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02-09-2012 Chalice

02-09-2012 Chalice

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Published by: Jennifer Beaty Humphrey on Feb 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Chalice
 A publication of First Christian Church of Edmond, OK 
Gush and Mush
By Rev. Dr. Jerry Black, Associate Minister
Vol. 4 No. 5 February 9, 2012
 As so manyof you know,I dislikehaving my life,generosity,and acts of thoughtfulnessdictated bythe likes of Hallmark,Hershey’s Chocolate, florists, and jewelers. It’s not that I rue their right to“make a buck.” That’s a good thing. Infact, it’s important to the economy andme personally. When business does well,money flows, the stock market moves up,and my investments improve. That’s agood thing.And it’s not the character of thepeople who own and run thesebusinesses that bothers me either. I knowsome of them, just as you do. They are wonderful, hard working people makingsignificant contributions to society and our way of life.What then is the issue? It’s having themarket place tell me when I’m supposedto be thoughtful and giving. Forbid thatI should leave someone out on one of these occasions. It’s graduation, Mother’sDay, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day,birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Years, and oh yeah, Valentine’s Day—thetime when I’m supposed to gush andmush on cue. There are literally somany “programmed” moments forthoughtfulness in our culture that there islittle room left for me to be spontaneous.But in all fairness, we in the churchtend to replicate that model, don’t we?We “program” our entire year around Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, AshWednesday, Lent, Easter, Pentecost,and a host of other favorites. Our orderbecomes so busy and redundant that ittoo obscures the spontaneous andnatural; the sudden, un-programmedresponse of the heart to the “sweet lovestory that is older than the sea; thesimple truth about the love” God gives toyou and me.So, here’s a thought. Maybe we canlearn with our Lenten emphasis this yearthat it isn’t so much what we give up as what we give out. Maybe it’s just about writing God a love note and putting it inthe offering plate on Sunday. Or betteryet, writing one with our lives and giving itout spontaneously and naturally.Our thought for this week: “God islove” (I John 4:16). Happy Valentine’s!
 January 9 201
for Lent
What comes to mind when you thinkof the church season of Lent? Maybegiving something up—like chocolate?Lent isn’t just a season of self-denial, nor is it about short-term ritualchanges that don’t impact our livesafter Easter. And it’s certainly notabout just giving up chocolate!Lent is a 40-day season forgrowth and exploration. It’s a timeof preparation for a change to thepost-resurrection life.We invite you to join us for aunique study and sermon seriescalled
“Chocolate for Lent” 
toexplore a Lenten season that’s aboutmore than what you “give up.”The study will be offered throughsome of our Sunday school classesFeb. 26 through April 1. Rev. ChrisShorow will lead a noon discussiongroup on Wednesdays, Feb. 29through March 28.So take up
“Chocolate for Lent” 
and explore a sweet seasonof self-disciplne, giving, conversion,acceptance and change.
for Lent
Film Viewing, Sunday Feb. 12
To prepare for our 5-week sermon series and study
“Chocolate for Lent” 
 we willoffer an
all-church viewing
of the film
Sunday, February 12 at4pm.
This 2000 Academy Award nominated film tells the story of a single motherand her daughter who move to a repressed and isolated French village and open achocolate shop across the street from a church during Lent. The mother proceeds totransform the lives of all she meets.The Cornerstone Sunday school class will host the movie afternoon andprovide us with popcorn, beverages and some delicious chocolate.
Childcareavailable by reservation
for children 5th grade and younger. Ages 3 and over will be viewing the 1971 version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Makechildcare reservations online at
Sermon Series
February 26
Giving up - the prelude to change
March 4
Giving out - the power of a gift 
March 11
Getting wise - the possibility of change
March 18
Getting real - the power of acceptance
March 25
Growing up - the process of change
While we think “bad things would never happen in our church,” the facts, stories and statistics show that institutions of faith areexperiencing loss and face the same dangers as other areas of our culture. And we are no exception. In recent weeks, we have hadtwo thefts and have become aware of other potential concerns. So now our church is moving forward in faith with some new andresponsible procedures: 
Our main entry front doors (facing Second Street parking lot) have cameras for electronic monitoring and controlled intercomaccess during weekday business hours. When you arrive, push the outside call button to gain access. A volunteer or staff person will acknowledge your presence and release the door latch from their desk. 
 A key fob entry system has been installed on the east door directly across the sidewalk from the west side of our Family LifeCenter. This door is now limited by fob access during child care center hours (6:30 am-6 pm, Monday-Friday).These steps will ensure someone on staff has knowledge of people entering the facility. While this creates additional work and apotential inconvenience, we believe these measures are reasonable, prudent, and a natural progression to ensure safety for thechildren of the child care center, our staff and our membership.
Providing a Sense of Security
By Frank Gresh, Board Moderator and Robbi Kinnaird, Board Moderator-Elect
Security is theResponsibility of All
Each of knows that we have a criticalrole in maintaining a safe and secureenvironment at the church. Here,however, are some fundamentalreminders: 
