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maya - mayan calendar evolving towards enlightenment - i

maya - mayan calendar evolving towards enlightenment - i

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Published by innocentbystander

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Published by: innocentbystander on Nov 18, 2008
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Mayan Calendar: Evolving Towards
Enlightenment - I
In the series, Evolving Towards Enlightenment I-V, Carl Johan Calleman explains the
links between the Mayan Calendar Enlightenment and the significance of the year 2012.
\ue000Mayan Calendar: Evolving Towards Enlightenment -
ICarl-Johan Calleman is an internationally recognized authority in the studies of the
Mayan Calendar. He has appeared in Swedish, Finnish and Mexican television and
American Web-TV. He has published two books about the Mayan Calendar and he
was one of the main speakers at a Mexican conference in Yucatan 1998 about the
Mayan Calendar.
In the series, Evolving TowardsEnlightenment I-V, Carl Johan Calleman explains
the links between the Mayan Calendar Enlightenment and the significance of the
year 2012.
Human beings are Created Creators

As I mentioned before, the reason we live under the illusion that matter is the basic form of existence is that we cannot see our own consciousness - our consciousness is to us like what water is to the fish. Something similar is true also for the frequencies of the energy changes of divine creation and how these manifest in the cosmic cycles. Thus, we may be slaves under them because we are not aware of the roles they have in shaping our destinies. Since without interruption we have been listening to the frequencies of creation from the day we were born, they have become part of the reality that we take for granted. Since we have always been listening to this same cosmic symphony we may find it difficult to notice both its energies and its frequency shifts. But if we are aware of the tzolkin pattern we may learn to listen more closely for the high frequency energies and so be able to actually hear the cosmic symphony.

But why is it that we may eventually develop a resonance with the energies of the tzolkin? The reason is fundamentally that we ourselves have been created according to the same energy pattern and that so this has been laid down in our very bones. As I pointed out in Chapter 5 the human being itself is a reflection of the tzolkin and its vibrations. Very importantly we are in the womb for a period close to a tzolkin round. We can see the special relationship of the human being to the tzolkin in many different ways, and when the Maya named the twenty-day sequence of the glyphs a uinal - from uinic meaning human in the Mayan language - they seem to have expressed our vibrational


relationship to the tzolkin. So tuning in to the energy cycles of the tzolkin by regularly following its days is a way of realizing our true nature as created co-creators in the divine process of creation. If the tzolkin is an overtone of the waves of cosmic creation we may vibrate in harmony with its energy pattern, since we ourselves have been created by the very same process of cosmic creation. No other being on this planet to the same extent reflects and expresses the frequencies of divine creation.

Since you yourself are created by the pattern of the tzolkin - the best conceivable template for creation designed by God - this also means that you are an aspect of God coming into existence. Since the purpose of creation seems to be to have human beings increasingly be in the image of God, through raising our frequency with every step of the cosmic pyramid, our real possibility seems to be that of consciously choosing to become part of this evolutionary process. And if every one of us represents the unfolding of a unique aspect of the divine plan there is further the possibility to live our own lives based on our unique guidance, resonance, intuition, creativity and choice, rather than on what is expected from us by society or by others. We have the choice to live a unique life based on the guidance we receive and the values we shape.

Divine Creation can only follow its own Pace

But in a certain sense we are really subordinated to the time schedule for evolution provided by the Mayan Calendar. Thus, this calendar does not only tell us that the Cosmos is going somewhere and that our frame of consciousness is being expanded. It also tells us that the cosmos has to go through a number of distinct stages and wave movements until the process is completed in the year 2011. Since there is nothing we as individuals can do in order to have the whole universe arrive at a paradisiacal state already tomorrow we are subordinated to the overall time schedule. And until the process is complete there will be ups and downs. Things need to be gradually prepared and made ready in accordance with the cosmic plan. There is no way any step in this can be jumped over, since the plan is perfect as it is and will not be altered. Yet, there will be challenges and dark times when we will need to keep the light present, and these may be the eras when we will need the calendar, and the understanding this brings, the most. Through the calendar we may learn to know where we are like if we have a map of time to follow. But the large-scale plan has to work in a step-wise manner for the things to be prepared for what is coming, and so also our individual destinies have to be fulfilled step-by-step. The tzolkin may thus be a tool to help us align our own destinies with the large-scale processes of the cosmic plan, and adapt to the spiritual reality of this plan. Everything has its time, and we all have to pass through certain stages of evolution corresponding to the different time cycles.

