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Loblaws Conversion Options-3

Loblaws Conversion Options-3

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Published by: OpenFile on Feb 10, 2012
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Know Your Options
A Guide for UFCW Canada Local 1000A Members Who Work at Loblaws Stores Announced for Conversion
Your Options
Accept Transfer Allowance and Full Great Food Terms(Economic and Non-Economic) 3
Transition to the Great Food Banner and MaintainConventional Economic Terms 4
Buy-out 5
Early Retirement 5
One on One Transfer On Conversion and SupplementaryBumping Rights 6General Information
(Applicable to All) 
eighing Your Options:
Part-Time Examples and Worksheets 11
Full-Time Examples and Worksheets 15Contact Information 20
twitter.com/ufcw1000a www.ufcw1000a.ca facebook.com/ufcw1000a
Your Store is Converting to a Great Food Store
Kevin Benn
Executive Vice President 
Dan Gilbert
Tony Soares
Secretary Treasurer 
Pearl Sawyer 
p 2 
Footnotes & Points of Clarication
President’s Note
Nthing i me imptant  y nin than ptecting and impving lie y and y amily. Tat’ why we ght had t ene y ecnmicecity when Lblaw inmed   it intent t cnvet all it cnventinalte. With y ppt, we ccelly negtiated ve ptin t ecey livelihd a y tanitin t the Geat Fd banne. Te imptance eviewing and ndetanding y ptin cannt be ndeetimated ay chice can aect eveything m y eaning ptential t y benet.With thi in mind, we pepaed thi bk t help y with y deciin-making pce.
Te Cmpany cnm that thee will be n cnvein  cnventinal te nde thi cllectiveageement t the Spete mat.Te Cmpany hall pvide the Unin and the Emplyee with thee (3) mnth ntice pi tcnveting a te t a Lblaw Geat Fd te. All emplyee hall make thei deciin within ty-eight (48) h  being given thei individal ptin. I an emplyee de nt make thei deciinwithin ty-eight (48) h  being given thei individal ptin, they hall be deemed t haveaccepted the by-dwn (Optin 1).Emplyee wh cnvet  ae hied int the Lblaw Geat Fd Ste will acqie and execieeniity within the Geat Fd Appendix.All emplyee aected by the pening  a new Lblaw Te Geat Canadian Fd Ste (GCFS) anda elated cle  a cnventinal te will have the llwing 5 ptin in additin t thei bmpingight nde the tem  the cnventinal te cllective ageement pvided that the te t whichthey wld bmp ha nt itel been annnced  cnvein within the pcming twelve (12)mnth.An Emplyee cnveting t Geat Fd ha the llwing ptin available t them at the time  thecnvein:1. Tey may ign  immediately accepting the ll Geat Fd tem and the aciated by-dwn; , they may ndetake a thee (3) mnth tial  the Geat Fd nn ecnmic temwhile maintaining thei Cnventinal ecnmic tem a tlined in Optin 2; ,2. Tey may ign  immediately maintaining thei Cnventinal ecnmic tem whileaccepting the Geat Fd nn ecnmic tem; ,3. Tey may accept a byt; ,4. Tey may accept the ealy etiement e; ,5. One  One ane n Cnvein and Spplementay bmping ight.Te tem aciated with each  thee ptin ae detailed n the llwing page.
This information booklet has been prepared by UFCW Local 1000Afor the convenience of its members,whose conventional stores have been announced for conversion to the Great Food banner. The terms and condi- tions related to these conversions are contained in Letter of Understanding 61. Explanations are contained herein to help you better understand your options.The company will give you three months notice prior to your store’s con- version. You must make your decision within 48 hours of being given your individual options. If you fail to do so,you will be deemed to have accepted Option 1.
: Tis inormation booklet is not a legal document. For complete and accurate documentation o the rights and duties o the unionand its members who work at Loblaws, the Real Canadian Superstore, and Great Food, reerence must be made to the 2010-2015 UFCW Local 1000A/Loblaws Collective Agreement including the Real Canadian Superstore/Great Food Appendices. In the interim o the Collective Agreement being amended to incorporate the amendments ratied by the membership through the Memorandum o Settlement in October,2010, please reerence your old collective agreement together with the ratied October, 2010 Memorandum o Settlement. Contact your staf representative or a copy o the Memorandum o Settlement.
Did you know? 
Your lump sum payments are taxable.Please visit Revenue Canada at www.cra-arc.gc.ca/ or call 1-800-959-8281 or more inormation.
Comparing Benets
For a copy o the Benets ComparisonDocument, which outlines the dierencesin health and welare benets between Loblaws Conventional and LoblawsGreat Food stores, please contact your sta representative.
