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Vae Victis

Vae Victis

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Published by bohdansirant5906

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Published by: bohdansirant5906 on Feb 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vae Victis
By Bohdan Sirant, 2012Many years agowhen I was just a kidseveral young, lean and strong menall vital, virile, dashing and handsomeall made of sterner stuff would come over to visit my dadespecially when my mom was outto smoke, play cards and drink beer on hot summer afternoons or eveningsI remember themshirtless in the back yardor when the colder weather camehuddled by the stovein the smoke-filled kitchenThey would get me to empty ashtrays,take away the emptiesand bring fresh bottlesThey would tell jokesslapping their thighsat the punch linesand tell all kinds of weird and strange storiesabout the war about the fantastic thingsthey did and sawand discuss the newsEisenhower, MacArthur and what the Bolsheviks bastards were up toThey all had unique scars but an identical tattoo just like my dad’sof a golden lionon a blue shieldwith the words
Vae victis
on a banner beneathThey would laugh andget drunk and sing all kinds of songswith gustoand call each other “Brother”and pat each other on the back I asked one of them what
Vae victis
meant and he saidIt was a wise warningfrom long, long agoto always remember the dreadful consequences of losingand to remember what was really at stake in a fightwhether a skirmish, battle or a war He said it was a mottoto inspire one to fight harder and longer than the enemyto never give up.He put his arm around me and said,“Kid, you hear us laughing now.Why? Because we were the lucky ones… but when you are unlucky,or on the losing side,you can be bound hand and footsold as slaveslaughtered like a lamb,or be throwninto a fiery pit or the darkest dungeon.And few will give a damn.For the losers, there isanguish, suffering and cryinggrief and suffering,coldness, hunger, and regret, bitterness and pain.All of us here have seen it, boy,and a lot of it.Don’t be fooledThe world seems nice now but can quickly becomea cruel and evil placea hell filled with armed monstersin human form,horrible killers, murderers,thugs, thieves and liars,hypocrites, calculators, callous cynicsmanipulators, schemers and trickstersand all manner of bloodsucking parasitesmany with a philosophy to ensnareand bamboozle youto cheat youto take what’s yours away from you
including your lifeThe world is like a deceptively beautiful andenchanting forest or orchid-filled jungle but where fierce predators lurk andserpents slink and prey uponthe innocent, naive and unwary.So look out and be preparedfor the fight that’s coming, boyYou will have your fight just like we have had oursAnd our fathers had theirsWe guarantee itKnow what’s at stake,and heed the warning, son
Vae Victis!Woe to the Vanquished!
Remember those sacred wordslest you are among thosethrown out of the kingdomInto the smoky darknesswhere there ismuch weepingand gnashing of teeth.Don’t be caught sleeping but train for the good fightso you can be brave andat your bestAnd a free warrior who liberates the oppressedChant “Vae victis!” every day toovercome your doubts and fearsand think on its meaningto bolster your couragein the coming dangerous years“Amen to that!” “Well said!” “Here, here!”“Yes, siree!” and “Vae victis!”“Woe to the Vanquished, boy!”the others exclaimed,raising and clinking their glasses“Here's to the land we loveand the love we land!”“Be proud to serveand don’t loose your nerve!”“To soldiers’ armsand women’s charms!”“Death to Enemies!”

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