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South Asia Tribune weekly UK

South Asia Tribune weekly UK

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Objective journalism is fast becoming extinct in South Asia. From Sri Lanka to Nepal and Bangladesh to Afghanistan, and in between, journalism is under attack, by governments, armies, rogue gangs, political and religious fanatics and spin masters disguised as media managers. In this atmosphere of coercion and intimidation, where hard news is either killed, distorted or given a spin, SA Tribune will bring you all the news, uncensored, exposing anyone and everyone. We will practice serious and responsible journalism . We will raise the standard of journalism by reporting the truth, without any spin. Finally, We will try to be journalists
Objective journalism is fast becoming extinct in South Asia. From Sri Lanka to Nepal and Bangladesh to Afghanistan, and in between, journalism is under attack, by governments, armies, rogue gangs, political and religious fanatics and spin masters disguised as media managers. In this atmosphere of coercion and intimidation, where hard news is either killed, distorted or given a spin, SA Tribune will bring you all the news, uncensored, exposing anyone and everyone. We will practice serious and responsible journalism . We will raise the standard of journalism by reporting the truth, without any spin. Finally, We will try to be journalists

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Published by: Mohammad Shahid Khan on Feb 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Year 1
Issue 30
Thursday, 09.02.12
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South Asia
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Forecasters are warning that the UK could face snow and freezingtemperatures until the beginning of March. London can expect moresnow on Thursday night and severe night time frosts throughout the endof the week.Forecasters predict up to 6cm of 
UK Weather Warning:More snow at the weekend
Snow and -10C temperatures to hit UK 
Police have charged Jacqueline Woodhouse, 42, of Romford with racially aggravated common assaultand a racially aggravated public order offence. ‘This is in relation to an incident on board aCentral line Tube train on Monday 23 January.‘Woodhouse has been remanded in custody and will next appear at Westminster Magistrates’Court on Wednesday 8 February 2012.’The seven minute video was uploaded onto YouTube on 24 January, after another passengerfilmed the outburst on a mobile phone the day  before.
One victim Pakistani Boy responded with smile and said Pakistan Zindabad and jiay Mutehida
‘Train Racist Rant’
Romford Woman Charged
 With some in football seemingly  wanting to brush the issue of racism under the carpet, it is goodto see Sir Alex Ferguson not only address the issue, but wanting totake firm stance against it.The Manchester United managerspoke ahead of his team’s PremierLeague clash with Liverpool at OldTrafford on Saturday.This will be the first league meeting between the two sides sinceLiverpool’s Luis Suarez servedan eight-match ban for racially abusing United’s Patrice Evra back in October.Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has told CNN thatfootball must eradicate all formsof racism, following recent high-profile incidents in England whichhave brought the matter back intosharp focus.One of Ferguson’s own players,France left-back Patrice Evra, wasat the center of an incident lastOctober which saw Liverpool’sUruguay striker Luis Suarez banned eight matches for using
Sir Alex Ferguson calls fora tough line against racism
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Prime Minister David Cameronhas re-affirmed Britain’s decisionto continue its aid programme toIndia, amidst a row sparked by some ruling Conservative MPsdemanding an end to it, andreports that India did not need it.The Prime Minister’s spokesmansaid, “We have reviewed ouraid commitments to India. Wecontinue to think it is right to stick to those aid commitments. Wecontinue to provide aid to India, but we focus it on the three pooreststates.”He added, “The reason we are doingthat is because a huge number of the poorest people in the world livein these states. The Governmenthas always been very clear aboutsticking to its aid commitmentsand the fact that it would not balance the books on the backs of the poorest people in the world. Itis going to stick to that.”International Developmentsecretary Andrew Mitchell onMonday defended the aid, and said,“We will not be in India for ever but now is not the time to quit. Ourcompletely revamped programmeis in India’s and Britain’s nationalinterest and is a small part of amuch wider relationship betweenour two countries“.He, however, added, “We arechanging our approach to India. We will target aid at three of India’spoorest states, rather than centralGovernment. We will invest morein the private sector, with ouraid programme having some of the characteristics of a sovereign wealth fund.”International aid is among few areas that have not been subjectedto deep funding cuts by theeconomically-strapped DavidCameron government, which hasfaced much ridicule and morefor continuing to send aid to anincreasingly prosperous India.
India aid to continue: U.K.
