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Empowering Engineers

Empowering Engineers

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Published by: Er. Satya Narayan Shah on Feb 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Er. Satya Narayan Shah
 B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (India) MS (Manufacturing Engineering & Management (UK) Email: 
April 2011
To address the issues of empowering engineers to fulfill their roles and responsibilities in
national development Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA) is organizing a three days Natio
nalConvention of Engineers on April 11-13, 2011. The main theme of the great event for theengineers is
“Empowering Engineers for Prosperous Nepal”.
NEA has been organizing suchconventions in every two years on relevant issues and forwarding the resolutions to theconcerned authorities for their implementation. All the conventions, so far, have been givenutmost importance by the state. The inauguration and closing ceremony have been addressed bythe head of the state or the head of the government. This year also the convention has beenplanned to be inaugurated by Rt Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Jhal Nath Khanal and closingaddress by leader of the opposition Honorable Ram Chandra Poudel .The forth coming convention carries great importance with respect to the previous ones,especially, when the country is facing political instability resulting multi facet disastrousoutcomes. The theme and sub themes are so selected that not only engineers but the wholepopulation of the country are expected to be benefited in a great deal. The sub themes of theconvention are Political Empowering, Legal Empowering, Institutional Empowering, ManagerialEmpowering, Social Empowering, Entrepreneurial Empowering, and Technical Empowering.The attracting part of the convention is that some of the engineers turned politicians are alsoexpected to present their papers to share their views and experiences of their respective politicallives.Engineers use their knowledge of science, mathematics, and appropriate experience to findsuitable solutions to a problem. Engineering is considered an art and profession of acquiring andapplying technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge to design and implement materials,structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes that safely realize a desired objective orinventions. Creating an appropriate mathematical model of a problem allows them to analyze it,and to test potential solutions. Most simply, it can also be said the art of directing the greatsources of power in nature for the use and the convenience of people. In its modern formengineering involves people, money, materials, machines, and energy.Engineers being professionals bear great responsibilities for National development activities.They are definitely one of the prime drivers for the development. In other words they are themain actors to bring changes in the existing resources of the country. By its very natureengineering is bound up with society and human behavior. Every product or construction used bymodern society will have been influenced by engineering design. Engineering design is a verypowerful tool to make changes to environment, society and economies, and its application bringswith it a great responsibility. Hence, engineering discipline is very strong and skilled driver in asocial context.
Engineering is quite different from science. Scientists try to understand the nature where asEngineers, in most cases, try to make things that do not exist in the nature. Engineers always tryto work on invention. To substantiate an invention the engineer must put his idea in concreteterms, and design something that people can use. This is how Engineers have been able to createcivilizations and shown their cultural presence. History gives many examples of such creationsfrom many parts of the globe.Modern medicine can replace several parts of the human body to keep functions intact throughthe use of artificial organs and can significantly alter the function of the human body throughartificial devices such as bone implants and pacemakers etc. Some engineering disciplines viewthe human body as a biological machine worth studying, and are dedicated to imitate many of itsfunctions by replacing biology with technology. This has led to fields such as artificialintelligence and robotics.There are connections between engineering and art, for example architecture, landscapearchitecture and industrial design and indirect in others. In Political science the term
has been borrowed for the study of the subjects of Social engineering and Politicalengineering, which deal with forming political and social structures using engineeringmethodology coupled with political science principles.Another way in which the engineer can contribute to the life of the community is to enter in topolitics. There are reasons why that should change, and that will facilitate a new role forengineers. It is increasingly important that engineers play a direct role in political life because of the increasing complexity that is created. Engineers have too often chosen the isolated role of the designer, happily leaning over a drafting board and solving technical problems. Todaysociety needs more of the gifts that engineers can bring using their enormous strengths. Some of those strengths can be listed as (1) Engineers understand numbers. Quantification is one of theirstrengths. Many problems require accurate and meaningful quantifying. (2) Engineers tend tospeak plainly. When they understand a situation they tend to or want to explain it as it is, not assomeone might want to hear it. (3) Engineers are inherently problem solvers. They like to tacklea tough problem, and come up with an answer that helps someone out. They usually bring astraightforward approach to situations. (4) Engineers are particularly able to help set standards,devise codes, regulations and eventually set up workable systems. (5) Engineers understand risk,and are often able to quantify it effectively.In the present situation, the society increasingly needs such professionals to help them to leadbetter life. For this, some sort of trainings or restructuring engineering education may be requiredso that they learn something about the non-technical areas that are of increasing importance.Some of those area may be -An ethical sense of right and wrong, A sensitivity to health andsafety, as well as environmental impact, Manufacturability, sustainability, usability, A passionfor lifelong learning, Social, political and economic skills, Compassion for those who are inneed. This is how the engineers can be empowered to serve the nation.Empowerment should be taken as continuous process for the improvement of the efficientdelivery of the engineers.
Empowerment can be mathematically seen as “
Engineers +Education + Participation = Empowerment.
To be an empowered engineer the first two

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