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trip wire

trip wire

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Published by Rahul Reddy

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Published by: Rahul Reddy on Feb 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tripwire is a reliable intrusion detection system. It is a software tool thatchecks to seewhat has changed in your system. It mainly monitors the key attribute of your files; bykey attribute we mean the binary signature, size and other related data. Security andoperational stability must go hand in hand; if the user does not have control over thevarious operations taking place, then naturally the security of the system is alsocompromised.Tripwire has a powerful feature which pinpoints the changes that has taken place, notifiesthe administrator of these changes, determines the nature of the changes and provide youwith information you need for deciding how to manage the change.Tripwire Integrity management solutions monitor changes to vital systemand configuration files. Any changes that occur are compared to a snapshot of theestablished good baseline. The software detects the changes, notifies the staff and enablesrapid recovery and remedy for changes. All Tripwire installation can be centrallymanaged. Tripwire software’s cross platform functionality enables you to managethousands of devices across your infrastructure.Administrator can determine whether those changes occurred due to normal, permittedactivity, or whether they were caused by a breakin. If the former, the administrator canupdate the system baseline to the new files. If the latter, then repair and recovery activity begins. Tripwire’s principle is simple enough. The system administrator identifies keyfiles and causes Tripwire to record checksum for those files. Administrator also puts acron job to scan those files at intervals(daily or more frequently), comparing to theoriginal checksum. Any changes, addition, or deletion are reported, so the proper actioncan be taken.Tripwire software can be installed in servers like firewalls, web servers, transactionservers and development servers. This software will automatically scan servers to findout the changes accoured in the server, database files and policy files are important filesthat are continuously scanned by Tripwire.
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