South Asia Tribune
Thursday 09 February 2012
Salah Bu Khamas (UAE)Sabha Khan (UK)
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 Wars of the future might bedecided through manipulationof people’s minds, concludes areport this week from the UK’sRoyal Society.It warns that the potentialmilitary applications of neuroscience breakthroughs needto be regulated more closely.“New imaging technology willallow new targets in the brainto be identified, and while some will be vital for medicine, othersmight be used to incapacitatepeople,” says Rod Flower of Queen Mary, University of London, who chairs the panelthat wrote the report.The report describes how such technology is allowingorganisations like the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to test ways of improvingsoldiers’ mental alertness andcapabilities.It may also allow soldiers tooperate weaponry remotely through mind-machineinterfaces, the report says.Other research could be usedto design gases and electronicsthat temporarily disable enemy forces.This potentially violates humanrights, through interference withthought processes, and opensup the threat of indiscriminatekilling.The panel highlights the time thatRussian security forces ended ahostage siege in a Moscow theatrein 2002 by filling the venue withfentanyl, an anaesthetic gas. Along with the perpetrators, 125hostages died.The Chemical WeaponsConvention is vague about whether such incapacitants arelegal. Ambiguities like this must be ironed out, say the panellists.
Mind controlcould be futureof warfar
British member of parliament Keith Vaz is to meet the family membersof Anuj Bidve, the engineeringstudent from Pune who was killedin Manchester city last December.The meeting will take place onFebruary 11.
 An e-mail communication from Vaz, who is chairman of the home affairscommittee, said that he would be visiting India to ‘repair relations’following Anuj’s murder. The mailalso stated that Vaz was ‘keen toencourage Indian students to study inthe UK’ and strengthen the relations between the two countries. Anuj wasdoing an MS in Microelectronicscourse at Lancaster University, whenhe was killed.During his visit from February 11 to17, Vaz will meet the Bidves on hisarrival on Saturday in Mumbai andlater visit New Delhi. He had already met the Bidve family in the UK, whenthey had gone there to claim Anuj’s body in the first week of January. Vaz will also hand over donations fromthe Anuj Bidve Memorial Fund to theBidve family on Saturday, said theofficial mail from Vaz’s office.
 When contacted, Rakesh Sonawane, Anuj’s brother-in-law said, “Anuj’sfather Subhash, mother Yogini,sister Nehal and I will meet Vazin Mumbai at a hotel near theinternational airport. We havealready been informed about the visit. Vaz had helped us during our visit to the UK.”
The UK government, especially theGreater Manchester Police (GMP)had faced criticism when Anuj’sfamily learnt of the attack on him andhis death through Facebook posts.Two officials from the GMP had later visited the Bidve family in Pune.
Keith Vaz to visit Indiato repair relations
UK Weather Warning: More snow at the weekend
Sir Alex Ferguson calls for a toughline against racism
racist language.Chelsea’s John Terry has also beenremoved as England captain ahead of hisJuly trial for alleged racial abuse of QueensPark Rangers defender Anton Ferdinandduring a Premier League match in October-- a charge he denies.said he did not understand why racism infootball had once again reared its head.“I’ve had some fantastic black players,absolutely magnificent black players,and every one I’ve enjoyed my workingrelationship with them. So I don’tunderstand where it’s coming from to behonest with you. I don’t understand itat all,” he said in a CNN interview at theLaureus Sports Awards.Sir Alex Ferguson said “This is a moment where we have to take stock. I think they should do something about it if it’ssurfacing again and really be hard and firmon any shape or form of racism.”snow in the Midlands and East Anglia by Friday.The colder of Britain’s two contending weather fronts has established a gripon the eastern half of the country, withtemperatures falling to lows below -10Covernight and fresh snow likely beforethe weekend.Severe weather alerts for ice are in forcealong the entire North Sea coast andstretching inland as far as the Pennines,Birmingham, Oxford and Hampshire, which mark the border with the warmer west.• Up to half an inch of snow could fall atHeathrow airport this weekend raisingrisk of fresh disruption• Boy, 10, collapses and dies while buildinga snowman with friends in Castleford, West Yorkshire• Temperatures down to -9C with 6cm of snow predicted for Friday • 100 per cent probability of severe cold weather and icy conditions until Friday morning.
