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5 Myths About Tarot Cards

5 Myths About Tarot Cards

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Published by samdlb29
If you want to unlock an almost unlimited amount of insight hidden in the ancient art of Tarot Card Reading this may be the most valuable letter you will ever read... http://tinyurl.com/6n7nv2g
If you want to unlock an almost unlimited amount of insight hidden in the ancient art of Tarot Card Reading this may be the most valuable letter you will ever read... http://tinyurl.com/6n7nv2g

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Published by: samdlb29 on Feb 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====If you want to unlock an almost unlimited amount of insight hidden in the ancient art of Tarot CardReading this may be the most valuable letter you will ever read...http://tinyurl.com/6n7nv2g ==== ====Few things are as misunderstood as Tarot Cards. For all of the negativeassociations surroundingdivination and Tarot Cards in particular, there is little direct connection between these negativeideas and the reality of working with the cards. Dispelling a few myths may prove useful to ourexamination of the validity of Tarot. Myth #1 - Tarot Cards are "Evil" The first, and biggest myth is that they are anti-Christian or "evil." People who believe this tendto believe the cards "work" because they are infused with some sort of dark power. This myth,like all myths, contains a tiny grain of what used to be truth that has been twisted beyondrecognition. In reality, it was the Christian church that in the middle ages stamped out Paganism,its chief competitor, by demonizing it and all things associated with it. People were told that theirold horned fertility god (think of Pan) was the most evil being in all of creation, and the Devilwas invented. Christianity is certainly anti-Pagan, and to the extent that Tarot cards are perceivedas Pagan, many Christians feel compelled to condemn or ostracize Tarot cards and Tarot cardreaders without really understanding why. Tarot Card readers, on the other hand, have no such beef with Christianity. Most of us don'tconsider Tarot to be an element of our religion in the first place (though we may consider it ofspiritual value) and can't understand what all the drama is about. Some confusion often arisesdue to the inclusion of a Death card and a Devil card, two hot button items when seen through areligious lens. For now, it is enough to note that the Tarot interpretations of these symbols are notthe interpretations that many people are used to. Myth #2 - Tarot is a Scam Another powerful myth is that Tarot is some kind of shifty scam, a Three Card Monty of sortsthat by definition is a con game designed to use fraud to get people's money. Sadly,there are dishonest hustlers in every profession; doctors, lawyers, contractors, florists, you nameit, there are unqualified people posing as qualified professionals charging money for substandardservice or services that are never delivered in every industry and field. Tarot is no different, but isno more susceptible to infiltration by dishonest individuals than any other profession or servicearea. The main argument, it appears, is that Tarot readers may present themselves as somethingthey are not, "psychic," or "fortune tellers," that a skeptic may decide simply can not be "true."At the heart of this issue is the difference between what being psychic means to different peoplewho either claim it or perceive the claims of others. It all depends on your answer to the question,"What does it mean to be psychic?"
 Myth #3 - Tarot Cards are Magic Virtually no one who has any knowledge or experience with Tarot Cards believes that the cardsthemselves are magic. There is a superstition out there that no one should touch your cardsexcept for yourself, and naturally collectors who spend hundreds of dollars on individual decksare going to hesitate before allowing anyone to handle them (especially since people are inclinedto begin shuffling cards once they hold them!). Some people believe that items can pick up andretain energy from different people or situations, and this applies to their Tarot decks as much asanything else. In my experience, most people who harbor any true anxiety about others touchingtheir cards are new to the idea of Tarot, and haven't studied the cards or taken the time tounderstand what Tarot is about. The example of a person who knows nothing about cars, kickingthe tires on the showroom floor comes to mind. Tarot cards aren't magic. They are cardboard. Myth #4 - Tarot Readers are Witches The truth is, some are. I've been surprised, however, by how many people still think that witcheshave some sort of religious connection to "Satan." That isn't true either. Regardless, there is noofficial religious affiliation for Tarot. Some Tarot readers are Jewish or Christian; others aresomething else, or nothing at all. In fact, there are many Tarot decks out there that are gearedtoward one religion or another, combining the symbolism and images of a particular religioustradition with the traditional meanings of Tarot to create something that illuminates bothtraditions. Myth #5 - You have to be psychic to read Tarot Cards Absolutely not! Anyone can read Tarot cards, it's just a matter of memorizing some basicmeanings and getting used to the different cards in the deck. Of course, some of us believe thateveryone is psychic, but to examine such a notion, we would have to decide what it actuallymeans to be psychic. Suffice it to say, for now, that forsome people, Tarot feels as though it serves as a psychic tool. In conclusion, we can understand what Tarot Cards are much better if we first understand whatthey are not. They are neither evil nor a scam, they are not magic in and of themselves and youdo not have to be a witch or a card carrying "psychic" to read them. If we can establish thatmuch, we are free to examine the beauty and power of this amazing tool. Heather Haskins is a professional Tarot Card Reader and author. She is the founder ofChicago based Love and Life Tarot. Read more at http://loveandlifetarot.blogspot.com/   Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Heather_Haskins

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