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Published by jtpatel

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Published by: jtpatel on Feb 10, 2012
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Web Site: www.youngisraelwh.org
  Y   O  U  N   G  I   S  R   A  E  L   O  F
   W  E   S   T
  H   A  R   T  F   O  R  D
Editor: Judie PatelE-mail: bulletin @youngisraelwh.orgEditors Emeritus: Sam Leichtberg & Moish TrencherRabbi Brahm Weinberg 860-233-3084 orrabbi@youngisraelwh.orgJudith Hessing, Coordinator 860-233-6042 or judith.hessing@gmail.com
February 11th, 2012
18 Shevat 5772Kiddush this
 Is sponsored byThe Shul
NORTH AMERICAN INCLUSION MONTH (NAIM)Shabbat, February 11thYIWH is happy to be hosting Yachad members &staff!
live in Woodmere, NY and havebeen involved with Yachad for over five years invarious different capacities.
is the Director of the Yachad’s DayHabilitation program where he trains adults withdisabilities in many different skills with the goalbeing able to gain employment. Michael is pursu-ing a Masters in Public Administration
is a residence manager for Ohel Bais Ezra& she manages two homes in Brooklyn.Alyse has a Masters Degree in MentalHealth Counseling.
PROGRAM:Friday Night Dvar TorahBy Yachad MemberShabbat Morning Sensitivity Training& Info about YachadBy the AppelbaumsFamily Seudah Shlishit (~4:45pm)Sitting with & Engaging inInteractive ActivitiesWith Yachad Members and Advisors
YIWH GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGRescheduled toSunday, February 12th at 7:30 PM
The two agenda items are a vote regardingchanges to our bylaws (you can download theballot,1.yiwh.net/files/BylawsBallot.pdf), and anupdate regarding the National Council of YoungIsrael situation, along with a vote on withholdingour shul's annual dues to that organization.
Rabbi’s Corner
It is a pleasure to welcome all of the participants inour NAIM/YACHAD (National Jewish Council for Disabili-ties) Shabbat. It is an amazing opportunity to be able tobe exposed to the important work that Yachad does andto some of the people who are involved. Please see thefull schedule for details and try to join us for whateverparts you can. We have a superb Shabbat planned with agreat group of people and I am so happy that we are ableto host this event.The YIWH Fundraising Dinner is very rapidly ap-proaching and we would like to keep you in the loop asmuch as possible regarding all the happenings, prepara-tions, and ways that you can be involved. It is importantto get in your response cards and donations. The commit-tee is trying very hard to solicit funds from OUTSIDE theshul (and if you have any leads on that please follow upon them or mention it to Shayne, Fran, or Harriet) but thesupport from WITHIN the shul is equally as important.The dinner committee along with Batsheva Gold-fischer will be contacting many of the children who grewup in our shul and are now living elsewhere in order togive them the opportunity to give back to this specialplace that they remember fondly and to honor the specialpeople who they knew growing up. I would encouragethose of you who have adult children to speak to themand see if they want to get together and give a combineddonation to the shul in honor of the dinner. It doesn’thave to be a large amount and could be a combined giftof all the siblings in a given family and if they can’t give itall that is ok too but they should at least have the oppor-tunity to feel involved in this process. So please speak toyour children about this important venture and also helpus by providing us with their email addresses if you havenot done so already (Debbie Freund sent an email regard-ing this a while back and you might receive another fromBatsheva Goldfischer so please look out for it.) What awonderful statement it would be about our shul to knowthat even the children who grew up here and have movedaway are supporting the shul in all it continues to do forthe next generation.
Thanks and Shabbat Shalom!Rabbi Weinberg
 Affiliate of the National Council of Young Israel Synagogues, Member of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America,Sponsor of West Hartford NCSY, National Conference of Synagogue Youth, Kashrut Commission of Greater Hartford,Mikveh Bess Israel of Greater Hartford, Eruv of West Hartford
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FUNDRAISER AT YIWH:We have secured a great price for oil from Viking Oiland they have agreed to give back THREE CENTS PERGALLON to YIWH for anyone from our shul who usesthem. If you already use Viking or if you would considerswitching PLEASE speak to Lenny Margulis. This couldbe an amazing source of funds for our shul.
