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03 Gentle Be Thy Proposal

03 Gentle Be Thy Proposal

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Published by rhewa

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Published by: rhewa on Feb 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Earl and Fairy mercy when the third volume to marry himDirectoryFairy Queen of the groomA commotion on the danceFei month, white monthDefined group of spies thief Archer throwGreen Knight's Blood CountAgreement with the big liar PostscriptChapter Fairy Queen groom"Oh ~ ~ not to London, ah."He runs exhausted, lying on the grass beside the river side of the heap while muttering sighed, starting fromScotland has been three days, even if he has quick feet proud, but London is too far in the short run can not reach."Li Diya gone and that guy actually telling me, what exactly is the idea of playing it?"He believes that Dr. Li Diya in London when the monster, but in the short term will not be home message is not a joke.It is said that those who retain Lidi Ya, but as human beings who obviously has goblin world territory Earl GreenKnight, he had heard of this man of.However, if the count really have the ability to make fairy surrender, I do not no need to hire Dr. fairies do?In any case he has determined to Li Diya to take home, will be flying all the way from Scotland to the same familyhave not yet been to England."I definitely want to find her."At this point, he heard a burst of air came the singing."White On Her Majesty's white month, is to groom the moon ..."The moon?This song caught his interest, so he sat up himself into a handsome young man.He was flying between the branches of the goblin say hello."Hey, little girl, see you feel good citizenship.""Hello, black hair and big brother.""I want to go to London, do not know the right direction?""Yes, it is coming yo, I going to London, going to meet Her Majesty the Queen of the groom.""That guy is really lucky ah, yes, you just recite what the moon is white on it?""Is disguising the moon yo.""How could the real moon is not the hand, right?""But it really is disguising the moon, but also produce changes Yingque Oh.""Oh ~ ~
wonder, I take a look at her.""Oh can only see one."Goblin is about a moment carried away, even the unsuspecting to the egg white inlaid with shining brilliance of the"moon" and showed him the ring."Really there Yingque change?""Of course, Hello.""This yeah, really opened my eyes, thank you friends."As he returned to the ring, while smiling."You're welcome, then I have a prior step.""Ah, good-bye Hello."Looked at the dancing figure disappeared in the woods, he immediately stick."The goblins also
careless."Stood in his open hands, "month" of the ring.****************
Pol? Farman wearing a rented gown, said first foot into here, here is his initial contact with the senior social place.The exhibition at the upper levels of the senior club held out, big-name big man are gathered.Display a wide variety of painting hall style have been most recently the Royal College of selected popular style, aromantic story-based paintings, early Renaissance style appears to be both beautiful and illusion, and now the noble beauty queen His Majesty the governance of the United Kingdom showing a very spectacular contrast.But here also exhibits the works of unknown young artists, if obtained here ladies and gentlemen of all ages, is their debut in the art world in one fell swoop a great opportunity.For this reason, Bohr's paintings are included in the fledgling art dealers arranged among the numerous paintings ondisplay at the luxurious Crystal lamp.However, so far have not half a person is willing to stop his paintings.His works have often been too simple and too monotonous, even though he knew the nobility of their preferences, but always stick to their style, for which he works in this exhibition do not hold particular expectations.However, Pol hand, from the beginning to pay attention to the hall of a person.It was a crowd standing laughing, with a dazzling blond youth.His outstanding looks so attractive men and women in the painting are also pale, and his demeanor also affects thesurrounding air, as if he gathered in a light, swinging along with the other shadow general.However, the Boer does not care about the matter.Really too much like, as if that were a replica of young adulthood.He should have looked very much like a person who is not in this world."Boer, what made you stay in Yeah, the opportunity to Hello."He suddenly recovered, and noted that his eyes have been chasing that young man is standing before his paintings.Art dealers quickly pulled Boer stepped forward, a young side to that, art dealers will be put on a businessman's facegraciously greeted him."Earl, you think of it? Good mood of this painting, right?"The situation of the young Earl of 
society? Hans Eichel Barton, said this spring, just returned fromoverseas."Yes ah, this is