p 3 
Footnotes & Points of Clarication
Transfer to the Loblaws Great Food Store andTransfer Allowance to Great Food Economic Terms
 Monetary compensation will be given to those who choose Option 1 and transition to theterms and conditions o employment at Great Food stores. Loblaws stores have diferent economic terms (wages, benets, sick days, vacation entitlement, retiree benets, etc)and operational terms (Sunday work or all, part-time scheduling and availability, etc)compared to Great Food stores.
A ll-time emplyee m a cnventinal te wh tane int a bagaining nit pitin at aLblaw Geat Fd Ste will be eligible  the tane allwance, a will a depatment managem a cnventinal te taneing int a alaied ninized depatment manage pitin at aLblaw Geat Fd Ste. A ll-time emplyee wh i pmted t a ninized depatment man-age pitin will nt be eligible  the tane allwance. Te tane allwance payment i baedn thee week pay pe yea  cmpleted evice a  the date  tane t a
maximum o $75,000
 and a
minimum o $10,000
A pat-time emplyee wh tane t Lblaw Geat Fd Ste hall eceive a payment  theeweek pay pe yea  cmpleted evice a  the date  tane t a
maximum o $15,000
. A pat-time emplyee with le than ne yea  evice a  the date  tane will eceive
no less than$500
. A pat-time emplyee with ne yea  me  evice a  the date  tane will eceive
noless than $1,000
. A pat-time emplyee m a cnventinal te hied int a ll-time bagainingnit pitin (nn manageial) at a Lblaw Geat Fd Ste at the time  cnvein will be eligible the pat-time tane allwance.
F claity, any the ll-time  pat-time emplyee that tane int a Lblaw Geat Fd Steae the cnvein will nt be entitled t a tane allwance.(1)Sch emplyee will ign  that they ae acknwledging that Snday wk i n lnge vlntay and that thi ptin i  the geatet benet t them penally.
Sunday work shall be part o theirnormal work week 
.(2)An emplyee wh tane will lt int the applicable Lblaw Geat Fd Ste wage pgeinbaed n thei cent ate  pay. Te emplyee will lt int the next highe ate  pay and theiexiting h will be eplaced with the minimm nmbe  h aciated with that ate  pay. I thei cent ate  pay i in exce  the end ate  the Lblaw Geat Fd wage pgein, they will lt int the end ate  the Lblaw Geat Fd wage pgein. Hweve, a nt-end eviceclek will lt in n the ame bai, bt t a maximm  $10.75 pe h.It i ndetd and ageed that any emplyee wh tane  any ean t a Lblaw Geat FdSte hall nt be able t etn t a cnventinal te egadle  any the pviin in the cl-lective ageement except a pvided  in Cnvein Rle # 6  thi Lette  Undetanding.Hweve, when electing the ptin t tane t Lblaw Geat Fd Ste, an emplyee may chet d  n a tial bai. Tey may ndetake a thee mnth tial  the Geat Fd nn-ecnmictem while maintaining thei Cnventinal ecnmic tem a tlined in Optin 2.(3) 
Employeeselecting to undertake a trial may nalize their decision under Option 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 at any timeup to the conclusion o their three month trial
. Sch an emplyee will etain the ptin  etn-ing t the cnventinal te ageement thee mnth m the date  tane.
An employee may also exercise Option 1 transer allowance, 2, 3, 4 or 5 within this three month trial period
. Teamnt  thei tane allwance  byt will be calclated a  the date  the tane t theLblaw Geat Fd Ste. Te emplyee will nt eceive that amnt ntil they advie the emplyein witing that they ae electing t abandn the ight t etn t a cnventinal te. An emplyeewh de nt make an electin in witing pi t the end  the thee mnth peid hall be deemedt have elected t abandn the ight t etn t a cnventinal te and will eceive the amnt  
1. All employees aected by the opening o a new Loblaws Great Food Store and arelated closure o a conventional store and choose Option 1 will have eligiblity or thetranser allowance. Once the conversionis completed, transer allowances are not available to employees or any subsequent transers into the converted store.2. Sunday work will no longer be volun-tary or those who accept the transer allowance. Under the Great Food provi-sions, no premiums are paid or Sunday work.3. You may undertake a three-month trial under Option 1 o the Great Food non-economic terms while maintaining your conventional economic terms as outlined in Option 2.
       O     p      t       i     o      n
Option 1 Continued on Page 4 >
For Great Food part-time sched-uling and availability language, please reerence the document,“Your Great Food Scheduling and  Availability Provisions.” 

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