Come & learn in a
format with your child.At Chabad House Grades: 1
– 8
Next -February 18
at 7:00 PMMarch 3
at 7:00 PMRabbi Weinberg’s
CLASScontinues Tuesday nightsat 8:00 PMLate Maariv at 9:00 PM
"Frum the House"
As promised we would like to update the Con-gregation as to the upgrades planned to the physicalbuilding. The roofer has been chosen and he will bemaking repairs to the outer roof shortly. Audrey Lauferand a small committee have graciously agreed to spear-head the synagogue/sanctuary upgrade pro-ject. Towards that end we met with Mike Herlands ofMBH Architecture who has a long association andstrong connection to our synagogue. He was the leadarchitect engaged by the Congregation when the build-ing was last rehabilitated in 1985. We are told that thesanctuary prior to his involvement was essentially cin-der block walls with metal folding chairs.....imaginethat. Mike and his interior design staff are going tomake recommendations to us in three areas in the sanc-tuary including new carpeting throughout the upstairs(including stairs), repair and painting of ceiling andwalls and new window treatments in the women's sec-tion. Once these materials are chosen we will then bidout the project for the work upstairs.With regards to the lower level our insuranceclaim did come through. It appears that the claim willallow us to redo the floor and some other minor workeffected from the water damage. Mike and his teamwill likewise be making recommendations as to the ap-propriate flooring and which type of chair will serve ourneeds. Please be understanding that we want to makethe best decisions possible to best meet our needs.Our hope is to move along this project throughthe winter. Please be in touch with Audrey or myselfwith any thoughts, ideas or constructive criticism thatyou may have.Barry GordonAudrey LauferFIRST GRADE SIDDUR PARTY!Join the First Graders at the HAGH onSunday, February 12th at 10:00 AMas they receive their first siddurROSH CHODESH
GROUPNext Tehillim Group will meet onWednesday, February 22nd at 8:00 PMAt the home of Debbie Luger, 37 Miamis RoadMY RABBI’S GOT TALENTSaturday Night, February 25thFrom 7:00 - 9:30 PMAt Beth David SynagoguePlease support HAGH 8th Grade Trip to IsraelSee flyer for further detailsYIWH ISRAEL ADVOCACY EVENTSunday, February 26th at 4:00 PM at the JCCSpeaker will beSgt. Benjamin AnthonyFollowed by workshop with Jewish LearningInitiative Campus Couple.HHNE LADIES NIGHTMonday, March 5th at 6:00 PMFlyer and more information to followBOOK CLUB
The Invisible Bridge--Julie Orringer.Next meeting at the end of February.
By Rabbi Mayer Twerskywww.torahweb.orgHashem said to Moshe, "Go to the people and sanctify them today and tomorrow...let them be pre-pared for the third day, for on the third day Hashem shall descend in the sight of the entire people onMount Sinai"
Kabolas HaTorah
was a most singular event, the most singular event in history. Accordingly, the degree ofpreparation for
Kabolas HaTorah
was unique. The notion that one ought to prepare for an encounterwith
is, however, an eternal principle….Just as a painter in order to achieve maximum results firstprimes and then paints, so to we must prepare ourselves before an encounter with
.We are privileged to encounter
daily, especially in the form of
Talmud To-rah
Chassidim Harishonim
devoted an hour to prepare for each
. They would empty their minds ofall distractions and focus on their impending audience with Hashem. In a similar vein, Rav Chaim Voloz-hiner recommends that one reflect upon the endeavor of
talmud Torah
before beginning to study. Thesemoments of reflection ensure the appropriate awe. Too often we approach and encoun-ter
without preparation, and accordingly cannot fully absorb the
Page 3
YIWH GEMS & JEWELS GALA DINNERThe Dinner Committee is working very hard on this year’s Gems and Jewels Gala Dinner, honoringTsion and Anita Cohen and Steven and Debra Luger. By now you should have received your invitation andwe hope you plan to attend the dinner and support our Scroll of Honor.Part of the evening’s festivities will be a Silent Auction. We have several items ready for auction butare looking for more. Please consider what you do for a living and the service providers you use on a regu-lar basis. A donation of an item or a gift certificate would be tremendously helpful.The YIWH Solicitation Committee is diligently working with potential donors for the Scroll ofHonor. We have attached the merchant solicitation letter and request that everyone ask family members(many of whom come to YIWH as guests during the course of a year) and companies they do business within helping us reach our fundraising goal.In addition to a fun, and special night honoring the Cohens and the Lugers, we desperately need toraise significant funds to continue to maintain and grow our shul. In these tough economic times, we un-derstand that not everyone is in the financial position to contribute as generously as they may want to, orhave in the past. To that end, volunteering is another great way to give back! The Dinner Committee islooking for additional people to assist in making this fundraiser a huge success. We are specifically lookingfor volunteers to help us run the silent auction, another way we can bring in much - needed money. Noone person can do this alone. If we all work together we can make this event a huge success. Please take amoment to seriously consider giving some of your time to the one institution that gives back to you everyday. You may contact Harriet Rosenblit, Fran Wittenberg, or Shayne Kesler if you would like to help.Thank you,YIWH Fundraising Dinner Committee
SHOP RITE, BIG Y, CROWN & STOP & SHOP Eliza Katz is collecting bottles, cans, and glassBuy Scrip then use it like cash! to raise money for the Rabbi’s Fund.Let's support our
by buying scrip! Please bring empties to: 24 Miamis Road;Every dollar counts! 860-680-9847When you shop at any of these supermarkets, youcan use their scrip to buy many other stores’ scrip!Contact: Judith Hessing at 860-233-6042;18 Grenhart Street

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