Lock car doors before coming intochurch and secure valuables out of sight. 
Keep an eye on purses or other valuables, regardless of location. Don’tleave a purse, bag, or item of valuesitting alone—not even for a few minutes.If anyone has to leave something in aroom, make sure it is locked in a safeplace. Don’t think stashing the item in acabinet will go unnoticed! 
Be vigilant and sensitive, especiallyto the unusual. 
 Always identify the closest exit forany emergency.
Whenever possible, enter and exitthe church in groups, especially at night.There is safety in numbers.
If one should encounter a doorthat does not seem to latch properly, seesomething that appears to be broken, orfind something that seems out of place,please report it immediately to one of our volunteer security personnel, a churchleader, or a member of the staff. Witha facility this large and this many accesspoints, it is difficult to be everywhere, seeeverything, and know when somethinghas just broken. So please help keepeverything safe and functional.
Security through Friendliness
Finally, please remember that whensomeone means us harm or wants totake advantage of what we have, theyprobably don’t want a warm welcome.They would rather be unnoticed. Theydon’t want people looking them inthe eye and shaking their hand. Theyseek targets, not companionship. So,please join our greeters, deacons, andgracious members in extending the mostextravagant hospitality! If we make thegenuine effort to reflect the love of Christ,greet the stranger, and shake hands withboth the familiar and the unfamiliar, we will not only be exercising a profoundlyimportant biblical practice, but perhapseven, deterring the worst of intentions.
Week of Compassion, through its partnerships, respondsto human needs around the world. Disciples bringhope to situations of natural disaster, war and famine.Please share generously! Experience joy!
Week of Compassion Offering
Taken Sunday, February 19
Imposition of Ashes - 6:45pm - February 22
Souper Bowl of Caring collections were $1,180.75. Thank you to all who helped the Cornerstone SundaySchool Class TACKLE HUNGER!
All donations will supportBreakfast on Boulevard! 
Thank You, Troop 479!
 A huge “Thank You” to Troop 479 forthe wonderful 50 year celebration of your Scouting mission with First ChristianChurch. A special thanks to Bruce Jacksonfor his wonderful sermon, Larry Ball forhis service at the Table, Mike O’Meara forgiving the Pastoral Prayer, Alan Simpsonand Jack Smith for their work in contactingformer Eagle Scouts and Scout Mastersfrom the past 50 years, and the Scoutsof Troop 479 for recognizing the visionand energy of Gifford Parkhurst some 50years ago. It was a terrific celebration anda great moment for acknowledging thedynamic partnership between church andscouting in community. Thank you!
Come to FCC’s Annual Family Campin Estes Park, Colorado!
 Join us this Summer in beautiful Estes Park Colorado
June 24 thru June 30th for Family Camp
. Comeexperience what everyone is talking about! There issomething for everyone. Whether your family is one or tenyou are welcome to join the fun.The activities at Family Camp are endless: hiking, white water rafting, golfing, crafting, tennis, skateboarding,fishing, rock climbing, star gazing ,and horseback riding.There is also a chance to zip line 800 ft through themountains. In the evenings, we go to movies, shop and, of course, join one another for a friendly game of Nerts andother games.To learn more you can pick up an information packetfrom the Family Camp table in the rotunda, or downloada pdf from our website at
If you have any questions, please contact Susan Huffer at 623-2185.
Experience the Warmth of God at
Summer Camp
Summer Church Camp is filled with funactivities, Bible study, and adventure that willbuild close friendships, create warm memories tolast a lifetime, and strengthen spirits to withstand life’s storms.
The following camps are available:
Chi Rho 1 (grades 6-8) June 4-9 Junior 1 (grades 4-5) June 4-8Discovery (grades 1-3) June 22-24 Junior 2 (grades 4-5) June 25-29CYF (grades 9-12) June 25-30 Chi Rho 2 (grades 6-8) July 9-14
First Christian offers partial scholarships to member campers. Campers register forcamps based on GRADE COMPLETED by June 2012. To learn more, including campprices, early bird discounts, registration dates, and for a camper registration form, go to
Prayers of the People
Cooper Kious, Edna Blunk,Loretta Parks, Tommy Atchison, Temple Thigpen (Teddi Owen’sdaughter), Roy Jackson, Rose Marie McKee, Bart Rodr, VirginiaO’Niel, Cynthia David (Winnie Hall’s daughter), Ed Berry, Bill &Mary Lou Womble, Naomi Bell (Karen Walenciak’s mom)
To Dean & Jennifer Shipley and Family on the passing of  Jennifer’s mom, LoRee Stubbs, on February 6. Services held Thursday, February 9 at FCC-Edmond AND to Mack & Sandy Mitchell on the passing of Sandy’s mom, Peggy Thies, onFebruary 6. Services will be at FCC-Salina, KS, on Saturday, February 11. Memorials may bemade to the Heart Association Fund in honor of Peggy Thies AND to John & Karly Meadowsand Family on the passing of Karly’s grandfather, Gerald Kennedy, on January 21. Serviceswere held on January 26.
Happy Birthday!
2/12 Zach Hanson, Emily Overocker,Kyle Vazquez2/13 Marisue Haigler, Grace King,Margaret Kysar, Sara O’Hagan,Carter Raines, Sara Raines, ZaneRaines, Desi Stout2/14 Hallie Hanna, Kathy Kerr, AlainaMorton, Linda Speegle, Bill Womble2/15 Janet McCain, Helen Myers, SteveNovakowski, Paul Stuke, RandyThomas2/16 Sarah Douthitt, Laura Harris,Barbara Lea, John Stone2/17 Tommy Atchison, Trevor Gibson,Isaac Hast, Tana Stufebean2/18 Nancy Goosen, Asher Jewell,Kelsey Murray, Adaya Price, LilyStuckey, Kacy VanOsdol2/19 Tara Baker, Al Jantz

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