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Sendik's Real Food Magazine - Winter 2011

Sendik's Real Food Magazine - Winter 2011

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Published by paul_doty4397

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Published by: paul_doty4397 on Feb 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sendik’s Food Market
Elm GrovE
13425 W. Watertwn Plan Rd.Elm Grve, WI 53122(262) 784-9525
5200 W. Rawsn Ave.Franlin, WI 53132(414) 817-9525
N112W15800 Meqn Rd.Germantwn, WI 53022(262) 250-9525
2195 1st Ave.Gratn, WI 53024(262) 376-9525
7901 W. Latn Ave.Greenfeld, WI 53220(414) 329-9525
10930 N. Prt Washingtn Rd.Meqn, WI 53092(262) 241-9525
nEw BErlin
3600 S. Mrland RadNew Berlin, WI 53151(262) 696-9525
8616 W. Nrth Ave.Wawatsa, WI 53226(414) 456-9525
wEst BEnd
280 Nrth 18th AveneWest Bend, WI 53095(262) 335-9525
whitEFish Bay
500 E. Silver Spring Dr.Whitefsh Ba, WI 53217(414) 962-9525
ope 7 .. – 9 p.. .ee.c
ith the opening of the newest Sendik’s inWest Bend in Novem-ber, we have completed a long-term goal of having ten stores inten years! We would like to takethis opportunity to thank our talented associates for all their hard work to make our dreambecome a reality. We would alsolike to thank all the wonderfulcommunities that have wel-comed us and supported our stores. We believe we have thegreatest customers in the worldand it is our pleasure to serve you the bestgrocery shopping experience, period.Although the opening of Sendik’s WestBend marked the attainment of a long-termgoal, our journey is not complete. We havea firm belief at Sendik’s that for a businessto stay vibrant, we must continue to grow.The result is that our associates and custom-ers can expect Sendik’s to continue movingforward to bigger and better things.One thing we have been working hardat is stepping up our level of service andquality. Providing great service has alwaysbeen a cornerstone of our business and wealways want to make sure we are deliveringthe service our customers deserve and havecome to expect. Training is paramount andwe have recently stepped up the level of train-ing to better serve you. Our hope is that youcontinue to receive the same great serviceand even better service in the future.Quality is another cornerstone of our business. Recently, with the help of our team members, we put in place standardsto help ensure the product you are purchas-ing is always the best and freshest. Throughenhanced training and freshness standardswe believe you will continue to experiencethe best value in the marketplace.Our charity partner this issue is theMACC Fund (Midwest Athletes AgainstChildhood Cancer). All proceeds from thesale of this magazine will go directly to thisvery special charity. We will also be sellingthe MACC Fund Stars again in our stores.As always, thank you for your purchase. (Seepage 16 for more information.)Thank you for remaining loyal Sendik’scustomers. We are honored and humbled bythe responsibility you have given us to bethe supplier of your family’s food. We willnot let you down.Sincerely,
The Balistreri Family
Mvg Fwad
The Balistreri amil: Patt, Ni, Margaret (Harris),Salvatre, Ted, and Patri.
Sendik’s Food Market
easts take center stage in this seasonof celebration. And if you’re look-ing for a wine that can work withcranberries as well as turkey or beef as wellas lasagna, Zinfandel is your juice. Thisfood-friendly homegrown varietal worksnicely with the medley of flavors at your holiday meals.Often called “America’s heritage grape,”Zinfandel vines have been grown in Califor-nia since the 1850s, and the wine quenchedmany a miner’s thirst during the Gold Rush.Zinfandel’s origins have been shrouded inmystery over the years, but DNA studies atthe University of California at Davis showthat the Zinfandel grape is the same as thePrimitivo grape that is grown in southeast-ern Italy’s Puglia region. The majority of Zinfandel is grown in the United States,however, and is California’s second mostwidely planted red grape variety.Some of the same vines that grew fromthe land upon which pioneers built anew life have been tirelessly producinggrapes for generations. The adage “lessis more” applies to this sought-after old-vine Zin since the venerable vines yieldsmaller quantities of fruit that can producemore concentrated wines than fruit from younger vines. To be considered “old,vines need to be at least 40 or 50 yearsold—though they may have been aroundfor more than a century.Zinfandel is, of course, also used to pro-duce the popular pink wine known asWhite Zinfandel, but here we’re talkingabout red Zin—what many people call the“real” Zinfandel. Red Zin can range fromlight red in color to deep red, almost black.It can have an aroma ranging from woodycedar and damp earth to chocolate, andspicy, floral, plum, or fruity berry and cherryflavors. The lighter styles of Zinfandel arefruit-forward, crisp, and have berry andcherry flavors with a bit of oak. The late-harvest “monster” varieties of Zin, whichhave bold, ripe fruit flavors of plum, raisin,and licorice, have higher alcohol contentand sugars and are best enjoyed on their own or after a meal, almost like port.Zinfandel is usually best drunk young,within a few years of vintage, but there arealso a number of Zins that age well. We’realways happy to provide recommendationsand answer any questions on your next visitto our store.
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Sendik’s Food Market

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