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Elementary Arabic II - ARBC 002 Z1 - Course Syllabus

Elementary Arabic II - ARBC 002 Z1 - Course Syllabus

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View Course: https://learn.uvm.edu/courselistsummer/course.php?term=201206&crn=61016

Continuation of ARBC 001. Students are expected to continue mastering skills in reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Prerequisite: ARBC 001.
View Course: https://learn.uvm.edu/courselistsummer/course.php?term=201206&crn=61016

Continuation of ARBC 001. Students are expected to continue mastering skills in reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Prerequisite: ARBC 001.

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University of VermontDepartment of Asian Languages and Literatures
Arabic Language
)ةيبرعلا ةغلا(
ARBC 002 - Elementary Arabic (11)
 Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (1:00pm
4:30 pm) L/ Lafeyette 302Darius K. Jonathan
Office Hours: Tuesdays &Thursdays (11:30a.m.
12:30p.m.)Office Phone # (802 656-0976)Department of Asian Languages & Literatures (Office # 204)479 Main Street
Course description
ARBC 002 - Elementary Arabic 11
This course will be continuation of Elementary Arabic (1)
ARBC 001
. Students are expected to continuemastering skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing. Arabic will be used as medium of instruction.(Pre-requisite: successful completion of 
ARBC 001
 The objective of this course is the development of initial reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills inModern Standard Arabic. Attention will be given to the mastering of the Arabic alphabet,pronunciation, basic grammatical structures, initial vocabulary and simple conversations. Culturalelements from different Arabic speaking areas in Middle East and North Africa will also be introduced inrelation to the so-called Arab League Nations.
Required Materials
Alosh, Mahdi (2010) Ahlan Wa Sahlan (
)Functional Modern Standard Arabic for Beginners;Revised with Allen Clark. - (2
Edition)ISBN 978-0-300-12272-5Yale University PressNew Haven and London
Suggested Material
Al- Mawrid:
- An Arabic-English Dictionary (this is available at UVMbookstore)Or,2-
The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic (there is an Arabic-English)Grading
Breakdown Of Grades
95-100 A+91-94 A86-90 A-81-85 B+76-80 B70-75 B-65-69 C +61-64 C56-60 C-50-55 D45-49 D-
Class Work (20%)
may include the following areas:(1) Reading & comprehension(2) (2) Grammar (students may be asked to choose the appropriate form,fill-in-the-blank, complete sentences, etc.) to demonstrategrammatical knowledge of a certain point. Formats will be similar tothose found in the textbook.(3) Vocabulary (students will be expected to produce the appropriateArabic words in context)(4) Writing (students will be expected to learn how to write in Arabicand how to apply the rules of letter connecting)
Oral exam (20%)
 It will test:(1) Listening comprehension (students will either be expected to write
without what the teacher says or respond in writing to questions -indicating comprehension)(2) Pronunciation (students will be asked to read out loud a smallgroup of sentences)(3) Speaking (students will be asked to respond to a number of questions)
Final Exam (60%)
It will be similar in format to previous written exams. It will be onall chapters covered in the textbooks.Communication (participation/homework/etc) (20%):Students will have to hand in homework when requested, participate inclass activities and group work, and carry out additional task outsidethe classroom as indicated by the instructor.
Attendance Policy
Regular class attendance is important in students’ deve
loping goodcommunicative skills, and in maximizing their exposure to Arabiclanguage, the following attendance policy for this course will becarried out. Attendance will be taken daily. Each student will beallowed 3 unexcused absences during the semester. Any student withmore than 3 unexcused absences at the end of the semester, will havetheir final grade automatically lowered 2% for each absence. Excused
absences include only personal medical excuses, and it’s your
 responsibility to provide the instructor with sufficient informationto verify this (Doctor's name and phone #). It is not the instructor'sresponsibility to excuse unexcused absences. Unless you have averifiable medical excuse, it counts as one of your unexcusedabsences. Any exception to the rule must be addressed to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.
Study Habits
 It is extremely important that you practice writing, reading, speakingand hearing spoken Arabic. Class attendance is necessary, and that'swhy class time will be spent primarily practicing the language. Groupactivities will be organized to enable each student to participate inthese activities.Please, if you are having problems with the course feel free to go to
your instructor’s office hours as often as you need.
 You are better off studying each day, understanding, and practicing asyou go along. Only so much can be grasped in one sitting. Make effort

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