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South Asia Tribune
Thursday 09 February 2012
 A THUNDERING 21 gun salute wasfired at Fort Blockhouse in Gosportthis Monday to mark 60 years sincethe Queen came to the throne.Royal Navy gunners fired the 19thcentury saluting gun at noon tocommemorate the anniversary of King George VI’s death.Queen Elizabeth on Monday marked the 60th anniversary of heraccession to the British throne witha message of thanks to her subjectsin which the 85-year-old monarchdeclared: ‘I dedicate myself anew to your service.’On February 6, 1952, King George VI died in his sleep at Sandringhamaged 56. Princess Elizabeth wasinformed of her father’s death whileon holiday at the Royal huntinglodge in Kenya, taking the throne at25 years old.In a statement from BuckinghamPalace this morning, Her Majesty said: ‘Today, as I mark 60 years as your Queen, I am writing to thank  you for the wonderful support andencouragement that you have givento me and Prince Philip over these years and to tell you how deeply moved we have been to receiveso many kind messages about theDiamond Jubilee.‘In this special year, as I dedicatemyself anew to your service, I hope we will all be reminded of the powerof togetherness and the conveningstrength of family, friendship andgood neighbourliness, examples of  which I have been fortunate to seethroughout my reign and whichmy family and I look forward toseeing in many forms as we travelthroughout the United Kingdomand the wider Commonwealth.‘I hope also that this Jubilee year will be a time to give thanks for thegreat advances that have been madesince 1952 and to look forwardto the future with clear head and warm heart as we join together inour celebrations. I send my sinceregood wishes to you all.’ Around 100 people watched the gunsalute at the entrance of PortsmouthHarbour from across the water atthe Round Tower, Old Portsmouth.DRESSED in a sumptuous whitegown and adorned with glittering jewels, the Queen presents animage of regal finery in two new photographs released today to mark her diamond jubilee. A full-length portrait features theQueen accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, who wears his military uniform, medals and honours, whilea second photograph has the Queenon her own.Both were taken in December inBuckingham Palace’s famous centreroom, used by the Royal Family toreach the balcony overlooking TheMall. As the Queen reached the milestoneof 60 years on the throne, she issueda heartfelt message renewing herpledge to serve the nation and itspeople.“In this special year, as I dedicatemyself anew to your service, Ihope that we will all be remindedof the power of togethernessand the convening strength of family, friendship and goodneighbourliness,” she said.The words echo her famouscommitment on her 21st birthday, when she vowed: “I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of ourgreat imperial family to which we all belong.”The 85-year-old monarch thankedall those who had given “wonderfulsupport and encouragement” to herand the Duke of Edinburgh over thepast six decades. And she said she and PrincePhilip had been “deeply moved” by the many kind messages they had received about her 60-yearmilestone.
60 years ago that HerMajesty ascended tothe throne
• Up to half an inch of snow could fall atHeathrow airport this weekend raisingrisk of fresh disruption• Temperatures set to plummet to -13C.
• Drivers are being urged to watch outfor icy conditions and freezing fog onthe roads with temperatures forecastto drop to as low as -10C in parts of England later. Reported daily mail.The cold conditions look set to stay until the weekend with sub-zerotemperatures making travellinghazardous for drivers and adding toair and rail travel delays.The Met Office has issued six severe weather alerts warning people to beaware of ice on untreated roads andpavements across much of northern,central and eastern England. TheHighways Agency have confirmedthat gritters were sent out to treatand clear roads in eastern areas onMonday night and during the early hours of Tuesday.The icy spell has seen daytimetemperatures dipping four or fivedegrees lower than average forFebruary, which is traditionally thecoldest month of the year.Church Fenton in North Yorkshiresaw the biggest snowfall over the weekend, recording 16cm (6in).The thick blanket of snow that fellover parts of the UK caused majortravel disruption, with Heathrow  Airport axing half of all flights onSunday night.The RAC has reported the busiestFebruary weekend in its history, with41% more calls than usual.The worst-affected area was Devonand Cornwall which had twice theusual number of call-outs.The South of England had 80% more breakdowns than usual and the WestMidlands and Wales had 65% more. A 25-mile (40km) long sectionof the A1 northbound was closedfor a number of hours on Monday morning after a series of crashes between Allerton Park, near York,and the Catterick area.Britain’s big freeze shows littlesign of relenting with sub-zerotemperatures set to bring moremisery to commuters up and downthe country in the coming days.
Britain set for more snow at the weekendamid fears for the great half-term getaway 

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