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Some Things That Don't Make Sense

Some Things That Don't Make Sense

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Published by Joe E Bandel
update on earth's ascension process
update on earth's ascension process

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Published by: Joe E Bandel on Feb 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Some Things That Don’t Make SenseThere are a few things that smell a little fishy and I would like to bring them into the clear light of day. These are things where my own personal experience does not jibe with the politically correct version that is so commonly accepted. Please bear with me in this, I haveno particular adjenda. I’m simply pointing out some things that seem odd to me.First I will summarize and say that I personally believe planet A has ascended to 8
densityand planet B has ascended as well into a beautiful crystalline light powered 3d world that belongs to all those life forms 7
density and below that are compatible with her newenergy grid. This little summary has nothing to do with what smells fishy but sets the stagea bit.To paraphrase, I was recently told that I was perceived astrally as an entity that existed infourth density just above 3
density. I now realize the truth of this and wonder why it is?When at peace and not rising up or down the levels, why does my soul want to rest at this“solar plexus” level? This is an interesting question that I don’t have the answers for.But it brings up an even more interesting point. It seems the so called reptilians are also perceived as occupying this level. So are they lower level fourth density or do their soulssimply hover at lower level fourth density like mine does when at rest? Now over the past twenty years I have had numerous astral “encounter” (a nice way of saying conflicts) with serpent like creatures over the years and their ability to be sneaky has been very unsettling to me to say the least. I’ve also felt that they are brothers and sisters insome way. I know that part of me is reptilian because I have fought, accepted and integratedit. But I remain strongly pro-human and pro-earth life. It is only recently that I have hadencounters with non-reptilian space brothers and sisters.I sense these serpent like creatures to be those of the dinosaur race that ascended off theearth at the end of the dinosaur age. They are more closely related to us than one mightthink. Gaia seems to accept them a bit more than she does some other alien life forms.Perhaps because they have already been here for a long time. Now here is one of those “fishy” things. It has been maintained that the reptilians are “fear” based and draw their vitality and power from the “fear” that they generate. My ownexperience at the lower levels does not confirm this at all. My own experience has proventhat the lowest energy is not “fear” at all but is instead “sexual love”. The energy of fear isthat energy immediately above that of sexual love energy.

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