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Drawing Hands & Feet

Drawing Hands & Feet



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Published by Jessica Strain
How to draw Hands and feet.
How to draw Hands and feet.

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Published by: Jessica Strain on Nov 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This first step is important to understanding how the hand is constructed and were the pivotpoints are. Once you are comfortable with the proportions of the hand it will be easier to drawit in different positions. For now let's concentrate on the basic "Spread Fingered" hand. Followalong and study your own hand as you go.
Hands : Step 1- the oval
Draw an oval. Much like theone you see to the left.Designate a point on the lower center line of the oval. This isthe anchor point we'll use for our fingers.
Hands : Step 2- radials
Draw 5 lines radiating outfrom the anchor point.The longest line will be themiddle finger...make it justslightly shorter than 2 ovallenghts.
Hands : Knuckle placement
The remaining finger lengthsfall on an arc from the height of the middle finger. The knuckleclosest to the tip of the finger isslightly less than 1/3 the waydown from the finger tip. Thenext knuckle splits the
difference between theremaining length to the top of the palm oval.The thumb has 3 knuckles aswell but the anchoring is hiddeninside the palm.
Hands : Fleshing in
Flesh in the fingers as shownhere. The fingers start narrowat the base..widen at the firstknuckle then taper down againtoward the tip. Believability isadded by drawing creases inthe places the hand bends themost...at the knuckles andalong the palms. Look at your own hand for reference.Everybody's hand is slightlydifferent. This hand isdefinately mine.(Notice I am Right handed andthat's why my hand model is aLeft hand)
Hands : The opposableThumb
The thumb kinda has it's ownthing going on. It rotatesaround on its own axis. Thethumb swings inward on itsAnchor Knuckle and bendsdown at its second knuckle topoint at the base of the Ringfinger. The thumbs arc peaks atthe middle knuckle of the indexfinger.
Hands : Finger lengths
The Index finger and the Ringfinger are nearly the sameheight..about the halfway pointof the middle finger "tip". TheRing finger is just slightlylonger.The Pinky finger comes up tothe last knuckle line of the Ringfinger.Notice how the hand is notSquare but Wedge shaped.Hands are a nightmare for most artist...myself included. It's hard to contruct it in basic shapesso I don't really try. Instead I break it up into major forms and really pay attention to where itfolds and bends. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ THE FIRST HAND TUTORIAL! This onedoesn't deal with proportions like the other did. This is more the form of the hand.The hand is kinda like ashovel...that's what we use itfor somtimes. You're palmgives you the lines you need tosee were it bends. Above thetop blue line is the first row of knuckles.Don't make the hand a flatwedge. It curves and followsthe contours of the lines on thepalm. Notice how the thumbside of the palm pivots from thecenter.even when drawing the handfrom the back..pay attention tothe fold lines in the palm. It willhelp you draw more naturalpositions for the thumb andfingers.Below is a series of hand studies I drew based on the above diagrams. I kept some of mystucture lines in tact so you could see what I was thinking when I drew them

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