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Dating To Have Fun With No Commitment!

Dating To Have Fun With No Commitment!

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Published by Chris Kemp
Forming a relationship when you're a single can be a very hard and frustrating time, but why don't you use the Internet to do most of the work for you to help you find a date - http://tinyurl.com/7cvhdsw
Forming a relationship when you're a single can be a very hard and frustrating time, but why don't you use the Internet to do most of the work for you to help you find a date - http://tinyurl.com/7cvhdsw

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Published by: Chris Kemp on Feb 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====How to Attract Hot Girls in Less than 5 Minutes......Check it Out:http://tinyurl.com/7cvhdsw ==== ====Although this article has a lot of great dating tips, advice, and ideas, it offers much more. It givesyou an education and a step-by-step strategy that you can use to dramatically improve your datingsuccess and enjoyment. To draw your attention to key points, you will find these markers throughout the text: (Dating Tip:)& (Dating Ideas:). Benefits to Mastery Most of us approach dating in a lackadaisical manner as if our actions were dictated by instinctsthat we have no control over, like it is with animals. The difference, of course, is that humans havean infinitely superior intelligence that provides us with the ability to think, analyze, and choose. Mastering dating rituals and techniques can change everything in terms of how successful you arein the courting process. This includes not only having the ability to recognize early when it's time tomove on, but also how to create romance and passion with the person you have determined to bea promising match. (Dating Tip:) Dating rituals and techniques create the mystery and romancethat women love and render the enticement and passion that men love. Other benefits to gaining these skills is having more poise and confidence, which translate tohaving more fun! The final reward is a successful dating experience with someone you recognizeas being the one who's right for you! Building from the Basics We will develop this information from a solid foundation by building from the basics of dating. For itis through the dating basics or rituals where we will apply the techniques that we shall learn about.Even the highly experienced dating veteran will benefit from this review. The first date can produce a wide range of feelings from extreme nervousness and apprehensionto being relaxed and self-assured for the well prepared or experienced. Opinions on how the datewent can also vary widely from, "I think we had a great time" to "I'm not sure if either one of us hada good time or not." The uncertainty and mixed emotions are normal. The variation to either end ofthe scale of possible emotions depends on how much dating experience a person has and howlong it's been since they dated last. Responsibility for at least the first several dates, even by today's standards, typically rests almostentirely on the man. Ladies can be helpful, however, by being cooperative with plans and graciousas her man tries his best to execute the various dating rituals and customs such as opening doors,
ordering wine, and so forth without stumbling. First Date The first date should be scheduled a week to two (2) weeks in advance, and it should be on aweekday (Monday through Thursday), not Friday or Saturday night. Friday, and especiallySaturday, nights are reserved for the more advanced stages of dating. If work or school schedulesdoesn't permit this, then a date during the day on Saturday or Sunday will work. (Dating Tip:)Incidentally, you should be trying to date several people, or at least more than one (1), during yourquest. Focusing on just one person can stifle your resolve to reach your target. Guys, you should select a particular day and time for your date in advance of asking her. If shetells you that it's not a good day, do not negotiate unless she offers a specific alternative that fitsinto your plan (Monday through Thursday, anytime, or Saturday or Sunday, during the day). If shedoesn't offer a specific alternative (This would not include, "Call me next week."), say to her,"Perhaps some other time." That's it! (Dating Tip:) The reason for all these tactical moves is this: Ifshe is interested, she will help make it happen by re-arranging her schedule or by offering aspecific alternative. Ladies, I'm sure you will agree with this. (Dating Tip:) Gentlemen, if you do getan unclear response to your invitation for a date, then make the decision based on your gutinstincts on whether you should give it a second try or move on. If the second try doesn't work,then don't waste your time, just move on! The same is true for the ladies. (Dating Tip:) If a guy isnot following these guidelines by not giving you enough advanced notice, or he has no plans whenhe picks you up, or he's not attentive during your dates, move on! In either case, the situation forthe person you are attracted to could change in the future, but for now they are probably notinterested. The destination for your date should be simple and inexpensive, but clean and nice, and in yourneighborhood. There is no sense investing your time or a lot of money until you determine if youlike each other. (Dating Tip:) Most women will only become uncomfortable, or perceive you asbeing foolish, if you spend a month's pay on the first date. (Dating Ideas:) Possible locations for afirst date might be at a local tavern, a coffee house, or an inexpensive restaurant. Your Best Act is Being Yourself Don't try to impress your date with your money, your position, your car, or your bodymeasurements. Using these things to win someone over will only attract those with superficialintentions. (Dating Tip:) Win them over by showing them the qualities you have inside by simplybeing yourself. Actually, the most important thing you can do on a date is to be yourself. There is always thetemptation to act like the "Goddess Princess" or the "Knight in Shining Armor," especially after afew drinks. There is also the tendency to go along with things that conflict with your values, or tooverstate your accomplishments or virtues. Trying to be somebody you aren't will not only bindyou to a pack of lies, but it will often bring about an arrogant and conceited manner in you. It's alsoa lot of work being someone you're not. Wouldn't you rather have someone fall in love with you asyou truly are? Of course you would! So do it. Be yourself! Attraction Intoxication
 Although you may be intoxicated by the beautiful or handsome appearance of your date, do notreveal the full extent of your feelings just yet. Save that for the right moment several dates downthe road. Just say, "You look very nice this evening." and leave it at that. (Dating Tip:) In regard tosexual innuendoes, they have no place during the early stages of dating. They can be offensive towomen, and sometimes to men as well. Do not permit physical attraction (or lust) to cloud your judgment. When this happens, your visionbegins to fade away, and you risk the chance of fooling yourself into believing that you have foundthe one who's right for you. Don't allow physical attraction to obscure your emotional requirements.Because when you find someone who satisfies both, the fireworks will be a continuous grandfinale', and not a brief show followed by a string of duds. So don't settle for an individual who fallsshort of your vision. (Dating Tip:) To quickly determine if someone meets our criteria, we need topay attention to our intuition and not be timid about attempting to determine their true characterthrough tactful questions. Tactical Questions Keep the conversation light during the first few dates, but try to tactfully find out if your date hasthe qualities you seek in a partner or friend. (Dating Tip:) And don't tell them your whole life storyand all your intimate secrets right away. Prolong the mystery. In fact, always try to maintain somedegree of anonymity in some area of your personality or life, as it naturally provokes moreexcitement. Mystery is a mental aphrodisiac! Take notice of your date's personality attributes and how they demonstrate their values throughtheir actions and unrehearsed comments. Then ask yourself, "Do their responses reflect myvalues?" Human resource professionals carefully use crafted questions to get people to talk aboutthemselves while they unwittingly reveal key aspects of their character. (Dating Tip:) Questionslike these, used in a date setting, can also be revealing as well as lead to stimulating conversation. On the first few dates, your questions should be geared toward discovering what you have incommon and generating stimulating conversation. Save the more probing and tactical questionsfor a later time down the road. Typical questions might include: - Where did you grow up? - Do you have brothers/sisters? - Where did you go to high school/college? - What are your favorite movies? - What are your favorite songs? - What are your favorite sports? - What type of books do you read? 

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