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Four Poems by Irakli Kakabadze

Four Poems by Irakli Kakabadze

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Published by Sampsonia Way
These poems appear in Sampsonia Way magazine with permission of the author. Copyright Irakli Kakabadze.
These poems appear in Sampsonia Way magazine with permission of the author. Copyright Irakli Kakabadze.

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Published by: Sampsonia Way on Feb 08, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Four Poems by Irakli Kakabadze 
Penicillin Mini Opera 
Penicillin,Pain is silly,Pain is thrilling,Pain is chilling,Pain is willingPain is drillingPain is billing,Pain is filling,Pain is grilling,Pain is healing,Pain is killing,Pain is shilling! Pain is silly,Rain is silly,Train is silly,Plane is silly,Terrain is silly,Brain is silly,Drain is silly,Grain is silly,Lane is silly,
Sane is silly Insane is silly,Chain is silly. Penicillin –Is a drug – antibiotic from a lovely Penicillium fungi. It was used to treat syphilis. Beta-lactam Group - and also Gram-positive. How unfortunate that Lenin did not have it – it would have treated him of his disease and maybe of bolshevism too.Pain is silly,Everything is silly that is not bought and sold. Usually they don’t want to buy pain. Andthey don’t want to sell it. But who knows. Maybe they’ll start selling this one too. Butmaybe the humanity needs some silly things too? Pain is chillingFor some people pan might be chilling. I don’t have exact number of those for whom it is chilling. It was good to have pain when I thought Icould do everything.. Pain is thrillingFor some people pain is thrilling. They usually get adrenalin with the pain and stressand they cannot sustain high levels of energy without pain. Pain is willingIt is absolutely willing to go far. Sometimes it goes very far, to greater depths. It is quitedifficult to take. Pain is drillingOoooh, it could be really drilling. Horrifying intellectuals and members of working classalike. It could be more drilling than Royal Dutch Shell and even British Petroleum. 
Pain is billingIt is absolutely capitalist in some situations. It is charging us once we get it.Pain is filling The blanks.. Pain is grillingIndeed. Pain is healingFrom ignorance, pride, obsession, selfishness, and so on.Pain is killingThe Megalomania. Pain is shilling And even EURO today. Common European currency proved to be a very strong one. Pain is silly It is not hundred percent proved. But some scientists suggest pain is silly, based uponavailable evidence that pain causes person to become less rational. But those scientists who do not believe in rationality disagree. I cannot suggest my opinion, because havingan opinion these days is very irrational. It is not suggested to be opinionated. Rain is silly 

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