The Universal and Individual Calendar Cycles interact so as to open Time Locks at the Right Moments. Because we can only evolve step-by-step there are also time locks. Time locks conceal aspects of our consciousness until a new cosmic pulse opens for them to be expressed and creates a new possible path in our life. If we did not have such time locks we would follow the divine impulses at too early a point and then only run into a thick wall. Thus, as much as we may learn from the Mayan calendar some parts of our destiny will remain hidden to us - locked up in a secret compartment of our being - until new time cycles trigger them to come into the open. In certain ways then we have to accept the existence of a pre-determined timing of the flow of cosmic energies, even if this sometimes may occur as a break on the flow of our own individual life or life in general. And if we must accept this, we may just as well get to know the flow of time and learn to go with it. The timing of the opening of such time locks is the results of the interactions between individual and cosmic cycles mentioned earlier.

The Future of Free Will

Seen in the context of the discussed flows of cosmic energies we may now need to reconsider the role of free will in our lives. Thus, even if we do have a certain space for exercising free will our environment is subject to the flow of energies of the cosmic plan. We have no say regarding the existence of the cosmic energies of time in the first place. Yet, the choices we make as to how to relate to these are not pre-determined, and the flow of time will continue to condition our thoughts and actions, even as those are the results of the free choices that we have made. Hence, we have at the same time both a destiny and a free will, and the two conditions one another and the future courses of our lives. In this light we are not complete victims of our destiny, but we are not all-powerful creators of them either. Our destinies are crafted in the interaction between the cosmic creation cycles and the individual cycles of personal evolution going back to birth.

Really what is emerging from the previous discussion of calendars is a choice and a possibility. The choice is whether to use the Mayan calendar in parallel with the Gregorian, a choice that amounts to recognizing the existence of a cosmic plan and a purpose of our lives as part of that plan. Alternatively, we may stick with the physical calendars and see the course of events more or less as a series of accidents that should be explained by or blamed on material factors. The choice of the Mayan calendar is not pre-determined. Yet, such a choice would in a sense be prompted by the flow of cosmic energies, since, as we are entering the Galactic Cycle, the frequency of creation is now increasing and this frequency increase in turn makes it more difficult to deny the existence of a cosmic plan. So even if you have a free choice this choice is conditioned by the cosmic plan - and the other way around.

The same may be true also on a larger global scale. Thus, how the Cosmic Plan manifests is also conditioned by the choices we, collectively speaking, make. Things are not pre-determined in detail, and it is not possible to say that things are exactly the way they are meant to be just because they have developed in phase with the energy waves of the Mayan calendar. What the cosmic plan does is that it inspires creativity with a certain rhythm that is consistent with a step-by-step widening of the human frame of consciousness. But the choices of the humans also determine the course of events and we may choose to express the creativity inspired in us in many different ways. Whether this world will end up in a paradise or in a catastrophe may thus not depend on the cosmic plan, but increasingly on ourselves and the choices we, little-by-little, make. European-Christian thought has always emphasized the free will of the individual, 1 (+ 12), while, the Westerners, the Maya, have emphasized the role of our inherent destinies and our participation in the cosmic web of creation (13). But maybe the truth is not either or., but both and...

So you may both want to get into the flow of universal creation and become the crafter of your own destiny. You may both want to become aware of where the cosmic flow of time is taking you as part of the human collective, and at the same time want to create the direction of your own life in the midst of this. It is a both and When it comes to the cosmic flow of time I feel that its most important aspect at the present moment is the tun-based evolution of the Galactic Creation Cycle, which very briefly is outlined in the next section. The tzolkin cycle, with its trecenas and uinals, is however a part of this ongoing creation cycle and so knowledge of the two cycles go together. In fact, the Galactic Creation Cycle is a reflection of the LIGHT pattern of the tzolkin.

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