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Culture of Punjab

Culture of Punjab

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Published by jattsidhu1988
Culture of Punjab
Culture of Punjab

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Published by: jattsidhu1988 on Feb 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Punjab, a region in north India, has a long history and rich culture heritage. Theregion has been invaded and ruled by many different empires and races,including the Aryans, Persians, Greeks, Afghans, Mongolians. Around the time of the 15
Century, Guru Nanak Dev Ji Founded the Sikh Religion, which quicklycame to prominence in the region, and shortly afterwards, Maharaja Ranjit Singhreform the Punjab into a Secular and Powerfull State.The 19
Century saw the beginning of British Rule, which led to the emergenceof several heroic Punjabi freedom fighters.In 1947, at the end of British Rule the Punjab was split between Pakistan andIndia. Punjab is the Cradle of the Indus Valley Civilization, more than 4000 yearsOld. Archeological excavations, throughout the state, have reveled evidence of the magnificent cities of Harappa and Mohenjodaro, that lived and died along thebanks of the mighty Indus and its tributaries. The Mahabharata, which narratesthe life between the 7
and 5
Centaury B.C, contains rich descriptions of theland and people of Punjab at the time.The location of Punjab was on the outskirts of the great Persians empires. It wasoften attacked by the Persian rulers. The Persian King Darius the Great was ableto occupied some part of Punjab. But he was Persian king Gustasp whocompleted the occupation of Punjab in 516 B.C Soon, Punjab become thewealthiest of all the Satrapies i.e Provinces of the Persian Kingdom.
Many races of people and religions made up the culture heritage of the Punjab.Punjab is the land where spiritual aspirations arose. This heroic land borenumerous invasions, and after all its suffering, did not entirely lose its glory andits strength. Here it was the gentle Guru Nank preached his marvelous love for the world. Here it was that his broad heart opened and his arms outstretched toembrace the whole world.The Punjabi sprit of tenacity and toughness sustained the uprooted people.Punjabis attained an eminent place in cultural, aesthetic, and literary work, andrevived folk art, songs, dance and drama. All of this created a sense of pride andclimate of involvement in the heritage of the Punjab.
ulture of Punjab
Meaning of Culture
Culture is the way of life of a particular society or group of people, includingpatterns of thought, beliefs, behavior, customs, traditions, rituals, dress, andlanguage, as well as art, music, and literature.Punjabi Culture is one of the oldest cultures in world history. Due to advancement of Science and technology there is rapid change in the culture of Punjab.
Culture of Punjab
The Punjabi Culture is reflected in its folk dances, folk songs, arts and crafts. Punjabdeserves praise for its hospitality and assimilative power.In addition to the Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs, the numerous ethnic groups that came toPunjab have contributed to the growth of its composite culture. The rich cultural heritageof Punjab gives a clarion call to peace and prosperity.The Punjabis are known the world over for their dash, daring and dynamism. Their innateresilience has helped them overcome one crisis after another. Openness and a readiness forrestructuring an individual and collective level have been the essence of Punjabi life- style,the
core of Punjabiat.

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