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The Revolutionary's Voice - 22nd Edition (February 11th, 2012)

The Revolutionary's Voice - 22nd Edition (February 11th, 2012)

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Published by Ephraim Davis
This is the 22nd Edition of The Revolutionary's Voice (Formerly The Ten Magazine); it is created under a Creative Commons License so please distribute it as you please.
This is the 22nd Edition of The Revolutionary's Voice (Formerly The Ten Magazine); it is created under a Creative Commons License so please distribute it as you please.

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Published by: Ephraim Davis on Feb 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sections Included
News Brief + The Dig + Hot off the PressesA Break with History + Institutionalized Minds
February 11, 2012; 22
By Richard Beinberg
News Brief 
Three Separate Incidents of ViolentIntimidation of Dems by RepublicanExtremists in One Single Week
. . . .By BradFriedman;
From The Brad Blog
The Obama’s vs The Romneys: The
Republican Mind and Visions of Whiteness
and Race Suicide on Dr. King’s Holiday
. . ..
From the Respectable Negroes Blog
FBI: cyber threat Might Surpass TerrorThreat
. . . .By Alicia Budic;
From Face the Nation (CBS News)
Freedom Socialist Party launchesPresidential Write-In Campaign Centeredon Bold Working-Class Solutions
. . . .
Fromthe Freedom Socialist Party Website
hi Patients, it’s a Private NHS
. . . .ByLouise Nousratpour;
From the Morning Star 
A New Declaration
. . . .
From the OccupyWall Street Journal
Weapon of Choice
. . . .By Dr. Stephen Londe;
From an Unknown Source
Dictatorship of the Market
. . . .By JoseGoulao;
From the Journal de Angola
Romney the Vulture test for U.S Voters
. . ..By Paul Thomas;
From the New Zealand  Herald 
 The Dig
Occupy Wall Street: Black Voices forEconomic Justice Must Be Heard
. . . .ByRon Daniels;
From the Institute of the Black World 
Shell Game
. . . .By Thomas Vincent;
From the Ethical Spectacle
Hot off thePresses
Bush & Obama? Israeli Assassinations andU.S Presidents
. . . .By Alison Weir;
From Antiwar.com
 A Break withHistory
Bretton Woods System
. . . .
From Polsci.edu
 Institutionalized Minds
The End of Growth
. . . .By Richard Beinberg;
From the Muselett 
News Brief 
ByBrad Friedman;1/27/2012;
From the Brad Blog
Violent Republican extremism?! Whatviolent Republican extremism?! Oh,
 violent Republican extremism...from justthe past
one week 
• A campaign manager for a Democratic
congressional candidate in Arkansas camehome to find his family'scat killed, withthe word "LIBERAL" painted on it.His 5-year old son made the gruesomediscovery.
• Five Democratic Missouri state Senators
--- four of them African-American women--- discoveredrifle crosshair stickersplaced on the door of their capitol offices. (Maybe they're just "surveyor's marks"though.Right Sarah Palin?) 
A veteran 14-year
 police sergeant 
fromPeoria, Arizona (near Phoenix), proudlyposted a photo he took of a bunch of guyswith automatic rifles holding abulletriddled t-shirt featuring an image of Barack Obamaon it.No, we didn't go looking for these stories, just happened to come across them. Soperhaps there are others out there that wemissed this week. Perhaps there isevidence of Democratic extremistssimilarly targeting Republicans with brutalviolence and threats of brutal violence. If so, we haven't seen it.This all takes place on the very same week in which Arizona's DemocraticCongresswoman Gabby Giffords wasfinallyforced to resignfrom the U.S.House of Representatives while sheattempts to continue recovering her brainfunction after being shot in the head andnearly killed just over one year ago thismonth in Tucson, AZ (Not far from wherethe cop near Phoenix proudly posted thebullet-ridden photo of Obama). While sixothers were killed during the same incidentin Tucson, as the shooter used a legalweapon allowing him to get off some 30shots per clip, federal and state lawmakershave failed to do a damned thing about anyof it.And the election year is just beginning.
Monday, January 16, 2012;
From The We Are Respectable Negroes Blog
http://wearerespectablenegroes.blogspot.com/2012/01/obamas-vs-romneys-republican-mind-and.htmlThe road to the world imagined by Dr. Kingremains long.Some four decades after his murder, andthe inauguration of the Southern Strategy, thesweet appeals of racial code words, and thesuccor offered by white racial resentmentremain undeniable to the Republican Party.When Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney talk about lazy, parasitic African Americans whoshould pick up mops to learn about hard work,and where "the blacks'" exalted leader wants toturn America into a "Socialist-Communist-Fascist European welfare state," the signals towhite racism are beyond dog whistles. They areblaring air raid sirens.Dog whistles can also be subtle; they canbe visual cues which speak to the faithful.For example, some Americans see MittRomney's much publicized family photo as oneof homogeneous whiteness and WASP glory.Whether in rust belt towns, gated communities,poor white rural America, or the nondescript

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