it?""Yes, the painting's theme is" Midsummer Night's Dream, "the Fairy Queen (Note 1P46)"Earl fascinated staring at the shadows on the primrose nap under a month of goblins, his eyes as if falling in lovewith the painting of women generally.Without the charm of painting itself, under the watchful eye of the Earl of paintings even blooming bright luster,making the Boer surprise.He found that even count soft goatskin gloves, tie game, and the tuxedo an elegant sheen seems to have the samework of art in general.Even give rise to the smell of sweet flowers painted illusion.Although the aroma came from the lady who issued by, but the Boer had for a while only to find it."This theme is not exactly in line with Piaget's image?"Wearing a blue evening dress lady said so.Art dealers rushed to sell up."You even said that today's society no one is more about fairies than Earl, I am also from a selection of rare goblin painting the painting."Then turning back to art dealers Boer, who quickly introduced the painting.The monster is said to have looked at Earl Ball State territory showing modest smile.Heard he was only in his early twenties, although young Bi Boer also light, but look at the artist's eyes are like a new proud and generous sponsors.Hope that their paintings and Ku Central Election Commission can not bit overestimating himself out? Although a bit daunting, but Ball was the top art dealers to light after the elbow, and finally squeezed out a greeting words."Hans Eichel Barton Count, be able to see your style is I a great honor.""You often depict fairy it?""Ah, yes, I like Drayton (Note 2P46) and Spencer (Note 2P46) to write the fairy literature.""Have you ever witnessed it?""What?"Earl asked him if he seen the monster, which makes Boer feel overwhelmed, because he did not see the problem isserious or joking.Although the Earl's name fairy country is full of romantic atmosphere, can not help but reverie. But nothing but atitle bar, after all, there are other noble name of the domain of nothingness as the title of knighthood.
"Earl, you do not tease artists of the simple.""Oh, lady, you do not believe in fairies exist?""If you say you see, I'll throw the letter of it.""Yes, I see Oh, I see a monster with the refined beauty is captured the hearts of all beings, and their conversation, Iwould not be dreaming this, right?""Your mouth really sweet."The more they talk the more vigorously, almost forgot Boer and art dealers are hanging on the side.While urging the art dealer behind Pol hard sell, but he is a clumsy words of the original people.Just because he could not get it when you feel overwhelmed, as if suddenly remembered what the Count turned hishead wildly.'Farman President, I also want to see you the other paintings. ""Hey ...""This is your favorite painting?"Art dealer leaned out, a push because of the unexpected words and stunned Zhefan Pol."Yes ... ah ... reminds me of this piece
favorite beauty.""Oh, these words I can not pretend not to hear, it is your lover?""No, my unrequited love.""No, really incredible.""I also do not understand how girls think, always make her angry.""You can not understand a woman's heart, right?""But the plain fact that ah, ladies, if I may ask you to teach me.""If you do not mind if I do a little thin cotton, the power of it."Is it really count Italy his paintings? Or is this just a means for the pursuit of a lady it? Boer side watched the twomen stood up to the back side.Earl and he felt that the boy is quite similar, but the conversation is different.This is, of course, he can not be that boy.*If sleeping under the apple tree grafted goblin will be taken away.Advise the young and beautiful girl through the trees to be cautious, fairy magic to make people sleep, rest for amoment if you sit on the roots may feel this a wake.Therefore, the missing person is said to have become fairy bride and groom."Green Knight Earl ancestors had fallen asleep under the apple tree grafted it."Tomkins said so.As Earl Explorer he was a residence room, the table piled bundles a copy of the invitation Sealed.Earl Green Knight, Fairy mansion are so called masters of this building - Hans Eichel Barton Count, because hisancestor was a young knight called Sir figure.Although now the UK, but this name is the protagonist of the sixteenth century fiction, but only the experts knowthat the story is the Earl's ancestors as a compilation of interviews with the object."That was it?"Li Diya side to help Sealed, while happily chatting with Tomkins fairy topic."Later seems to be taken around the beautiful fairy queen."Earl Green Knight is a fairy country's former lord, the mysterious power of the blood, though they have already cutoff, but in generations serve the Green Knight Earl Tomkins family, seems to spread the Green Knight Earl andFairy anecdotes."Earl and Fairy Queen must marry it?""I have heard almost the confused non-marriage is not it, but fortunately know how to count the magic spell wasreleased, to return to earth.""I know that the magic spell yo.""Oh ~ ~ remark really? Really deserves to Dr. fairy."Li Diya is a fairy identity of Dr. Earl hired girl.Fairy fairy expert, Dr. that is able to see the monster and can dialogue with them, although with the advent of thenineteenth century, mankind gradually forget the old method of peaceful coexistence with the goblins, but goblinsare still familiar with them, Dr. knowledge.In order to make peaceful coexistence of human and fairy, fairy will propose Dr. recipe, and is responsible for 

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