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SPICE Code of Conduct

SPICE Code of Conduct

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Published by: Christine Braen Futia on Feb 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SPICE Code of Conduct
Parents are responsible for the whereabouts and behaviorof their children and teens at all times
. Please check on yourchildren frequently when they are not with you, and remind themabout appropriate conference center behavior.
All attendees are responsible for the behavior of SPICE as awhole
. If you observe inappropriate behavior by someone else’schild, please step in to end the behavior, and speak to that child’sparent as soon as possible. If the behavior is serious or persistent,please speak to Chris Futia as well.
The elevators are strictly off-limits to children under 18
except for children with mobility problems. If you see an able-bodied child using or playing with the elevator, please intervene tostop the behavior, and report persistent violations to the child’sparent or a SPICE leader.
The luggage carts are for adult use only
. Children may onlyhandle luggage carts if they are accompanying an adult. If you seea child using a luggage cart without adult supervision, or playingwith one of the carts, please intervene to stop the behavior, andreport persistent violations to the child’s parent or a SPICE leader.
We are all responsible for leaving the conference centerexactly as we found it upon our arrival
. Any mess made atany time by a SPICE attendee is a SPICE mess, so please help toclean up any mess you see even if you didn’t make it. (Cleaningequipment is available in a bin under the table in the lobby).
Trash belongs in a trash can
. Please pick up your own trash andany other trash you find and place it in the nearest can.
Children must behave responsibly in the recreation room
. The recreation room doors will be propped open at all times. Whenno adult is in the room, the oldest child is responsible for reportingany inappropriate behavior to the nearest adult. The pool cues andballs will not be available for use by SPICE members. The TVshould be used gently, and only programs suitable for children
should be on. Any spills or messes on the floor should be cleanedup immediately.
The fitness center on the lower level is strictly off-limits toSPICE members under the age of 18
. If you are 18+ and wishto use the fitness center, you are responsible for ensuring thatyounger children are not allowed into the room with you.
Please make every effort to curb foul language, excessivenoise or undue wildness
by speaking immediately to theinvolved parties and/or their parents. Remember, we are guests atthe Conference Center, and often not the only guests.
Any play involving matches, fire extinguishers, fire alarmsor sprinklers should be swiftly ended and reported to theconference center and to the SPICE leaders
SPICE and conference center standards prohibit drug use,underage drinking, or vandalism of any kind
. If vandalismoccurs and can be traced to specific children, those children’sparents will be responsible for any damages.
Children and teens should not leave the conference centerand its immediate surroundings without notifying a parentor responsible adult
Quiet hours in the living area will be from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.
During quiet hours, there will be no running, shoutingor slamming of doors in the hallways. Adults, you need toremember quiet hours too, so if you are passing through thehallways after 10:00, please shush yourselves! Adults may sitquietly in the hallways if they are supervising children sleeping innearby rooms.
During quiet hours, children and teens who want tocontinue socializing may do so in one of the open lounges,or in the recreation room
. With parental approval, small groupactivities in guest rooms are acceptable. Balconies or patios arereserved for adults.

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