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Customized Learning Theory Contento Final

Customized Learning Theory Contento Final

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Published by Renie Contento

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Published by: Renie Contento on Feb 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Running Head: CUSTOMIZED LEARNING THEORY 1Customized Learning TheoryA compilation of best practices for creating the most effective learning environment for optimalgrowth and developmentIrene Contentoicontento@liberty.edu 561-654-6784April 19, 2011
CUSTOMIZED LEARNING THEORY 2IntroductionAn effective learning environment must be purposeful, well designed, and intentionallyplanned by the teacher. It must take into account that the classroom is not the only place thatchildren will learn. The entire community that a child is exposed to will have an influence on thelearning that can occur. Deuteronomy 6:5 states that we should “Love the LORD your God withall your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” The Lord tell us in this chapterthat we should impress this commandment on our children; that we should make is so much apart of our lives that they should not depart from it. A successful learning environment will startwith a focus on loving God with all of our heart. From there, we can begin to focus on thosearound us and what we need to learn to positively impact our world for Jesus.Learning Theory and its importanceBefore a teacher evens steps foot in a classroom, much thought should have already beengiven to how learning can best occur. Research should be done on the best methods of teaching,behavior management, creating a positive classroom environment, incorporating the communityinto the classroom, and meeting the needs of all learners. Once the teacher has gained a criticalunderstanding of these ideas, the next step is to look inside and consider what type of learner sheis. The teacher must understand what learning style, and study habits work best for her, and howshe can use her gifts and talents in the most effective ways.After critically looking at all of these components to teaching, the educator is now ready tocome up with the best combination of practices for her classroom. Prayerfully creating acustomized learning theory for your classroom will set up a class for successful learning, positivedevelopment of self-esteem, and a nurturing community of learners.
CUSTOMIZED LEARNING THEORY 3Description of an effective teacher and learning environmentA successful classroom starts with an effective teacher. Slavin describes teacher efficacy asthe belief that a teacher’s efforts will have a direct impact on the success of their students (pg. 7).We must realize that every decision we make in the classroom can affect our learners. Theeffective teacher must also be constantly assessing the results of their instruction and makingadjustments as needed. They must stay on top of the latest research and be willing to try provenstrategies, always looking for ways to increase learning in the classroom.The direct instruction approach to teaching is often thought of as uncreative, but when it isdone in the manner it is intended, it can provide positive results. This method should beincorporated into an effective learning environment. It is essential that students are exposed to allof the parts of the direct instruction model to ensure that they gain the desired results. Slavinexplains that students need to know from the beginning what the objectives of the lesson are.They need to come to the lesson with any required prerequisites already mastered. They must bepresented material and given examples and demonstrations, ensuring that all learning styles arerepresented. Next, the teacher needs to probe the students to assess their level of understanding.Once this is determined, a formative performance assessment can be given and practice andreview opportunities can be assigned (pg. 200).Another important method that an effective classroom needs to utilize is grouping. Sociallearning can provide positive opportunities for students to interact with one another whileteaching and learning together. It is important for the teacher to be strategic when places studentsin groups. Many factors should be considered, and different types of groupings will be requiredfor different cooperative opportunities.

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