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DHS Pride by-laws and Charter Final 10-25-11

DHS Pride by-laws and Charter Final 10-25-11

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Published by sulewsam
DHS Pride by-laws and charter final 10-25-11.pdf
DHS Pride by-laws and charter final 10-25-11.pdf

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Published by: sulewsam on Feb 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DHS PRIDEBylaws and Charter
 There is hereby established, in accordance with the following provisions, an associationof employees of the United States Department of Homeland Security (the "Department")to be known as Department of Homeland Security Pride ("DHS Pride").I. PURPOSEThe general purpose of DHS Pride shall be:A. To identify and address issues particularly affecting gay, lesbian, bisexual andtransgender employees of the Department;B. To support and guide the Department in the development and implementationof effective policies and practices for the elimination of discrimination on thebasis of sexual orientation and gender identity in all Departmental activities; andC. To serve as a resource and point of contact for its members, for those seekingor considering employment with the Department, and for other interestedindividuals or groups regarding LGBT issues and activities at DHS.II. FUNCTIONSDHS Pride shall work on its own and, where possible, with the Department to:A. Eliminate prejudice and discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual andtransgender employees in the Department, and facilitate good work relationshipsamong Department employees regardless of sexual orientation and genderidentity;B. Educate policymakers, managers and other employees about issues of concernto DHS Pride members; andC. Serve as a source of information, council, and a means of communicationbetween DHS Pride members, the Department (including policymakers, managersand other employees), and all other interested individuals or groups.III. POLICIESA. DHS Pride's interests and activities shall extend, to the extent practicable, to allDepartmental components and offices;B. DHS Pride shall be nonpartisan and not-for-profit, and shall be supported bycontributions from its members and, to the extent available and appropriate, by
contributions or other funding from the Department or from other individuals orgroups;C. DHS Pride shall not itself discriminate in any of its activities on the basis of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin,age, marital status, political affiliation, disabling condition, or membership in alabor organization;D. DHS Pride will comply with federal ethics and DHS ethics policy;E. DHS Pride will prohibit members from engaging in the use of DHS frankingprivileges for US Mail;F. DHS Pride shall exist to conduct activities of interest to its members, asdetermined through the democratic processes outlined below.IV. MEMBERSHIPA. Voting membership in DHS Pride is open to any dues (when effective) payingDepartment employee or former employee who is interested in the association'sactivities and concerns.B. Associate (non-voting) membership may be accorded by the Board of Directors (or any association officer designated by the Board) to any individualnot qualified for voting membership who shares the association's interests andgoals.C. Issues of sexual orientation and gender identity are often personal and privatematters, and all decisions about sharing such information must be made by theindividual involved. To that end:
1. DHS Pride’
s official membership list will be maintained by the DHSPride Secretary or other designee in strict confidence, and will be usedsolely for internal organizational purposes. The Secretary or otherdesignee may make aggregated or otherwise anonymous membershipinformation available to the general membership, but shall makeinformation concerning individual members available only to the Presidentor other members of the Board of Directors, and only when necessary forthe discharge of their organizational duties.2. The Secretary shall in addition maintain a list containing the names of and a means of contacting all current members of the Board of Directors,which shall be available to all members and to the public. Informationconcerning individual members shall not be made available in any otherway or to any other person without the specific written consent of eachindividual involved.
3. It is the responsibility of all officers and members to maintain theconfidentiality of other members, fellow employees, or other individualswho attend meetings or participate in other DHS Pride activities.D. DHS Pride members will not accept gratuities or any other benefits, directly orindirectly, from sellers of goods or services doing or soliciting business with theassociation.E. DHS Pride members shall not accept special discounts, unless those discountsare available (or the chance at receiving those discounts) to all members.F. Membership dues for DHS Pride will be assessed on an equal basis for allmembers if and when established.V. BOARD OF DIRECTORSA. DHS Pride will elect from among the voting membership a Board of Directorsconsisting of a President (elected as described below) and six (6) other members.The Board of Directors shall provide counsel and assistance to the President, andshall make important decisions and set general policies for the association inmatters not coming before the general membership for consideration and decision.It shall be a goal of the association to achieve diversity of representation on theBoard.B. The first Board will be nominated and elected by a simple majority vote of members attending the initial election meeting. Immediately after election of thefirst Board, one-half of the Directors (other than the President) then elected shallbe selected by lot to serve for a term of one year. The remaining directors (otherthan the President) and all directors thereafter elected shall serve for a term of twoyears. The President shall serve for a term of one year. All terms of office shallexpire upon the election of successors in accordance with Section VI.C. The Board shall organize itself and conduct its meetings as it shall see fit,except that:1. The Board may take any contested action only by the vote of a majorityof all Board members (including the President) holding office at the time;2. The Board shall keep minutes or other appropriate records of itsmeetings and actions, which shall be made available to any voting memberon request, and shall report at each meeting of the general membership onany actions taken by the Board since the last such meeting; and3. A member of the Board (including the President or any other officer)may be removed from office at any time with the concurrence of a

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