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Unit 2 Essay 2012 Thor Completed.1

Unit 2 Essay 2012 Thor Completed.1

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Published by Amrit Singh Chohan

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Published by: Amrit Singh Chohan on Feb 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unit 2: SpaceThor EssayBy Amrit Chohan04/02/12
P 2
IntroductionMain BodyConclusionList of IllustrationsBibliography
P 3IntroductionThe essay is analysis of 
the director is Kenneth Branagh, the key areas is analysing productiondesign. Looking at a book from Kawin How Movies Work. Focusing on production design is a bookby Barnwell Production Design Architects of the screen. Another source that focused on a book byArmstrong Understanding realism. The reason choosing these books is because they analysing thestructure of what a production designer does and what relates to realism. Other sources are fromreviews such as comic book thats by Marnell and splash page reviewed by Johnson. As they talkabout the general realism how it compares to costumes and how they work to environments.Main BodyProduction design focuses on the style and visual look of a film when started by a designer. Adam. Aproduction designer states A production designer is a director who designs the look of an entirepicture, making sure that the sets, props, and costumes work together to declare the nature of thatfilms world in purely visual terms. (Kawin, 1992:333) So a production designer creates the wholevisual concept of film. He/she makes sure that all the sets, props and costumes fit in with the visualconcept so that the world in that film is believable. The visual concept of the film is to understandthe materials used in a scene. This makes the concept or background believable. So a productiondesigner is to make a decision using the right tools for a scene. Such as the costumes are the point of all the props that are used to make the scene look more real. A production designer looks upon theoverall setting which is defined by the imagination of the environment. A production designer uses the strengths and elements are used for three-dimensional space. JaneBarnwell, a senior lecturer in film production, states Key films are now recognised as exhibiting agrowing awareness of the set three-dimensional space and the opportunity that afforded instrengthening the visual elements, enabling mood, character and story.  (Barnwell, 2004:5-6) Solooking at three dimensions is formed in a way to be recognised as a back drop to a particular scene.This represents the overall tension of mood and character. Capturing elements of mood andbackground as to make visual image appeal. This is strong and gives a good sense of atmosphere.

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