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Just Is

Just Is

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Published by Maitrayee Basu

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Published by: Maitrayee Basu on Feb 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Executive Summary:
There seems to be a considerable amount of market attention on and demand forresources for education law in the UK. In the report I have raised the question of  whether this interest might be one that is likely to remain stable enough for thelaunch of the product to be profitable. In consideration of the fact that a range of academic, charitable, law firm departments specializing in this field have a vestedinterest in the continued popularity of this field, I have assumed that these entities, who are also the potential buyers of Justis¶ new product, will invest their marketingefforts in an attempt to sustain the market¶s interest in education law, thus sustainingthe demand that will make the product profitable.
The strengths and weaknesses of the two competing products in the market- Jordan¶sEducation Law Report and LexisNexis¶ The Law of Education- are considered in thisreport.
I have concluded, as a result of these considerations, that although there is a demandfor this product, in order to be viable, the new product needs to be positioned as oneserving the needs of a more specialized niche audience interest. This decision is alsotaken in consideration of the brand personality of Justis, as a brand that bringsinformation and updates from the developing and growing areas of legal knowledgeto an up-to-date reader.
The profile of the product I consider viable is included in this report, along with arepresentative list of buyers who will be interested in this niche product. I have alsosuggested a probable name for this series ± Special Educational Needs Law Series - with due consideration to SEO friendliness of the key phrases.
To determine the viability of a project involving the publishing of a new series on educationcase law and legislation reports.
Market Summary:
 Although, if published, the series will appeal to those global consumers who are interested inBritish education law, as domestic or national laws are increasingly beginning to affect thelegal ecology beyond the nation state, for the purposes of this report I am assuming theprimary market for the product to be located in the UK.In the wake of The Education Act 2011, changes in SEN and Disability Act, this sector isunder focus from the press, national and local governmental bodies, education related non-governmental organizations, etc. A number of private and charitable departments havesprung up offering specialized legal services relevant to this sector. There is, therefore, ademand for reliable legal reports series to aid professionals with an interest in this field of law.However, according to the data in the table below, the decreasing trend in the Departmentfor Education¶s contracting of research projects might denote a tendency towards stability in
policies on their part. In that case, once the current interest in the new policies and theirimpact dies down would there still be demand for this product?
able showing the number of projects commissioned by the Dept. for Educationin 2010,2011, 2012 and those projected to finish in 2011 and 2012.
 Year No. of projects commissioned No. of projects due to finish2010 182011 10 252012 20
)The specialized legal services, academic researchers and charitable bodies that specialize inthis field, however, would have a vested interest in keeping this trend alive. It can beassumed, therefore, that the potential buyers of the proposed product will invest theirmarketing efforts in an attempt to sustain the market¶s interest in education law.The following list of potential buyers is representative of the audience/organizations that can be targeted:
atch Solicitors- A boutique education law practice. < www.matchsolicitors.com>
The Education Law Association (ELAS)- A premier association of lawyers, activistand advice workers concerned with education law.<http://www.educationlawassociation.org.uk/>
Education Law Unit, Scotland- A Govan Law Centre unit, an independent charitablelaw centre. <http://www.edlaw.org.uk/>
National Union of Teachers < www.teachers.org.uk >
National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT)http://www.naht.org.uk  
our Inn Libraries- Open to all barristers, located in the legal heart of London.
Ofsted- An independent body that inspects and regulates services which care forchildren and young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all ages.
ompetitor analysis
Jordan Publishing Although being a legal material publishing company that has a firmer print base andis only recently starting to venture into online publications, Jordan Publishing¶smarket position is not that of a direct competitor to Justis. However, Jordan¶seducation law report series, named µEducation Law Reports¶, launched in 1994, is aproduct similar to the one whose feasibility is under discussion in this report. In fact,the series is scheduled to go online in January 2012.Benefits:
Published since 1994, it probably already has a loyal audience/customer base. Thefact that this publication is doing well can be inferred from both the high cost of  yearly subscription (GBP 291 in the UK) and the fact that the series is popular enoughto be extended to an online version.
The online version of this series will be compatible with mobile platforms like iPad,Blackberry, iPhone, etc.
Since other Jordan¶s series, like
amily Law Online, is already subscribed to by university libraries (for example, University of Birmingham Library), brandfamiliarity might induce librarians to choose Jordan¶s Education Law Reports seriesover others. Weaknesses:
Jordan does not have a full text legal library that consists of reported as well asunreported cases. Therefore, lawyers, students or other customers who want tosearch and read
cases in the UK, EU or internationally have to resort to otherpublications who provide this service, like Justis, Lexis Library, Westlaw and Lawtel.Therefore, customers often consume Jordan¶s products in conjunction with that of other brands.
Jordan is also relatively new to online publishing, which is a key strength for Justis.In terms of expertise and research in what works for an online reader, therefore,Justis is clearly the leader.2.
The Lexis Library Being a full text online library, like Justis, The Lexis Library is a direct competitor.However, it does publish an education law related series in print and online versionscalled µThe Law of Education¶ which consists of relevant statutes, statutory instruments, cases, circulars and administrative memoranda. Subscribers also get bi-monthly updates about relevant legislation and important cases.Benefits: 
Comprehensive series of legislature, news, commentaries, memorandum as well ascase laws which makes it a great resource for researchers and policy makers to referto.
Readers of this series can be led to check out the relevant cases not included in theseries (hypertexted) using LexisNexis, thus attracting new subscribers. Weaknesses
The cost of the yearly subscription is quite high (print version costs GBP 970.20 yearly subscription consisting of 6 issues and bi-monthly bulletins), thus might not be viable for purchase by individual students, graduates, etc.
It covers only the material pertinent to United Kingdom.
rofile of a viable product
CoverageSince two products covering education legislature and case law reports already exist in themarket, I suggest Justis¶ new series should have a more niche market focus. I suggest that thenew series should concentrate on a specific fast growing section of education law- specialeducational needs law. The fact that this is an area of interest currently can be inferred fromthe fact that Jordan Publishing is hosting a conference in
arch 2012 on this topic. Also, thefact that this is a new and growing area of law would be in-keeping with the brand image of Justis. It would also eliminate Jordan¶s and LexisNexis¶ products as direct competition.

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