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Bulgarian Shepherd Dog

Bulgarian Shepherd Dog

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Published by Nicholay Atanassov
Breed standard of our native sheepguarding dog according my investigations.
Breed standard of our native sheepguarding dog according my investigations.

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Nicholay Atanassov on Feb 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This standard has been prepared by Mr. Nicholay Atanassov, based on his own researches over theBulgarian Shepherd Dogbreed. Till now (March, 2006) this breed is not officially recognized from none of the international organizations, so it is impossible to speak about some kind of official internationally valid standard. For preparation of this standard are used exterior measurements of more than 200 dogs. All received data are mathematically processed.
: Until now the genesis of the molossoides dogs in our country is undetermined. From time to time indifferent printed materials appear publications, which in big degree are emotionally ornate, commonly close to theintrigue and authors self-prove, without serious well-founded statements. For this not small group of dogs, assimilated tosheep breeding traditions of the Balkan Peninsula population there aren't any complex scientific researches. The severalmore-detailed publications based their seriousness on small excerpts, which when variation-statistically processed remainmathematically doubtful.
: BSD is not home companion, who may lie on the sofa, go for walks in the noisy town among peopleand cars, running joyfully in parks together with fellows from every kind and sort of breeds.BSD has to possess strictly tangible working properties/characteristics, combined with stabilized exteriorappearance. This dog defends pets, guards the farm, and looks for his master and family safety. It is inadmissible to bewithout guarding instinct, even worse is if the dog is afraid of the farm animals or to be aggressive against them and toattack them. During ages this dog was selected in order to guard without command - it is difficult to predict his attackand biting.
When trying to scientificallyclassify the breedBulgarian Shepherd Doghave to proceed from the fact are there, if any, differences in their genomemap compared to the phenotype similar to them breeds, widespread in other regions of The Balkan Peninsula.Unfortunately till now there aren't any researches done in our country and every statement would have hypothetic, butnot scientific character.In its economic or useful directionBulgarian Shepherd Dogundoubtedly refers to the category "Dogs Guards". Itsselection, position and work nature define it as "Livestock Guarding Dogs".
: This dog is breed in its natural environment - sheep flock, under the influence of natural and climatefactors.
: Prevailing defense reaction is active. Aggressiveness is not strongly expressed, but at the sametime the dogs are reserved in their attitude towards strangers and demonstrate distance by warning growling andeventual attack. Towards predatory animals (often even toward dogs) aggressiveness increases.Bulgarian Shepherd Dogis alert, easily adapted to the environment, adequately reacting in situations in which is involved. Towards its masteror handler demonstrates devotion and fidelity. Its basic sensuousness via sense of smell, hearing and sight is very welldeveloped.
Constitutionally the dog is with prevailingcombined rough-robust type. Its bones are rough, robust and massive. Its muscles are well-developed and expressed.Hide is thick, stick close to the body, slightly dangled around the neck.
The head of theBulgarian Shepherd Dogis typically molossoidal. There is neither rough oval of themastiff type dogs, nor strongly manifested check-bone arcs. Massive, broad and rounded with slightly oval form on the pate. Cerebralpart of the skull, seen from above, as a shape is similar to a square with slight narrowing at the muzzle. Slightly prevailsat length the facial part.The muzzle is massive, broad, medium at length, slightly obtuse.The nose is black, well shaped with broad nostrils. The teeth are strong and white to ivory on color.The bite is a scissors type.The eyes are deep placed, not protruding, dark at color and expressive. When white pigment of the skull part of the head is prevailing is possible to be slightly pale.The ears are normally placed, often even high placed. Also individuals with low placed years can be observedwhich is not typical for the breed.As a whole,Bulgarian Shepherd Dogis compact and symmetrical, with slightly prolonged body format. For malesproportion between length and height of the body is at about 8-10 %. For females it is 10-12 %.
Height: The highest malesBulgarian Shepherd Dogvary in broader ranges. They are at about 65-75 cm. forfemales - 63-72 cm.Weight: it is in the boundaries between 45 to 57 kg for male dogs. For females it is between 40 to 52 kg.
Note: When proportions in the body are preserved, when there isn't clumsiness in the movements and any deviations from the guarding properties of theBulgarian Shepherd Dog , then it is admissible representatives of this breed to be with larger size and weight. This shouldn't affect the sexual dimorphism, which, in all cases, should preserve itsvisible features.
The neck is strong and broad with slight folds of the skin, without forming so called "collar". Its length is approximatelyas long as is the head. It is placed at angles 400 in relation to the imaginary extension of the back.
The chest is broad and deep (capacious).The sternum is a little bit below the elbows. The ribs are moderatelysprung, neither barrel-shaped nor too flat. The shoulder is well marked. It is moderately connected to the neck as well as

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