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Michael Collins Piper - The New Jerusalem - Zionist Power in America - 2004

Michael Collins Piper - The New Jerusalem - Zionist Power in America - 2004

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Published by daciandumitrescu

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Published by: daciandumitrescu on Feb 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By M
he most thorough, straight-forward, fact-filled, comprehensive overview of what isby far the most controversial topic today—a sensitive subject many Americans whisper about, but which people worldwide otherwise open-ly discuss: Zionist Power in America . . .
No,this book is most definitely not
nor does it lay forthanything that could even be remotely described as a
conspiracy theory.
Noris this book the work of 
hate-filled extremists.
Quite thecontrary! This remarkable volume
prepared by an unswervingly patrioticAmerican who isn
t afraid to say he places America First
is an honest andforthright (even,frankly,admiring and sympathetic)study that encompasses awide-ranging assembly of material,taken from indisputably
sources (most all of them American Jewish authors) who are very pro-Israel.Here,
between two coversfor the first time eve
,lies a vast range of harddata and information relating to the massive accumulation of wealth andpower by the primary forces behind the Zionist lobby in America today. Thisis a truly eye-opening inside look at the entire story in a way it has never beenpresented any other time by any other writer before.This one-of-a-kind survey doesn
t just focus on the
Israeli lobby
and itsimpact on U.S. foreign policy. There are
of books on
subject. Instead,this study examines the incredible array of wealth and clout of the Zionistcommunity,demonstrating
beyond any question
that it undeniably consti-tutes a very determined
power elite
in the United States today. Included aredetailed lists of the most fabulous Zionist fortunes in America. All sources areclearly documented.For the average individual to assemble this information would cost hun-dreds (if not thousands) of dollars and dozens of hours of research. Manybooks cited are out of print and very hard to find,but they are
authors and sources,and all pro-Zionist in origin.This is an invaluable resource volume to refer to time and again in debat-ing with friend and foe alike,writing letters to the editors of local newspapers,calling radio talk shows and in the course of research.
Here are the facts
not the myths
about Zionistpower in America . . .
. . .
The New Jerusalem:Zionist Power in America 
is the latest work by Michael Collins Piper,
one of the Israeli lobby’s primary targetstoday. Repeatedly and bitterly attacked in the media by propagan-dists for Israel, Piper remains undaunted, even despite the fact that on one occasion his life was publicly threatened by Irv Rubin, leaderof the violent, terroristic Jewish Defense League. Once, after discov-ering a wiretap on his telephone, Piper noted wryly, “The Vaticandidn’t put that wiretap there.”In recent years, Piper has lectured in places as diverse as AbuDhabi in the United Arab Emirates; Moscow, Russia; Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia; Tokyo, Japan and Toronto, Canada. Police-state-mindedadvocates of war and imperialism have been disturbed at Piper’senergetic efforts to forge links of global understanding among good peoples of all creeds and col-ors.
Michael CollinsPiper is truly “the author the Israeli lobby loves to hate” . . .
Twenty years before the major media discovered the
imperialist cabalthat pushed the United States into the war on Iraq, Piper was reporting on their intrigues andin 2004, in
The High Priests of War 
, Piper assembled a fascinating overview of the insidiousrecord of the neo-conservative warmongers, the first book ever published on the subject.
s earlier landmark work,
 Final Judgment:The Missing Link in the JFKAssassination Conspiracy 
although quite
and viciously attacked (largely by those who haven
t evenread it)
is considered by most who have actually read the book to be the preeminent work on themurder of President John F. Kennedy. It has been translated into Arabic and Japanese and releasedin anEnglish-language edition in Malaysia. More than 45,000 copies are now in circulation.Like his combative and colorful great-great-grandfather, famed bridge builder
surrogate father and early business partner of industrial giant Andrew Carnegie
the out-spoken author relishes any opportunity to challenge his many critics head-on.Once offered a lucrative assignment in a covert intelligence operation in Africa, Piper refusedthe opportunity, preferring his independence
a position in keeping with Piper
s ethnic heritage:another of his great-great-grandfathers was a full-blooded Native American. An unapologetic pro-gressive in the LaFollette tradition,Piper considers the labels of 
archa-ic, artificial and divisive, designed to suppress popular dissent and free inquiry . A renowned lover of dogs, cats and all animals, Piper
 who has accumulated a massive researchlibrary of some 10,000 volumes
is a prolific writer whose works appear in
American Free Press 
, thenational weekly newspaper published in Washington, and in the bimonthly historical journal,
ThBarnes Review 
. Under a pen name he also writes for other journals on a regular basis.Throughout his career, Piper has led the way on a number of major stories. In 1987, Piper was
the first 
to expose the Justice Department frame-up of Pennsylvania State Treasurer Budd Dwyer that led to Dwyer
s shocking public suicide. Piper was also
the first 
to expose San Francisco-based Roy Bullock as an undercover operative for an arm of Israel
s Mossad, involved in illegal domestic spy-ing on American citizens,
seven years 
The New York Times 
confirmed Bullock
s identity.Piper was the
 journalist to dare to assert 
based on hard evidence
that the Oklahoma City bombing was a Mossad
false flag
operation aimed at implicating Saddam Hussein
a schemederailed by U.S. investigators who rejected Israel
s machinations, opting instead for another
cover-up. More recently, Piper
s pioneering work on the Israeli connections to the 9-11 tragedy has been echoed by truth seekers worldwide and damned by defenders of Israel for its accuracy.Michael Collins Piper can be contacted by e-mail at piperm@lycos.com or by writing:MichaelCollins Piper, P.O.Box 15728, Washington, D.C. 20003 or call 1-202-544-5977.

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