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Death House in Vienna

Death House in Vienna

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Published by SigalitChana

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Published by: SigalitChana on Feb 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  Death House in Vienna 
Answer T or F for “true” or “false”, or Select A— 
D forthe phrase that best completes the sentence. ___ Semmelweiss decided to study medicine because hewould {A. earn more money; B. save lives}. ___ Director Johann Klein urged Semmelweiss to save{A. doctors; B. midwives}. ___ The wards with the lowest death rates were thoserun by {A. doctors; B. midwives}. ___ A contagious disease is one that a person {A. inher-its from his/her parents; B. acquires by contact.}.
 ___ Jacob Kolletschka, Semelweiss’ friend, died of a
disease he got from a corpse. ___ The midwives prided themselves upon their blood-stained coats. ___ The head midwife insisted the midwives have cleanhands.
  Death House in Vienna 
Answer T or F for “true” or “false”, or Select A— 
D forthe phrase that best completes the sentence. ___ When the doctors began washing their hands, thenumber of deaths {A. increased; B. decreased}. ___ Deaths began going up again because the doctors
{A. did more autopsies; B. ignored Semmelweiss’ rules}.
  ___ Philipp Semmelweiss died without learning aboutthe germ theory of disease.What do you think about these discoveries and the way it impacted the medical field, specifically midwifery? _____________________________________________  _____________________________________________  _____________________________________________  _____________________________________________  _____________________________________________  _____________________________________________ 
  Death house in Vienna 
Ignaz PhilippIgnaz PhilippSemmelweissSemmelweiss 

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