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Funny Lawsuites

Funny Lawsuites



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Published by Sir Hacks alot
just sum funny lawsuites i found
just sum funny lawsuites i found

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Published by: Sir Hacks alot on Nov 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Funniest Lawsuits EverMan who previously changed his name to 'Jack Ass' sues media giant Viacom, saying theMTV show "Jackass" plagiarized his name.
A man in Montana who changed his name back in 1997 to"Jack Ass" (previously Bob Craft), says he did it to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. The show"Jackass," which premiered on MTV back in 2000, featured a group of guys performing crazy and dangerous stunts,that was also made into a movie in 2002. Jack Ass himself is claiming the company plagiarized his name, infringedon his trademark and copyright to his name and defamed his good character. He's only asking for 10 Million.Source: CNN 
"Woman who drove drunk gets $300,000".
An Ontario woman who got drunk at an office party andcrashed her car has successfully sued her employer for allowing her to drive -- even though her company offered acab ride or accommodation if she gave up her keys. Linda Hunt, 52, won more than $300,000 in damages andinterest from Sutton Group Realty Ltd., of Barrie, Ont., after arguing her boss should have stopped her from drivinghome in a snowstorm following a 1994 Christmas party." The judge assessed Hunt's damages from the resultingaccident at C$1.2 million, but reduced that by three quarters to reflect her own fault in the matter. He "went on todeclare it the duty of employers to monitor the alcohol consumption of employees at company functions. Thedecision is expected to send a chill through offices across the country". (Charlie Gillis, National Post (Canada), Feb.6). Source - Overlawyered.com
Organizers of an Olympics event were ordered to pay damages to a man who missed theevent due to heavy traffic.
In Japan, a court has ordered the organizers of the Nagano Winter Olympics to paydamages for mental anguish to a spectator who missed an event because of heavy traffic.A German bank robber was arrested recently after a teller realized the robber was hard of hearing and tripped analarm. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the robber is now suing the bank for exploiting his disability.
A woman was treated by a psychiatrist from March to November 1986, becameromantically involved with him, and subsequently married him in October of 1989.
After more than five years of marriage they divorced in 1995, at which time the woman sued her ex-husband for  psychiatric malpractice and negligence claiming that the romantic or sexual relationship between them started beforethe formal psychiatric treatment ended. She contended that her ex-husband had breached the standard of care as a psychiatrist by becoming romantically involved with her, and sought general, special and punitive damages.
A woman in Israel is suing a TV station and its weatherman for $1,000 after he predicted asunny day and it rained.
The woman claims the forecast caused her to leave home lightly dressed. As a result,she caught the flu, missed 4 days of work, spent $38 on medication and suffered stress.
A Los Angeles attorney sued another attorney who had hung a cardboard tombstone in hisoffice that read, "R.I.P./Jerry Garcia (a few too many parties perhaps?)."
The plaintiff lawyer, aGarcia groupie, alleged this joke caused him "humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional and physical distress"after seeing the sign. He further added that he had suffered injury to his mind and body (specifics were not listed inthe suit).
A woman was playing golf and hit a shot which ricocheted off railroad tracks that runthrough the course.
The ball hit her in the nose and she won $40,000 because the golf course had a "free lift"rule. (This allows golfers to toss balls which land near the rails to the other side.) The woman alleged that becausethe course allowed a free lift, they were, in effect, acknowledging the rails to be a hazard.
A surfer recently sued another surfer for "taking his wave."
The case was ultimately dismissed
 because they were unable to put a price on "pain and suffering" endured by watching someone ride the wave thatwas "intended for you."
A woman went into a Northridge discount department store to buy a blender.
She decided totake the bottom box from a stack of four blenders from an upper shelf used to store extra stock. When she pulled outthe bottom box, the rest of the boxes fell. She sued the store for not warning customers from taking stock from theupper shelf and for stacking the boxes so high. She claimed to sustain carpal tunnel syndrome and neck, shoulder and back pain.A minister and his wife sued a guide-dog school for $160,000 after a blind man learning to use a seeing-eye dogstepped on the woman's toe. She sought $80,000 for medical bills, pain & suffering, humiliation and disability. Her husband sought the same amount for loss of his wife's care, comfort and consortium.
An inmate filed a $5 million lawsuit against himself 
(he claimed that he violated his own civil rights bygetting arrested) -- then asked the state to pay because he has no income in jail. He said, "I want to pay myself $5million dollars, but ask the state to pay it on my behalf since I can't work and am a ward of the state." The judge wasnot impressed by his ingenuity, and dismissed the suit as frivolous.
A man who had purchased a BMW took his new car to a detailing shop for a fancier look and discovered that the car had been partly repainted before it was sold, due to damagedone by acid rain.
The man was awarded $4,000 in compensatory damages, and $4 Million in punitivedamages. The court upheld the verdict, but cut the punitive damages to $2 million.
A college student in Idaho decided to "moon" someone from his 4th story dorm roomwindow. He lost his balance, fell out of his window, and injured himself in the fall.
Now thestudent expects the University to take the fall --- he is suing them for "not warning him of the dangers of living onthe 4th floor".
A jury awarded $178,000 in damages to a woman who sued her former fiance' for breakingtheir seven-week engagement.
The breakdown: $93,000 for pain & suffering; $60,000 for loss of incomefrom her legal practice, and $25,000 for psychiatric counseling expenses.
A woman driving a car collided with a man who was riding a snowmobile.
The man died at thescene. Since his snowmobile had suddenly cut in front of her, police said she was free of blame. She sued the man'swidow for the grave and crippling psychological injuries she suffered from watching the man die.
A writer was sued for $60 million dollars after writing a book about a convicted OrangeCounty serial killer.
Although the inmate is on death row, he claimed that he was innocent in all 16 murders, sothe characterization of him as a serial killer was false, misleading and "defamed his good name". In addition, heclaimed those falsehoods would cause him to be "shunned by society and unable to find decent employment" oncehe returned to private life. The case was thrown out in a record 46 seconds, but only after $30,000 in legal fees wereincurred by the writer's publisher.
A man who'd eaten a lot of sugary snack food fell out of a tree
... and sued the snack food companyfor $100 million in damages!

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