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Concert Videos of Bands

Concert Videos of Bands

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Published by killergraffix
Bootleg Concert Videos of Live Concerts
Bootleg Concert Videos of Live Concerts

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: killergraffix on Feb 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Bootleg Concert Videos of Hard Rock Nabdswww.BootlegConcertVideos.com ==== ====A concert designer's job is to plan and execute lighting effects that convey a specific mood orconcept, illuminate the performer, and engage an audience. With access to the best equipmentand knowledge of advanced techniques, today's concert design has become very sophisticated.Concert designers must be familiar with a variety of lighting equipment and often take years tomaster the art of illuminating a large production. Below is an overview of some of the lights mostcommonly used by concert designers. Floodlights & spotlights are the two primary types of stage lights. Floodlights generally produce awide beam that can illuminate large stage areas while spotlights produce and narrow, morefocused beam. There are several sub-categories of both floodlights and spotlights as well as somelighting equipment that falls in between the two categories. PAR (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) lights are a type of floodlight often used for rock concerts.This lamp produces a large amount of flat light that comes from a unit that resembles an emptypaint can. PAR's are often used in conjunction with smoke or haze effects. The benefits of PARsare that they are lightweight, portable, and low cost. Strip lights are strips of lighting housing containing many lamps. Typically, these are used toilluminate wide areas of a stage, such as a back curtain. While colors for lighting are oftenachieved by "gels" or colored plastic lens, strip lights use glass gels, or "roundels" to producecolored effects. One of the main advantages of this type of illumination is that a separate electricaldimmer circuit can control each lamp. LED Lights are another popular concert element. Because this type uses light emitting diodes, orLEDs, rather than halogen lamps, they can produce light while consuming less power thantraditional stage illuminating equipment. Popular with concert designers, LEDs are able to producea wide range of vibrant colors to create interesting effects. Spotlights are also essential to concert production. They produce an intense beam that canilluminate an entire stage. These lights come in several varieties, each with unique properties.Fresnels are smaller fixtures that produce a pool or a concentrated, but soft edged spot. Profilelights are most similar to what people associate with traditional spotlights. Their convex lensesproduce a sharp beam that can be formed into different shapes of an insert called a gobos. Finally,PC's, or Pebble Convex lanterns use convex lenses with a pebbled effect that produce aconcentrated spot with little "spill" outside the target. An excellent concert lighting designer is familiar all equipment mentioned here in addition to muchmore advanced equipment. More importantly, they know how to plan and execute lighting for a 2-3hour concert with the utmost precision and creativity.

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