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The Eyeopener — February 8, 2012

The Eyeopener — February 8, 2012

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Published by The Eyeopener

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Published by: The Eyeopener on Feb 08, 2012
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volume 45 / issue 18February 8, 2012theeyeopener.comSince 1967
       t       h     e
February 8, 2012The Eyeopener
Board of Governors Positions availaBle
STAFF (one position available, two year term)FACULTY (one position available, two year term)STUDENTS (three positions available, one year term)
senate Positions availaBle
FACULTY (two year term)STUDENTS (one year term)See
for specic positions.
imPortant dates for Board and senate elections
February 6, 2012
– Call for Nominations
February 10, 2012,
at 12 noon – Candidate Information Session (JOR-1410)
February 15, 2012,
at 12 noon – Close of Nominations
February 16, 2012,
at 4 p.m. – Mandatory Student Candidates Meeting (JOR-1410)
March 5-8, 2012
– Voting Dates for Board and Senate
imPortant information for Board and senate candidates
Election information and nomination forms:
 More information:Board Secretariat, JOR-1313 – Telephone:
 Senate Ofce, JOR-1227 Telephone:
CANDIDATE ELIIBILITY: As dened by the Ryerson University Act and theBoard of overnors Bylaws and Senate Bylaws,
respectively.RETURNIN OFFICERS:Board of overnors – Catherine Redmond | Senate – Diane Schulman
February 8, 2012The Eyeopener
Gould Street closure approved by city
The campaign to close parts o campus began over 10 years ago and this week the fnal hurdle was cleared in the fght tokeep trafc o o a section o Gould Street.
Cs Vngs
takes a look at the temporary end to this long-ought battle
The meeting of the Toronto City Council took place Monday, Feb. 6 at City Hall.
photo: MohaMed oMar
Students will continue to crossGould Street without fear of traf-c, now that the city has approvedits closure on a more permanent basis.After being approved by the To-ronto and East York CommunityCouncil on Jan. 10, the motion was brought to the Toronto City Coun-cil on Monday.Council voted to keep Gould —from O’Keefe Lane to Bond Street— as well as a portion of VictoriaStreet closed for the next ve years.Vanessa Kwok, a second-yeartheatre production student, saidshe’s happy to hear the news, butwishes trac could be eliminatedelsewhere on campus.“I’m excited, because if it canhappen here, maybe it can happen[on Gerrard Street],” said Kwok.“We jaywalk all the time, and itskind of nice [on Gould] to not haveto worry about trac or geing hit by cars.”Razi Udden, a second-yearchemical engineering student,agrees with Kwok.“You see people running acrossChurch Street all the time tryingto get to the Engineering building,it’s not safe,” he said. “I’ve actu-ally seen a few accidents happen because people were trying to getto class.”Travis Komarnisky, a third-yearfashion student, said he’s mostlyapathetic to the street closures butdoes see the benet.“Its nice to walk on the street,”he said. “I think it gives [the cam-pus] unity. It’s not just a city road,its a real part of our campus.”Ryerson will continue to be re-sponsible for the maintenance ofthe streets that were deemed apedestrian zone for the 12-monthtrial that ran from Fall 2010 to Fall2011.The city decided to then extendthe closure until the city made itsdecision.“Knowing that Gould Street will be programmed and maintained by Ryerson University — I knowit’s going to be an exceptional pub-lic space,” said Kristyn Wong-Tam,Ward 27 councillor.The motion to close the streetwas not opposed by Mayor RobFord, despite popular opinion thathe was against the closure dueto his previous statements about“roads [being] for cars.”“This is what the communitywants,” said Wong-Tam. “It en-hances the pedestrian experience,it provides a safer environment towalk freely, and it also gives themthe ability to animate the streetwith programming and vendors.”Ryerson president Shedon Levydescribes the changes that wouldhelp make the decision permanent.“To get a permanent closurethere is question of texturing theroad, to make it look dierent,”said Levy. “But we always needemergency vehicles to get throughso you can’t invest in things thatare going to get destroyed.”This option is under consider-ation, as is the question of streetfurniture.“You can already begin to seeit,” he said.Levy referred to aspects of theMaster Plan in which the side-walks of Gould Street would bemuch wider, and the landscaping being done around Image Arts building would continue down toYonge Street, but claries it must be taken one step at a time.“It is very dicult [to close theother half of Gould Street] becauseBond street would have no use,”said Levy.People would drive up the street,and have to stop and turn aroundif there was no access to Gould, heexplained.“We’re happy with as much aswe have,” said Levy.
New FCAD program approved by Senate
by rhiannon russell
Ryerson Senate approved a newundergraduate program in the fac-ulty of communication and design(FCAD) last Tuesday.The creative industries programwill give students the chance tostudy both creative and businesscourses including design, lm, com-munication studies, publishing,event marketing, entrepreneurshipand nance management.The program is projected tolaunch in September 2013, but mustrst be approved by the OntarioUniversities Council on Quality As-surance. Graduates would receivea bachelor of arts in creative indus-tries.“We are prey condent [it will be approved] because of the unique-ness of the program and because ofits singularity — it’s the only onein Canada,” said Gerd Hauck, thedean of FCAD.By studying theoretical conceptsand gaining practical skills, Haucksays the program will prepare stu-dents for an ever-evolving job mar-ket in which you are your brand.“In the old days, you’d have peo-ple on the one hand — the fashionpeople, the designers — and thenyou’d have the people who man-aged all of that,” he said. “Thatchasm should be bridged.”The Senate agenda states that po-tential careers for graduates includemedia, entertainment, performance,advertising and policy or govern-ment organizations.Alan Kearns, head coach at Ca-reer Joy, a career coaching company,said that programs like this are im-portant to keep education relevantin today’s job market.“The DNA of Ryerson is to getpeople job-ready,” he said. “[Uni-versities] need to be able to providea program that is as exible as inno-vative.”With annual budget cuts, the uni-versity is trying to nd new waysto bring in revenue and Hauck saidthis is a way to increase base fund-ing from the government.FCAD is one of the most expen-sive faculties to run due to the smallclass sizes necessary for labs andtechnical instruction.The school also pays millions torenew software licenses and keeptechnology up to date.“Money is scarcer and scarcer asit is,” Hauck said. “We have to comeup with other ways of generatingfunds, and that program is going toput the lifeblood back into FCAD.”Classes will be lecture and semi-nar based to bring in more studentsand take up less physical space byusing large lecture halls.The projected intake for the pro-grams’ rst year is 100 students.It has not been decided wherethese students will study, but Haucksaid space will open up on campusonce a health services building is built for the faculty of communityservices.As for the projected courses,Hauck compares them to Lego piec-es.“It’s modular, which means thatthere are a series of six courses thatyou can put together in a number ofdierent ways,” he said.Students in other FCAD pro-grams will also have the chance totake these courses, as well as minorin creative industries.“It broadens the range of coursesyou can take, and I think it preparesyou beer for a career once yougraduate,” said Hauck.
Gerd Hauck, dean of FCAD.
file photo
GouldStreet:A briefhistory
Cmp p Mrvk ppd cg td d wkw  cmp,cdg cg pt f Gdd Vct tt t tfc.
r pdt s-d lv vwd t v Gdstt cd  2008. it w ptf  dvpg r MtP.
T r stdt’u (rsu) d t t “CGd stt” . T ppd m t c d -cd  z c tm. 
T 12-mt pt pj-ct t c Gd stt wtd f pg, t cd f 2010 d ctd t tfwg f.

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