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List problems of today and maybe some ways to solve these problems
List problems of today and maybe some ways to solve these problems

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Published by: Mark Derrick Boisvert on Feb 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Revised Edition
Scientist believe in the big bang theory. Yes it istrue but they do not know exactly how the bigbang took place. Let me explain to you how thebig bang took place. There was space and therewas outer space and underneath space therewas inner space. Now outer space was moredense than space and was forcing itself throughthe pores in space from the outside. As a resultof outer space putting weight on space theweight of the two together made inner spacemore dense than space and was forcing itself through the pores in space from the inside of space. When the chemicals from outer space metthe chemicals from inner space there waschemical element change. Since space was not aconductor of the chemical element changes.These chemical element changes had to have arelease for their by products which is radiationSince these by products are more dense thanspace they are causing space to expand.
Saturn compared to our earth is 100,000 timesbigger than our earth. Then our sun is 100,000times bigger than Saturn. Again there are stars100,000 times bigger than our sun. Our sun is astar that supplies the earth with light during theday. Stars have different sizes as well asdifferent colors. These different colors show uswhat stage of life the star is in. Stars have thefollowing colors white, blue, yellow and red. If astar is white it is a hot star and the beginning of it's life. If the star is blue it is on the secondstage of it's life. If a star is yellow it is on thethird stage of it's life. If a star is red it is on thefourth stage of it's life. At end of the red thestar explodes and leaves a black hole.Over the years till to today's date. Scientistsnowadays measure time in light years and that isbased on how fast and how far light travels inone year. In The U.S.A. and Canada one year isbased on one circumference that the earth travelsaround the sun.Now scientists know that the earth has a lifespan of 600,000,000,000 years. They also knowthat half of it has passed and has another 300,000,000,000 years to go.Scientist also know how life started on the earth.Since lighting is seven times hotter than the
surface of our sun when lighting struck water italtered the chemical elements of the water andmade a life form that was able to take inchemicals to maintain itself and pass waste outand away, which is chemical element change.Around 300,000,000 years ago dinosaurs were attop of the life on the earth. Things remained thisway until 100,000,000 years ago. So you cansee that dinosaurs were at the top of the foodchange for 200,000,000 years. About 100,000,000years ago there was a huge asteroid that hit theearth and changed the enviroment.The measurement of time that The U.S.A. andCanada use is based on the calendar that theRomans used. It was used for the time of JesusChrist and those people that believed in him. Tenpercent of the Jewish people believed in him atthe same time as some Romans. These peoplemoved upwards to start building countries thatare now Europe. Some of The Romans thatbelieved in Jesus Christ were fed to the lionsand had no choice but to move in to Europe toavoid being fed to the lions.It was some time between 600,000,000,000 and300,000,000 years ago when the dinosaurs wereat the top of the food chain that the hugeasteroid hit the earth about 100,000,000 years

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