by competitive pathways and many of these neurones die.6 . If language was hardwired into the brain, it would have to be in very deepancient parts of the brain. The older parts of the brain such as the limbic and
reptilian brain centres, came into being long before language. So to attributehardwired language neuronal networks being placed in these older parts of thebrain is not a good idea. To fully answer this question, we must realise thatorganisms are conceived with not enough information in their gnomes toorganise development of the fertilised egg into a foetus. Developmentalbiologists have had to make recourse to field effects that guide themorphological development of the blastocyst (small clump of fertilised cells). Thearch heretic, Rupert Sheldrake, postulated morphogenetic fields, which carry theinformation and help direct development of the blastocyst into a foetus.7 . Could a morphogenetic field effect also carry the information for languagedevelopment? This would be a biophysical field effect and would therefore 'beexplained by physics, but not by biology as Chomsky had previously proposed. If biophysical fields contain the seminal Information for language, then these fieldeffects could also control the development of language in a baby. The acquisitionof language would therefore be as natural as a seal learning to swim; an innatepreprogrammed quasi-instinctual ability, that only needed practise to perfect.Once the biophysical field effect had been activated, it set the neuronalpathways in Brocas body and other speech centres in the brain ( see fig 1speech centres in the brain ), into conformations dedicated to language. Sinceneuronal pathways grow by selected competitive cell death, once thesepathways had been set they would remain. This might explain why it is sodifficult to learn new languages in later life, after the biophysical field effectshave been activated and completed their programme of hardwiring neuronalpathways into the speech centres. The idea that there is a higher realitycontaining the intents of all things, is an ancient theory. Eternal Platonic FixedPoints, the notion that there are the seminal ideas for everything in creationcould be applied to language.8 . If the seminal intents for language existed in biophysical field effects, thenthey would naturally hold the information for language acquisition,extragenetically. Could biophysical field effects act as carriers of information?Morphogenetic fields have been postulated to carry the information for celldevelopment. Many great thinkers throughout history have put forward thenotion that ideas exist in a reality of their own.9 . This reality has been put forward as the otherside in the dualism theory.10 . Dualism postulates that there exists another reality where the mind has itsresidence. Since this reality is made up of mind stuff, it would naturally containthe ideas for everything, including language.11 . As a scientist, I would have to ask the questions, what is the physicalnature of this second reality and how does it interact with the physical reality?To answer my own question, I would answer, it is made up of biophysical,bioplasmic and biotronic field effects which can interact with the neurones in thebrain by effecting the rate of calcium efflux at these sites. Since calcium effluxevents in the neurones are intimately connected with short and long termpotentiation of these sites, it is the way by which field effects can input andoutput memories in the brain and intimately control the state of excitation andpotential excitation in the neurones of the brain ( see fig 2 neuronal calciumefflux ). By biophysical interaction and mediation of calcium efflux events in theneurones, natural biophysical field effects, that comprise the mind, cansynergistically reside in the totality of the organism. Unlike earlier researchers inthis area, my finding suggest that the brain and the biophysical field effects, canboth be conscious, independently of one another. When they work together,there is a synergistic amplification of function and a reduction in chaoticprocesses. Humans possessing biophysical fields that have the potential to beconscious, explains OOBES, dreaming, Doppelganger&;, and a host of otherparanormal phenomena. If conscious biophysical fields can leave our physicalbodies, then knowledge at a distance may be possible. Rupert Sheldrake hasposited that if we are influenced by morphogenetic fields from particularindividuals that we are linked to, then it is possible that we might pick upthought images and feelings from them while we are waking or dreaming, eventhough they may be thousands of miles away.12 . In controlled ESP, the operator sends his biophysical field to interact withthe person being scanned. In spontaneous telepathy other peoples' biophysicalfields might impinge on our own, causing their ideas to enter our heads. This forexample may be as prosaic as knowing someone is going to ring or visit us, just
before for the event occurs. Since our biophysical fields are latent and almostnever approach high-order consciousness, these spontaneous ESP orparanormal phenomena will be rare. The question may be asked, why doesreality need to have a dualistic nature? Recently, physicists have discovered thatduality, when incorporated into new unified field theories, seems to offer waysof cancelling out the infinities that appear when renormalising. Many of the fieldequations that are dealt with in GUTs ( Grand Unified field Theories ). Myresearch into a physics of the paranormal also needs dualistic field effects toestablish meaningful results. If a biophysical field resides around humans andthis effect comprises the mind, then it means that we all have access to a realmwhere ideas have a reality. Mind stuff, of a nature only mystics have alluded to,may in fact be merely biophysical field effects. These biophysical field effectscontain massive amounts of information from the past, and by learning to tapinto them, ESP trained operators can see into the past. Remote viewers, such asJo McMoneagle.13 . Ingo Swann, has looked at the past using RV. They have also looked at thefuture. This would suggest that the biophysical field effects are not limited totime. If this is so, then biophysical field effects from the past could effect thefuture, and we have a pathway by which information from past lives could effectpeople who are alive today.14 . Biophysical field effects do not die when the physical body does. The ancientEgyptians had a word for an aspect of these human biophysical field effects,which they called the Ka. After death, the Ka was supposed to exist for anothersix months before it passed on. My research into after-life biophysical fieldeffects, seems to indicate that the higher the energy field of the person whowas killed, the longer their biophysical field can survive after death. Youngpeople killed in the prime of life may have the potential to remain as biophysicalrevenants for long periods of time after their death, leading to the phenomenaof ghosts. We may also have alien biophysical field effects from other dimensionsimpinging on our biophysical fields, or casting the rightful human biophysical fieldout off the physical body. This mechanism may underlie the phenomena of possession. Akin to this there may also be a form of alien abduction from ourown continuum, where the biophysical fields are removed and alien field effectsimplanted. US research in this area appears to be going on at Dulce New Mexico.15 . This may tie-in with the US military remote viewer who was retired, when hebecame convinced that there was a Martian colony below the New MexicoDesert.16 . Returning to our discussion of telepathy and its links with the way languagedevelops in children. If the intents for language reside in biophysical fields thatwe inherit from our parents and these fields mirror what we are thinking in ourminds, or are part of the process of mentation, then the biophysical interactionbetween different peoples' minds, we have discussed previously, give us amethod by which telepathy can function. To become a controlled telepath, thebiophysical field effects that comprise our mind, would have to evolve fromprimary consciousness to high-order consciousness, rather like the neuronalselection process in our own brains.17 . In this process of neuronal Darwinian selection ( see fig 3, Neural Darwinism), the neurones compete with each other and the failures in this process die,producing a hardwired neuronal network in our brains. This network can evolveby competitive cell death throughout our lives, leading to a labile hardwiredbrain that can grow new neural pathways in response to stimuli. If ourbiophysical fields are capable of an analogous process of biophysical Darwinianselection, then this would mean it would be possible to consciously control thesefields to make them evolve from morphogenetic fields, to primary consciousnessand hence to high-order consciousness. In this final state, remote viewing ESPand telepathy would become possible. To achieve this would mean that wewould have to train our biophysical fields to become fully aware, an examplewould be making dreams become lucid.18 . Raising the consciousness of biophysical fields is made very difficult becausewe are programmed from birth to believe that they do not exist. When childrenmention their awareness of this biophysical world, they are told to stopdaydreaming and become adults. By this method of adult social control,biophysical awareness is suppressed and our mind never grows. What we thinkis our mind, is in fact the brain, which is fully conscious independent o

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